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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E101-D No.1  (Publication Date:2018/01/01)
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Special Section on Enriched Multimedia — Potential and Possibility of Multimedia Contents for the Future —

pp.1-1  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Akinori ITO  
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pp.2-12  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
BiometricJammer: Method to Prevent Acquisition of Biometric Information by Surreptitious Photography on Fingerprints
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pp.13-19  PAPER
Robust Image Identification without Visible Information for JPEG Images
Kenta IIDA  Hitoshi KIYA  
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pp.20-27  PAPER
Scalable Distributed Video Coding for Wireless Video Sensor Networks
Hong YANG  Linbo QING  Xiaohai HE  Shuhua XIONG  
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pp.28-36  PAPER
A Study on Quality Metrics for 360 Video Communications
Huyen T. T. TRAN  Cuong T. PHAM  Nam PHAM NGOC  Anh T. PHAM  Truong Cong THANG  
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pp.37-44  PAPER
On the Security of Block Scrambling-Based EtC Systems against Extended Jigsaw Puzzle Solver Attacks
Tatsuya CHUMAN  Kenta KURIHARA  Hitoshi KIYA  
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pp.45-52  PAPER
Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Authentication Using Pass Pattern of Pattern Lock
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pp.53-63  PAPER
Speech Privacy for Sound Surveillance Using Super-Resolution Based on Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Linear Regression
Ryouichi NISHIMURA  Seigo ENOMOTO  Hiroaki KATO  
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pp.64-67  LETTER
A Local Feature Aggregation Method for Music Retrieval
Jin S. SEO  
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pp.68-71  LETTER
Tolerance Evaluation of Audio Watermarking Method Based on Modification of Sound Pressure Level between Channels
Harumi MURATA  Akio OGIHARA  Shigetoshi HAYASHI  
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Special Section on Semantic Web and Linked Data

pp.72-72  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Takahiro KAWAMURA  
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pp.73-81  PAPER
A Joint Neural Model for Fine-Grained Named Entity Classification of Wikipedia Articles
Masatoshi SUZUKI  Koji MATSUDA  Satoshi SEKINE  Naoaki OKAZAKI  Kentaro INUI  
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pp.82-89  PAPER
A Comparative Study of Rule-Based Inference Engines for the Semantic Web
Thanyalak RATTANASAWAD  Marut BURANARACH  Kanda Runapongsa SAIKAEW  Thepchai SUPNITHI  
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pp.90-98  PAPER
An Automatic Knowledge Graph Creation Framework from Natural Language Text
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pp.99-107  PAPER
Classification of Linked Data Sources Using Semantic Scoring
Semih YUMUSAK  Erdogan DOGDU  Halife KODAZ  
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pp.108-115  PAPER
An Ontological Model for Fire Emergency Situations
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pp.116-129  PAPER
Temporal and Spatial Expansion of Urban LOD for Solving Illegally Parked Bicycles in Tokyo
Shusaku EGAMI  Takahiro KAWAMURA  Akihiko OHSUGA  
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Regular Section

pp.130-141  PAPER-Software System
Changes of Evaluation Values on Component Rank Model by Taking Code Clones into Consideration
Reishi YOKOMORI  Norihiro YOSHIDA  Masami NORO  Katsuro INOUE  
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pp.142-151  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Pivot Generation Algorithm with a Complete Binary Tree for Efficient Exact Similarity Search
Yuki YAMAGISHI  Kazuo AOYAMA  Kazumi SAITO  Tetsuo IKEDA  
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pp.152-170  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Concurrency Control Protocol for Parallel B-Tree Structures That Improves the Efficiency of Request Transfers and SMOs within a Node
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pp.171-180  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Fisheye Map Using Stroke-Based Generalization for Web Map Services
Daisuke YAMAMOTO  Masaki MURASE  Naohisa TAKAHASHI  
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pp.181-192  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
An Efficient Algorithm for Location-Aware Query Autocompletion
Sheng HU  Chuan XIAO  Yoshiharu ISHIKAWA  
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pp.193-204  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Personal Viewpoint Navigation Based on Object Trajectory Distribution for Multi-View Videos
Xueting WANG  Kensho HARA  Yu ENOKIBORI  Takatsugu HIRAYAMA  Kenji MASE  
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pp.205-214  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Learning Supervised Feature Transformations on Zero Resources for Improved Acoustic Unit Discovery
Michael HECK  Sakriani SAKTI  Satoshi NAKAMURA  
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pp.215-224  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Optimal Permutation Based Block Compressed Sensing for Image Compression Applications
Yuqiang CAO  Weiguo GONG  Bo ZHANG  Fanxin ZENG  Sen BAI  
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pp.225-233  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
An Empirical Study of Classifier Combination Based Word Sense Disambiguation
Wenpeng LU  Hao WU  Ping JIAN  Yonggang HUANG  Heyan HUANG  
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pp.234-238  LETTER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
A GPU-Based Rasterization Algorithm for Boolean Operations on Polygons
Yi GAO  Jianxin LUO  Hangping QIU  Bin TANG  Bo WU  Weiwei DUAN  
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pp.239-243  LETTER-Software Engineering
SEDONA: A Novel Protocol for Identifying Infrequent, Long-Running Daemons on a Linux System
Young-Kyoon SUH  
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pp.244-248  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
An Approach to Effective Recommendation Considering User Preference and Diversity Simultaneously
Sang-Chul LEE  Sang-Wook KIM  Sunju PARK  Dong-Kyu CHAE  
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pp.249-252  LETTER-Information Network
A White-Box Cryptographic Implementation for Protecting against Power Analysis
Seungkwang LEE  
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pp.253-256  LETTER-Information Network
Regular Expression Filtering on Multiple q-Grams
Seon-Ho SHIN  HyunBong KIM  MyungKeun YOON  
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pp.257-260  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Gender Attribute Mining with Hand-Dorsa Vein Image Based on Unsupervised Sparse Feature Learning
Jun WANG  Guoqing WANG  Zaiyu PAN  
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pp.261-264  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Statistical Property Guided Feature Extraction for Volume Data
Li WANG  Xiaoan TANG  Junda ZHANG  Dongdong GUAN  
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pp.265-268  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
A Simple and Effective Generalization of Exponential Matrix Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Face Recognition
Ruisheng RAN  Bin FANG  Xuegang WU  Shougui ZHANG  
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pp.269-272  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Encoding Detection and Bit Rate Classification of AMR-Coded Speech Based on Deep Neural Network
Seong-Hyeon SHIN  Woo-Jin JANG  Ho-Won YUN  Hochong PARK  
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pp.273-276  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Learning Deep Relationship for Object Detection
Nuo XU  Chunlei HUO  
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