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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E101-D No.2  (Publication Date:2018/02/01)
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Special Section on Reconfigurable Systems

pp.277-277  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.278-287  PAPER-Device and Architecture
Three Dimensional FPGA Architecture with Fewer TSVs
Motoki AMAGASAKI  Masato IKEBE  Qian ZHAO  Masahiro IIDA  Toshinori SUEYOSHI  
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pp.288-302  PAPER-Device and Architecture
A Tree-Based Checkpointing Architecture for the Dependability of FPGA Computing
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pp.303-313  PAPER-Device and Architecture
Development of an Evaluation Platform and Performance Experimentation of Flex Power FPGA Device
Toshihiro KATASHITA  Masakazu HIOKI  Yohei HORI  Hanpei KOIKE  
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pp.314-323  PAPER-Device and Architecture
Area Efficient Annealing Processor for Ising Model without Random Number Generator
Hidenori GYOTEN  Masayuki HIROMOTO  Takashi SATO  
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pp.324-334  PAPER-Design Methodology and Platform
A Describing Method of an Image Processing Software in C for a High-Level Synthesis Considering a Function Chaining
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pp.335-343  PAPER-Design Methodology and Platform
Enabling FPGA-as-a-Service in the Cloud with hCODE Platform
Qian ZHAO  Motoki AMAGASAKI  Masahiro IIDA  Morihiro KUGA  Toshinori SUEYOSHI  
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pp.344-353  PAPER-Design Methodology and Platform
ArchHDL: A Novel Hardware RTL Modeling and High-Speed Simulation Environment
Shimpei SATO  Ryohei KOBAYASHI  Kenji KISE  
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pp.354-362  PAPER-Emerging Applications
An FPGA Realization of a Random Forest with k-Means Clustering Using a High-Level Synthesis Design
Akira JINGUJI  Shimpei SATO  Hiroki NAKAHARA  
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pp.363-375  PAPER-Emerging Applications
FPGA Components for Integrating FPGAs into Robot Systems
Takeshi OHKAWA  Kazushi YAMASHINA  Hitomi KIMURA  Kanemitsu OOTSU  Takashi YOKOTA  
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pp.376-386  PAPER-Emerging Applications
A Threshold Neuron Pruning for a Binarized Deep Neural Network on an FPGA
Tomoya FUJII  Shimpei SATO  Hiroki NAKAHARA  
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Regular Section

pp.387-395  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Extended Personalized Individual Semantics with 2-Tuple Linguistic Preference for Supporting Consensus Decision Making
Haiyan HUANG  Chenxi LI  
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pp.396-404  PAPER-Software System
Real-Time Road-Direction Point Detection in Complex Environment
Huimin CAI  Eryun LIU  Hongxia LIU  Shulong WANG  
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pp.405-414  PAPER-Software Engineering
Using Hierarchical Scenarios to Predict the Reliability of Component-Based Software
Chunyan HOU  Jinsong WANG  Chen CHEN  
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pp.415-427  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Hadoop I/O Performance Improvement by File Layout Optimization
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pp.428-436  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Deep Relational Model: A Joint Probabilistic Model with a Hierarchical Structure for Bidirectional Estimation of Image and Labels
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pp.437-446  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Feature Selection by Computing Mutual Information Based on Partitions
Chengxiang YIN  Hongjun ZHANG  Rui ZHANG  Zilin ZENG  Xiuli QI  Yuntian FENG  
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pp.447-454  PAPER-Educational Technology
PROVIT-CI: A Classroom-Oriented Educational Program Visualization Tool
Yu YAN  Kohei HARA  Takenobu KAZUMA  Yasuhiro HISADA  Aiguo HE  
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pp.455-461  PAPER-Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
Comparison of Onscreen Text Entry Methods when Using a Screen Reader
Tetsuya WATANABE  Hirotsugu KAGA  Shota SHINKAI  
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pp.462-472  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
DNN-Based Speech Synthesis Using Speaker Codes
Nobukatsu HOJO  Yusuke IJIMA  Hideyuki MIZUNO  
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pp.473-480  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Fast Fog Detection for De-Fogging of Road Driving Images
Kyeongmin JEONG  Kwangyeon CHOI  Donghwan KIM  Byung Cheol SONG  
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pp.481-490  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Accurate Estimation of Personalized Video Preference Using Multiple Users' Viewing Behavior
Yoshiki ITO  Takahiro OGAWA  Miki HASEYAMA  
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pp.491-503  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Drift-Free Tracking Surveillance Based on Online Latent Structured SVM and Kalman Filter Modules
Yung-Yao CHEN  Yi-Cheng ZHANG  
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pp.504-511  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
An Active Transfer Learning Framework for Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction
Lishuang LI  Xinyu HE  Jieqiong ZHENG  Degen HUANG  Fuji REN  
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pp.512-522  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Phrase-Based Statistical Model for Korean Morpheme Segmentation and POS Tagging
Seung-Hoon NA  Young-Kil KIM  
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pp.523-530  PAPER-Biological Engineering
Nuclei Detection Based on Secant Normal Voting with Skipping Ranges in Stained Histopathological Images
XueTing LIM  Kenjiro SUGIMOTO  Sei-ichiro KAMATA  
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pp.531-534  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Performance Evaluation of Finite Sparse Signals for Compressed Sensing Frameworks
Jin-Taek SEONG  
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pp.535-538  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
On Random Walk Based Weighted Graph Sampling
Jiajun ZHOU  Bo LIU  Lu DENG  Yaofeng CHEN  Zhefeng XIAO  
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pp.539-542  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
An Evolving Network Model for Power Grids Based on Geometrical Location Clusters
Yun-Feng XING  Xiao CHEN  Ming-Xiang GUAN  Zhe-Ming LU  
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pp.543-546  LETTER-Information Network
CAPTCHA Image Generation Systems Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Hyun KWON  Yongchul KIM  Hyunsoo YOON  Daeseon CHOI  
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pp.547-551  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Localized Ranking in Social and Information Networks
Joyce Jiyoung WHANG  Yunseob SHIN  
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pp.552-555  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Identification of Pedestrian and Bicyclist through Range Micro Doppler Signatures
Yangyu FAN  Rui DU  Jianshu WANG  
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pp.556-559  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Pitch Estimation and Voicing Classification Using Reconstructed Spectrum from MFCC
JianFeng WU  HuiBin QIN  YongZhu HUA  LingYan FAN  
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pp.560-563  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
End-to-End Exposure Fusion Using Convolutional Neural Network
Jinhua WANG  Weiqiang WANG  Guangmei XU  Hongzhe LIU  
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pp.564-567  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Facial Expression Recognition via Regression-Based Robust Locality Preserving Projections
Jingjie YAN  Bojie YAN  Ruiyu LIANG  Guanming LU  Haibo LI  Shipeng XIE  
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pp.568-571  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Painterly Morphing Effects for Mobile Smart Devices
SungIk CHO  JungHyun HAN  
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