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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E100-D No.11  (Publication Date:2017/11/01)
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pp.2674-2682  SURVEY PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems  Open Access Paper
Software Analysis Techniques for Detecting Data Race
Pilsung KANG  
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pp.2683-2689  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Quantum Associative Memory with Quantum Neural Network via Adiabatic Hamiltonian Evolution
Yoshihiro OSAKABE  Hisanao AKIMA  Masao SAKURABA  Mitsunaga KINJO  Shigeo SATO  
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pp.2690-2701  PAPER-Information Network
An Extreme Learning Machine Architecture Based on Volterra Filtering and PCA
Li CHEN  Ling YANG  Juan DU  Chao SUN  Shenglei DU  Haipeng XI  
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pp.2702-2710  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
A Scaling and Non-Negative Garrote in Soft-Thresholding
Katsuyuki HAGIWARA  
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pp.2711-2720  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Depth Map Estimation Using Census Transform for Light Field Cameras
Takayuki TOMIOKA  Kazu MISHIBA  Yuji OYAMADA  Katsuya KONDO  
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pp.2721-2724  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
A Study of Qualitative Knowledge-Based Exploration for Continuous Deep Reinforcement Learning
Chenxi LI  Lei CAO  Xiaoming LIU  Xiliang CHEN  Zhixiong XU  Yongliang ZHANG  
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pp.2725-2728  LETTER-Educational Technology
An Investigation of Learner's Actions in Posing Arithmetic Word Problem on an Interactive Learning Environment
Ahmad Afif SUPIANTO  Yusuke HAYASHI  Tsukasa HIRASHIMA  
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pp.2729-2733  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Single Image Haze Removal Using Structure-Aware Atmospheric Veil
Yun LIU  Rui CHEN  Jinxia SHANG  Minghui WANG  
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pp.2734-2737  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Weighted Voting of Discriminative Regions for Face Recognition
Wenming YANG  Riqiang GAO  Qingmin LIAO  
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pp.2738-2743  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Real-Time Object Tracking via Fusion of Global and Local Appearance Models
Ju Hong YOON  Jungho KIM  Youngbae HWANG  
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pp.2744-2746  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Locomotion Control with Inverted Pendulum Model and Hierarchical Low-Dimensional Data
Ku-Hyun HAN  Byung-Ha PARK  Kwang-Mo JUNG  JungHyun HAN  
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