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Online ISSN : 1745-1361
Volume E100-D No.1  (Publication Date:2017/01/01)
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Special Section on Enriched Multimedia —New Technology Trends in Creation, Utilization and Protection of Multimedia Information—

pp.1-1  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Akinori ITO  
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pp.2-12  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Information Hiding and Its Criteria for Evaluation
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pp.13-23  PAPER
Image Watermarking Method Satisfying IHC by Using PEG LDPC Code
Nobuhiro HIRATA  Takayuki NOZAKI  Masaki KAWAMURA  
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pp.24-32  PAPER
Practical Watermarking Method Estimating Watermarked Region from Recaptured Videos on Smartphone
Motoi IWATA  Naoyoshi MIZUSHIMA  Koichi KISE  
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pp.33-41  PAPER
Video Data Modeling Using Sequential Correspondence Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Jianfei XUE  Koji EGUCHI  
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pp.42-51  PAPER
Aesthetic QR Code Based on Modified Systematic Encoding Function
Minoru KURIBAYASHI  Masakatu MORII  
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pp.52-56  LETTER
An Encryption-then-Compression System for Lossless Image Compression Standards
Kenta KURIHARA  Shoko IMAIZUMI  Sayaka SHIOTA  Hitoshi KIYA  
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pp.57-60  LETTER
A Resilience Mask for Robust Audio Hashing
Jin S. SEO  
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pp.61-64  LETTER
Quality Improvement for Video On-Demand Streaming over HTTP
Huyen T. T. TRAN  Hung T. LE  Nam PHAM NGOC  Anh T. PHAM  Truong Cong THANG  
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Regular Section

pp.65-78  PAPER-Computer System
Response Time Constrained CPU Frequency and Priority Control Scheme for Improved Power Efficiency in Smartphones
Sung-Woong JO  Taeyoung HA  Taehyun KYONG  Jong-Moon CHUNG  
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pp.79-90  PAPER-Computer System
ARW: Efficient Replacement Policies for Phase Change Memory and NAND Flash
Xi ZHANG  Xinning DUAN  Jincui YANG  Jingyuan WANG  
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pp.91-106  PAPER-Software System
Insufficient Vectorization: A New Method to Exploit Superword Level Parallelism
Wei GAO  Lin HAN  Rongcai ZHAO  Yingying LI  Jian LIU  
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pp.107-117  PAPER-Software Engineering
Assessing the Bug-Prediction with Re-Usability Based Package Organization for Object Oriented Software Systems
Mohsin SHAIKH  Ki-Seong LEE  Chan-Gun LEE  
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pp.118-129  PAPER-Dependable Computing
Designing and Implementing a Diversity Policy for Intrusion-Tolerant Systems
Seondong HEO  Soojin LEE  Bumsoon JANG  Hyunsoo YOON  
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pp.130-139  PAPER-Dependable Computing
An Effective and Sensitive Scan Segmentation Technique for Detecting Hardware Trojan
Fakir Sharif HOSSAIN  Tomokazu YONEDA  Michiko INOUE  
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pp.140-149  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Two-Side Agreement Learning for Non-Parametric Template Matching
Chao ZHANG  Takuya AKASHI  
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pp.150-159  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Sparse Representation for Color Image Super-Resolution with Image Quality Difference Evaluation
Zi-wen WANG  Guo-rui FENG  Ling-yan FAN  Jin-wei WANG  
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pp.160-165  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Prefiltering and Postfiltering Based on Global Motion Compensation for Improving Coding Efficiency in H.264 and HEVC Codecs
Ho Hyeong RYU  Kwang Yeon CHOI  Byung Cheol SONG  
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pp.166-174  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Analyzing Fine Motion Considering Individual Habit for Appearance-Based Proficiency Evaluation
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pp.175-180  PAPER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Improvement of Artificial Auscultation on Hemodialysis Stenosis by the Estimate of Stenosis Site and the Hierarchical Categorization of Learning Data
Hatsuhiro KATO  Masakazu KIRYU  Yutaka SUZUKI  Osamu SAKATA  Mizuya FUKASAWA  
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pp.181-189  PAPER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Oscillatory Neural Activity during Performance of a Cognitive Task in the Presence of Fluctuating Ambient Noise
Kazuo KATO  Satoshi YASUKAWA  Kazunori SUZUKI  Atsuo ISHIKAWA  
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pp.190-202  PAPER-Biocybernetics, Neurocomputing
Using a Single Dendritic Neuron to Forecast Tourist Arrivals to Japan
Wei CHEN  Jian SUN  Shangce GAO  Jiu-Jun CHENG  Jiahai WANG  Yuki TODO  
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pp.203-205  LETTER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Ranking Approach to Source Retrieval of Plagiarism Detection
Leilei KONG  Zhimao LU  Zhongyuan HAN  Haoliang QI  
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pp.206-210  LETTER-Dependable Computing
Broadcast Network-Based Sender Based Message Logging for Overcoming Multiple Failures
Jinho AHN  
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pp.211-214  LETTER-Pattern Recognition
A Fast Single Image Haze Removal Method Based on Human Retina Property
Xin NING  Weijun LI  Wenjie LIU  
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pp.215-219  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Deep Nonlinear Metric Learning for Speaker Verification in the I-Vector Space
Yong FENG  Qingyu XIONG  Weiren SHI  
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pp.220-224  LETTER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Semantic Motion Signature for Segmentation of High Speed Large Displacement Objects
Yinhui ZHANG  Zifen HE  
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pp.225-228  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Combining Color Features for Real-Time Correlation Tracking
Yulong XU  Zhuang MIAO  Jiabao WANG  Yang LI  Hang LI  Yafei ZHANG  Weiguang XU  Zhisong PAN  
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pp.229-233  LETTER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
The Computation Reduction in Object Detection via Composite Structure of Modified Integral Images
Daeha LEE  Jaehong KIM  Ho-Hee KIM  Soon-Ja KIM  
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pp.234-237  LETTER-Computer Graphics
Light Space Partitioned Shadow Maps
Bin TANG  Jianxin LUO  Guiqiang NI  Weiwei DUAN  Yi GAO  
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pp.238-241  LETTER-Natural Language Processing
Efficient Algorithm for Sentence Information Content Computing in Semantic Hierarchical Network
Hao WU  Heyan HUANG  
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pp.242-245  LETTER-Biological Engineering
Detecting Motor Learning-Related fNIRS Activity by Applying Removal of Systemic Interferences
Isao NAMBU  Takahiro IMAI  Shota SAITO  Takanori SATO  Yasuhiro WADA  
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