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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E91-D No.11  (Publication Date:2008/11/01)
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Special Section on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support System

pp.2543-2544  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.2545-2551  PAPER-Knowledge Acquisition
Monotone Increasing Binary Similarity and Its Application to Automatic Document-Acquisition of a Category
Izumi SUZUKI  Yoshiki MIKAMI  Ario OHSATO  
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pp.2552-2559  PAPER-Knowledge Acquisition
Context-Aware Users' Preference Models by Integrating Real and Supposed Situation Data
Chihiro ONO  Yasuhiro TAKISHIMA  Yoichi MOTOMURA  Hideki ASOH  Yasuhide SHINAGAWA  Michita IMAI  Yuichiro ANZAI  
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pp.2560-2567  PAPER-Knowledge Acquisition
Analysis of Eye Movements and Linguistic Boundaries in a Text for the Investigation of Japanese Reading Processes
Akemi TERA  Kiyoaki SHIRAI  Takaya YUIZONO  Kozo SUGIYAMA  
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pp.2568-2577  PAPER-Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Mining Regular Patterns in Transactional Databases
Syed Khairuzzaman TANBEER  Chowdhury Farhan AHMED  Byeong-Soo JEONG  Young-Koo LEE  
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pp.2578-2588  PAPER-Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Handling Dynamic Weights in Weighted Frequent Pattern Mining
Chowdhury Farhan AHMED  Syed Khairuzzaman TANBEER  Byeong-Soo JEONG  Young-Koo LEE  
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pp.2589-2598  PAPER-Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Entity Network Prediction Using Multitype Topic Models
Hitohiro SHIOZAKI  Koji EGUCHI  Takenao OHKAWA  
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pp.2599-2606  PAPER-Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Anchored Map: Graph Drawing Technique to Support Network Mining
Kazuo MISUE  
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pp.2607-2615  PAPER-Knowledge Representation
An Evaluation System for End-User Computing Capability in a Computing Business Environment
Chui Young YOON  
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pp.2616-2625  PAPER-Knowledge Representation
combiSQORE: A Combinative-Ontology Retrieval System for Next Generation Semantic Web Applications
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pp.2626-2637  PAPER-Knowledge Representation
Novel Topic Maps to RDF/RDF Schema Translation Method
Shinae SHIN  Dongwon JEONG  Doo-Kwon BAIK  
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pp.2638-2646  PAPER-Knowledge Applications and Intelligent User Interfaces
Assisting Pictogram Selection with Categorized Semantics
Heeryon CHO  Toru ISHIDA  Satoshi OYAMA  Rieko INABA  Toshiyuki TAKASAKI  
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pp.2647-2654  PAPER-Knowledge Applications and Intelligent User Interfaces
Pen-Based Interface Using Hand Motions in the Air
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Regular Section

pp.2655-2665  PAPER-VLSI Systems
A Retargetable Compiler Based on Graph Representation for Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor Arrays
Vasutan TUNBUNHENG  Hideharu AMANO  
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pp.2666-2674  PAPER-VLSI Systems
Non-recursive Discrete Periodized Wavelet Transform Using Segment Accumulation Algorithm and Reversible Round-Off Approach
Chin-Feng TSAI  Huan-Sheng WANG  King-Chu HUNG  Shih-Chang HSIA  
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pp.2675-2684  PAPER-Computer Systems
Configuration Sharing to Reduce Reconfiguration Overhead Using Static Partial Reconfiguration
Sungjoon JUNG  Tag Gon KIM  
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pp.2685-2692  PAPER-Fundamentals of Software and Theory of Programs
Contract Specification in Java: Classification, Characterization, and a New Marker Method
Chien-Tsun CHEN  Yu Chin CHENG  Chin-Yun HSIEH  
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pp.2693-2700  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
A Fully Consistent Hidden Semi-Markov Model-Based Speech Recognition System
Keiichiro OURA  Heiga ZEN  Yoshihiko NANKAKU  Akinobu LEE  Keiichi TOKUDA  
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pp.2701-2708  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Fast Image Mosaicing Based on Histograms
Akihiro MORI  Seiichi UCHIDA  
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pp.2709-2717  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Flexible Video CODEC System for Super High Resolution Video
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pp.2718-2726  PAPER-Computer Graphics
3D Triangular Mesh Parameterization with Semantic Features Based on Competitive Learning Methods
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pp.2727-2730  LETTER-Database
Continuous Range Query Processing over Moving Objects
Yong Hun PARK  Kyoung Soo BOK  Jae Soo YOO  
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pp.2731-2734  LETTER-Application Information Security
Full-Index-Embedding Patchwork Algorithm for Audio Watermarking
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pp.2735-2738  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Japanese 45 Single Sounds Recognition Using Intraoral Shape
Takeshi SAITOH  Ryosuke KONISHI  
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pp.2739-2741  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Robust Speaker Clustering Using Affinity Propagation
Xiang ZHANG  Ping LU  Hongbin SUO  Qingwei ZHAO  Yonghong YAN  
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pp.2742-2745  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
An OFDM-Based Speech Encryption System without Residual Intelligibility
Der-Chang TSENG  Jung-Hui CHIU  
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pp.2746-2750  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Utterance Verification Using Word Voiceprint Models Based on Probabilistic Distributions of Phone-Level Log-Likelihood Ratio and Phone Duration
Suk-Bong KWON  HoiRin KIM  
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pp.2751-2753  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Histogram Equalization-Based Thresholding
Soon Hak KWON  Hye Cheun JEONG  Suk Tae SEO  In Keun LEE  Chang Sik SON  
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