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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E91-D No.8  (Publication Date:2008/08/01)
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pp.2105-2114  PAPER-Computation and Computational Models
A Tight Bound on Online Buffer Management for Two-Port Shared-Memory Switches
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pp.2115-2123  PAPER-System Programs
An Effective GA-Based Scheduling Algorithm for FlexRay Systems
Shan DING  Hiroyuki TOMIYAMA  Hiroaki TAKADA  
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pp.2124-2133  PAPER-Contents Technology and Web Information Systems
An Efficient Bottom-up Filtering of XML Messages by Exploiting the Postfix Commonality of XPath Queries
Jaehoon KIM  Youngsoo KIM  Seog PARK  
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pp.2134-2140  PAPER-Dependable Computing
Combined Self-Test of Analog Portion and ADCs in Integrated Mixed-Signal Circuits
Geng HU  Hong WANG  Shiyuan YANG  
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pp.2141-2152  PAPER-Distributed Cooperation and Agents
Cooperative Control Technology with ITP Method for SCADA Systems
Juichi KOSAKAYA  Hideyuki TADOKORO  Yasuhiro INAZUMI  
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pp.2153-2162  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Pose Invariant Face Recognition Based on Hybrid Dominant Frequency Features
I Gede Pasek Suta WIJAYA  Keiichi UCHIMURA  Zhencheng HU  
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pp.2163-2170  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Object Tracking by Maximizing Classification Score of Detector Based on Rectangle Features
Akinori HIDAKA  Kenji NISHIDA  Takio KURITA  
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pp.2171-2178  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Computing Epipolar Geometry from Unsynchronized Cameras
Ying PIAO  Jun SATO  
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pp.2179-2188  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Accurate Object Recognition Using Orientation Sensor with Refinement on the Lie Group of Spatial Rigid Motions
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pp.2189-2191  LETTER-Algorithm Theory
Initial Codebook Algorithm of Vector Quantizaton
ShanXue CHEN  FangWei LI  WeiLe ZHU  TianQi ZHANG  
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pp.2192-2195  LETTER-Application Information Security
Tracing Stored Program Counter to Detect Polymorphic Shellcode
Daewon KIM  Ikkyun KIM  Jintae OH  Jongsoo JANG  
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pp.2196-2198  LETTER-Application Information Security
Neighbor-Aided Authentication Watermarking Based on a Chaotic System with Feedback
Rongrong NI  Qiuqi RUAN  
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pp.2199-2202  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Histogram Equalization Utilizing Window-Based Smoothed CDF Estimation for Feature Compensation
Youngjoo SUH  Hoirin KIM  Munchurl KIM  
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pp.2203-2206  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Combining Attention Model with Hierarchical Graph Representation for Region-Based Image Retrieval
Song-He FENG  De XU  Bing LI  
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pp.2207-2211  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Natural Object/Artifact Image Classification Based on Line Features
Johji TAJIMA  Hironori KONO  
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pp.2212-2213  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Photo Data Retrieval via P300 Evoked Potentials
Hideaki TOUYAMA  
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