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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E100-D No.5  (Publication Date:2017/05/01)
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Special Section on the Architectures, Protocols, and Applications for the Future Internet

pp.931-931  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.932-938  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
NAPT-Based Mobility Service for Software Defined Networks
Shimin SUN  Li HAN  Xianshu JIN  Sunyoung HAN  
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pp.939-947  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
SDN-Based Self-Organizing Energy Efficient Downlink/Uplink Scheduling in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
Seungil MOON  Thant Zin OO  S. M. Ahsan KAZMI  Bang Ju PARK  Choong Seon HONG  
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pp.948-962  PAPER
Bufferless Bidirectional Multi-Ring Networks with Sharing an Optical Burst Mode Transceiver for Any Route
Kyota HATTORI  Masahiro NAKAGAWA  Toshiya MATSUDA  Masaru KATAYAMA  Katsutoshi KODA  
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pp.963-972  PAPER
Simulation Study of Low Latency Network Architecture Using Mobile Edge Computing
Krittin INTHARAWIJITR  Katsuyoshi IIDA  Hiroyuki KOGA  
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pp.973-983  PAPER
Achieving Scalable and Optimized Attribute Revocation in Cloud Computing
Somchart FUGKEAW  Hiroyuki SATO  
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pp.984-993  PAPER
A Priority Control Method for Media Access Control Method SP-MAC to Improve Throughput of Bidirectional Flows
Ryoma ANDO  Ryo HAMAMOTO  Hiroyasu OBATA  Chisa TAKANO  Kenji ISHIDA  
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Regular Section

pp.994-1002  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
An Efficient Approximate Algorithm for the 1-Median Problem on a Graph
Koji TABATA  Atsuyoshi NAKAMURA  Mineichi KUDO  
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pp.1003-1015  PAPER-Computer System
A High Performance FPGA-Based Sorting Accelerator with a Data Compression Mechanism
Ryohei KOBAYASHI  Kenji KISE  
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pp.1016-1025  PAPER-Computer System
A Fast and Accurate FPGA System for Short Read Mapping Based on Parallel Comparison on Hash Table
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pp.1026-1034  PAPER-Software System
A Minimalist's Reversible While Language
Robert GLÜCK  Tetsuo YOKOYAMA  
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pp.1035-1045  PAPER-Software System
Fast Persistent Heap Based on Non-Volatile Memory
Wenzhe ZHANG  Kai LU  Xiaoping WANG  Jie JIAN  
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pp.1046-1054  PAPER-Information Network
A Defense Mechanism of Random Routing Mutation in SDN
Jiang LIU  Hongqi ZHANG  Zhencheng GUO  
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pp.1055-1066  PAPER-Dependable Computing
SMT-Based Scheduling for Overloaded Real-Time Systems
Zhuo CHENG  Haitao ZHANG  Yasuo TAN  Yuto LIM  
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pp.1067-1078  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
LTDE: A Layout Tree Based Approach for Deep Page Data Extraction
Jun ZENG  Feng LI  Brendan FLANAGAN  Sachio HIROKAWA  
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pp.1079-1086  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Set-Based Boosting for Instance-Level Transfer on Multi-Classification
Haibo YIN  Jun-an YANG  Wei WANG  Hui LIU  
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pp.1087-1096  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
An Improved Perceptual MBSS Noise Reduction with an SNR-Based VAD for a Fully Operational Digital Hearing Aid
Zhaoyang GUO  Xin'an WANG  Bo WANG  Shanshan YONG  
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pp.1097-1105  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Removal of Salt-and-Pepper Noise Using a High-Precision Frequency Analysis Approach
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pp.1106-1113  PAPER-Natural Language Processing
Correcting Syntactic Annotation Errors Based on Tree Mining
Kanta SUZUKI  Yoshihide KATO  Shigeki MATSUBARA  
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pp.1114-1123  PAPER-Music Information Processing
Robust Singing Transcription System Using Local Homogeneity in the Harmonic Structure
Hoon HEO  Kyogu LEE  
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pp.1124-1127  LETTER-Software System
RRWL: Round Robin-Based Wear Leveling Using Block Erase Table for Flash Memory
Seon Hwan KIM  Ju Hee CHOI  Jong Wook KWAK  
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pp.1128-1131  LETTER-Software Engineering
Change-Prone Java Method Prediction by Focusing on Individual Differences in Comment Density
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pp.1132-1135  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Detecting Transportation Modes Using Deep Neural Network
Hao WANG  GaoJun LIU  Jianyong DUAN  Lei ZHANG  
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pp.1136-1139  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Learning Corpus-Invariant Discriminant Feature Representations for Speech Emotion Recognition
Peng SONG  Shifeng OU  Zhenbin DU  Yanyan GUO  Wenming MA  Jinglei LIU  Wenming ZHENG  
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pp.1140-1143  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
A Simple and Fast CU Division Algorithm for HEVC Intra Prediction
Yankang WANG  Ryota TAKAGI  Genki YOSHITAKE  
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pp.1144-1147  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Unsupervised Image Steganalysis Method Using Self-Learning Ensemble Discriminant Clustering
Bing CAO  Guorui FENG  Zhaoxia YIN  Lingyan FAN  
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pp.1148-1151  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Data-Adapted Volume Rendering for Scattered Point Data
Junda ZHANG  Libing JIANG  Longxing KONG  Li WANG  Xiao'an TANG  
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pp.1152-1156  LETTER-Music Information Processing
Low-Complexity Recursive-Least-Squares-Based Online Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Audio Source Separation
Seokjin LEE  
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