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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E100-D No.10  (Publication Date:2017/10/01)
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Special Section on Security, Privacy and Anonymity in Computation, Communication and Storage Systems

pp.2265-2266  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Guojun Wang  
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pp.2267-2274  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Fraud Analysis and Detection for Real-Time Messaging Communications on Social Networks
Liang-Chun CHEN  Chien-Lung HSU  Nai-Wei LO  Kuo-Hui YEH  Ping-Hsien LIN  
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pp.2275-2286  PAPER-Operating system and network Security
Modeling Attack Process of Advanced Persistent Threat Using Network Evolution
Weina NIU  Xiaosong ZHANG  Guowu YANG  Ruidong CHEN  Dong WANG  
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pp.2287-2294  PAPER-Operating system and network Security
Detect and Prevent SIP Flooding Attacks in VoLTE by Utilizing a Two-Tier PFilter Design
Na RUAN  Mingli WU  Shiheng MA  Haojin ZHU  Weijia JIA  Songyang WU  
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pp.2295-2306  PAPER-Operating system and network Security
Mitigating Use-After-Free Attacks Using Memory-Reuse-Prohibited Library
Toshihiro YAMAUCHI  Yuta IKEGAMI  Yuya BAN  
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pp.2307-2318  PAPER-Operating system and network Security
Protecting Critical Files Using Target-Based Virtual Machine Introspection Approach
Dongyang ZHAN  Lin YE  Binxing FANG  Xiaojiang DU  Zhikai XU  
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pp.2319-2326  PAPER-Operating system and network Security
Private Similarity Searchable Encryption for Euclidean Distance
Yuji UNAGAMI  Natsume MATSUZAKI  Shota YAMADA  Nuttapong ATTRAPADUNG  Takahiro MATSUDA  Goichiro HANAOKA  
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pp.2327-2338  PAPER-Privacy, anonymity, and fundamental theory
Hierarchical-Masked Image Filtering for Privacy-Protection
Takeshi KUMAKI  Takeshi FUJINO  
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pp.2339-2347  PAPER-Privacy, anonymity, and fundamental theory
Input and Output Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression
Yoshinori AONO  Takuya HAYASHI  Le Trieu PHONG  Lihua WANG  
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pp.2348-2356  PAPER-Privacy, anonymity, and fundamental theory
OPERA: A Complete Offline and Anonymous Digital Cash Transaction System with a One-Time Readable Memory
Ki-Woong PARK  Sung Hoon BAEK  
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pp.2357-2367  PAPER-Privacy, anonymity, and fundamental theory
On Randomness Exposure Resilience of Group Signatures
Tomoyoshi ONO  Kazuki YONEYAMA  
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pp.2368-2372  PAPER-Privacy, anonymity, and fundamental theory
Multi-Dimensional Bloom Filter: Design and Evaluation
Fei XU  Pinxin LIU  Jing XU  Jianfeng YANG  S.M. YIU  
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pp.2373-2376  LETTER
Doc-Trace: Tracing Secret Documents in Cloud Computing via Steganographic Marking
Sang-Hoon CHOI  Joobeom YUN  Ki-Woong PARK  
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pp.2377-2381  LETTER
Kernel Rootkits Detection Method by Monitoring Branches Using Hardware Features
Toshihiro YAMAUCHI  Yohei AKAO  
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Special Section on Advanced Log Processing and Office Information Systems

pp.2382-2382  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Shiro Uesugi  
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pp.2383-2390  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Trend and Factor Analysis of Office Related Research in LOIS Technical Committee
Toshihiko WAKAHARA  Toshitaka MAKI  Noriyasu YAMAMOTO  Akihisa KODATE  Manabu OKAMOTO  Hiroyuki NISHI  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(2.4MB)

pp.2391-2398  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Toward More Secure and Convenient User Authentication in Smart Device Era
Yasushi YAMAZAKI  Tetsushi OHKI  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(361.6KB)

pp.2399-2410  PAPER
An Application Framework for Smart Education System Based on Mobile and Cloud Systems
Toru KOBAYASHI  Kenichi ARAI  Hiroyuki SATO  Shigeaki TANIMOTO  Atsushi KANAI  
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pp.2411-2419  PAPER
Predicting Changes in Cognitive Performance Using Heart Rate Variability
Keisuke TSUNODA  Akihiro CHIBA  Kazuhiro YOSHIDA  Tomoki WATANABE  Osamu MIZUNO  
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pp.2420-2431  PAPER
Attribute Revocable Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption with Forward Secrecy for Cloud Storage
Kenta NOMURA  Masami MOHRI  Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Masakatu MORII  
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pp.2432-2439  PAPER
Attribute Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption with Forward Secrecy for Fine-Grained Access Control of Shared Data
Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Kenta NOMURA  Masami MOHRI  Takeru NARUSE  Masakatu MORII  
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pp.2440-2448  PAPER
Delivering CRL with Low Bit Rate Network Coded Communication for ITS
Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Masanori HIROTOMO  Masami MOHRI  Taisuke YAMAMOTO  
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pp.2449-2457  PAPER
Multi-Environment Analysis System for Evaluating the Impact of Malicious Web Sites Changing Their Behavior
Yoshiaki SHIRAISHI  Masaki KAMIZONO  Masanori HIROTOMO  Masami MOHRI  
Paper on system developmentSummary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2458-2461  LETTER
Study on Effect of Company Rules and Regulations in Telework Involving Personal Devices
Takashi HATASHIMA  Yasuhisa SAKAMOTO  
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pp.2462-2464  LETTER
Smart Bottle Cap
Arinobu NIIJIMA  Takahiro KUSABUKA  Soichiro UCHIDA  Tomoki WATANABE  Tomohiro YAMADA  
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pp.2465-2469  LETTER
Urban Zone Discovery from Smart Card-Based Transit Logs
Jae-Yoon JUNG  Gyunyoung HEO  Kyuhyup OH  
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Regular Section

pp.2470-2477  PAPER-Computer System
Accelerating Weeder: A DNA Motif Search Tool Using the Micron Automata Processor and FPGA
Qiong WANG  Mohamed EL-HADEDY  Kevin SKADRON  Ke WANG  
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pp.2478-2492  PAPER-Computer System
The Performance Evaluation of a 3D Torus Network Using Partial Link-Sharing Method in NoC Router Buffer
Naohisa FUKASE  Yasuyuki MIURA  Shigeyoshi WATANABE  M.M. HAFIZUR RAHMAN  
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pp.2493-2504  PAPER-Software System
An Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling for Near-Realtime Systems with Execution Time Variation
Takashi NAKADA  Tomoki HATANAKA  Hiroshi UEKI  Masanori HAYASHIKOSHI  Toru SHIMIZU  Hiroshi NAKAMURA  
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pp.2505-2514  PAPER-Software System
A Genetic Algorithm for Packing CAN FD Frame with Real-Time Constraints
Shan DING  Gang ZENG  Ryo KURACHI  Ruifeng HUANG  
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pp.2515-2525  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Emotional Community Detection in Social Network
Jiang ZHU  Bai WANG  Bin WU  Weiyu ZHANG  
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pp.2526-2536  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Efficient Similarity Search with a Pivot-Based Complete Binary Tree
Yuki YAMAGISHI  Kazuo AOYAMA  Kazumi SAITO  Tetsuo IKEDA  
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pp.2537-2546  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
An Efficient Concept Drift Detection Method for Streaming Data under Limited Labeling
Youngin KIM  Cheong Hee PARK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>Buy this Article | Errata[Uploaded on November 1,2017]

pp.2547-2555  PAPER-Human-computer Interaction
Interpersonal Coevolution of Body Movements in Daily Face-to-Face Communication
Taiki OGATA  Naoki HIGO  Takayuki NOZAWA  Eisuke ONO  Kazuo YANO  Koji ARA  Yoshihiro MIYAKE  
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pp.2556-2566  PAPER-Educational Technology
SOLS: An LOD Based Semantically Enhanced Open Learning Space Supporting Self-Directed Learning of History
Corentin JOUAULT  Kazuhisa SETA  Yuki HAYASHI  
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pp.2567-2577  PAPER-Educational Technology
A Support System for Solving Problems of Two-Triangle Congruence Using ‘Backward Chaining’
Ryosuke ONDA  Yuki HIRAI  Kay PENNY  Bipin INDURKHYA  Keiichi KANEKO  
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pp.2578-2586  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
An Approach to Detect Cavities in X-Ray Astronomical Images Using Granular Convolutional Neural Networks
Zhixian MA  Jie ZHU  Weitian LI  Haiguang XU  
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pp.2587-2596  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Next-Activity Set Prediction Based on Sequence Partitioning to Reduce Activity Pattern Complexity in the Multi-User Smart Space
Younggi KIM  Younghee LEE  
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pp.2597-2604  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
READER: Robust Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Dimension Reduction
Lu SUN  Mineichi KUDO  Keigo KIMURA  
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pp.2605-2613  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Image Retrieval Framework Based on Dual Representation Descriptor
Yuichi YOSHIDA  Tsuyoshi TOYOFUKU  
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pp.2614-2626  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Wiener-Based Inpainting Quality Prediction
Takahiro OGAWA  Akira TANAKA  Miki HASEYAMA  
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pp.2627-2634  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Occluded Appearance Modeling with Sample Weighting for Human Pose Estimation
Yuki KAWANA  Norimichi UKITA  
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pp.2635-2643  PAPER-Music Information Processing
A Single-Dimensional Interface for Arranging Multiple Audio Sources in Three-Dimensional Space
Kento OHTANI  Kenta NIWA  Kazuya TAKEDA  
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pp.2644-2647  LETTER-Software System
Timed Model-Based Formal Analysis of a Scheduler of Qplus-AIR, an ARINC-653 Compliance RTOS
Sanghyun YOON  Dong-Ah LEE  Eunji PAK  Taeho KIM  Junbeom YOO  
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pp.2648-2652  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
Efficient Regular Path Query Evaluation by Splitting with Unit-Subquery Cost Matrix
Van-Quyet NGUYEN  Kyungbaek KIM  
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pp.2653-2658  LETTER-Dependable Computing
A Novel Component Ranking Method for Improving Software Reliability
Lixing XUE  Decheng ZUO  Zhan ZHANG  Na WU  
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pp.2659-2663  LETTER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Fraud Detection in Comparison-Shopping Services: Patterns and Anomalies in User Click Behaviors
Sang-Chul LEE  Christos FALOUTSOS  Dong-Kyu CHAE  Sang-Wook KIM  
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pp.2664-2668  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
Ground Plane Detection with a New Local Disparity Texture Descriptor
Kangru WANG  Lei QU  Lili CHEN  Jiamao LI  Yuzhang GU  Dongchen ZHU  Xiaolin ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (4.6MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2669-2672  LETTER-Natural Language Processing
Using Machine Learning for Automatic Estimation of Emphases in Japanese Documents
Masaki MURATA  Yuki ABE  
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