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FPGA Hardware Acceleration of a Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction with Maximum Parsimony Algorithm
Henry BLOCK  Tsutomu MARUYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(950.1KB)

Designing and Implementing a Diversity Policy for Intrusion-Tolerant Systems
Seondong HEO  Soojin LEE  Bumsoon JANG  Hyunsoo YOON  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(428.6KB)

Accent sandhi estimation of Tokyo dialect of Japanese using conditional random fields
Masayuki SUZUKI  Ryo KUROIWA  Keisuke INNAMI  Shumpei KOBAYASHI  Shinya SHIMIZU  Nobuaki MINEMATSU  Keikichi HIROSE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(754.6KB)

Analyzing Temporal Dynamics of Consumer's Behavior Based on a New Point Process Model
Hideaki KIM  Noriko TAKAYA  Hiroshi SAWADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.6MB)

Interdisciplinary Collaborator Recommendation Based on Research Content Similarity
Masataka ARAKI  Marie KATSURAI  Ikki OHMUKAI  Hideaki TAKEDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(795.6KB)

Combining Color Features for Real-time Correlation Tracking
Yulong XU  Zhuang MIAO  Jiabao WANG  Yang LI  Hang LI  Yafei ZHANG  Weiguang XU  Zhisong PAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(620.3KB)

Semantic motion signature for segmentation of high speed large displacement objects
Yinhui ZHANG  Zifen HE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(521.1KB)

A ranking approach to source retrieval of plagiarism detection
Summary | Full Text:PDF(310KB)

An Efficient Soft Shadow Mapping for Area Lights in Various Shapes and Colors
Youngjae CHUN  Kyoungsu OH  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(883.4KB)

Deep Nonlinear Metric Learning for Speaker Verification in the I-vector Space
Feng Yong  Xiong Qingyu  Shi Weiren  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(287.8KB)

A spectrum-based saliency detection algorithm for millimeter-wave InSAR imaging with sparse sensing
Yilong ZHANG  Yuehua LI  Safieddin SAFAVI-NAEINI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(139.1KB)

Human-centered Video Feature Selection via mRMR-SCMMCCA for Preference Extraction
Takahiro OGAWA  Yoshiaki YAMAGUCHI  Satoshi ASAMIZU  Miki HASEYAMA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(100.6KB)

Broadcast Network-based Sender Based Message Logging for Overcoming Multiple Failures
Jinho AHN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(464KB)

Detecting motor learning-related fNIRS activity by applying removal of systemic interferences
Isao NAMBU  Takahiro IMAI  Shota SAITO  Takanori SATO  Yasuhiro WADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.2MB)

Automatically Extracting Parallel Sentences from Wikipedia Using Sequential Matching of Language Resources
Juryong Cheon  Youngjoong Ko  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(394.3KB)

Utilizing Shape-based Feature and Discriminative Learning for Building Detection
Shangqi ZHANG  Haihong SHEN  Chunlei HUO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2MB)

The computation reduction in object detection via composite structure of modified integral images
Daeha LEE  Jaehong KIM  Ho-Hee KIM  Soon-Ja KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Geometry Clipmaps Terrain Rendering Using Hardware Tessellation
Ge SONG  Hongyu YANG  Yulong JI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.1MB)

Feature Adaptive Correlation Tracking
Yulong XU  Yang LI  Jiabao WANG  Zhuang MIAO  Hang LI  Yafei ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(904.2KB)

Improving Purchase Behavior Prediction with Most Popular Items
Chen CHEN  Jiakun XIAO  Chunyan HOU  Xiaojie YUAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(117.6KB)

Light Space Partitioned Shadow Maps
Bin TANG  Jianxin LUO  Guiqiang NI  Weiwei DUAN  Yi GAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(935KB)

A probabilistic adaptation method for HTTP low-delay live streaming over mobile networks
Hung T. LE  Nam PHAM NGOC  Anh T. PHAM  Truong Cong THANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(900.3KB)

Efficient Algorithm for Sentence Information Content Computing in Semantic Hierarchical Network
Hao WU  Heyan HUANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(124.9KB)

Naturalization of Screen Content Images for Enhanced Quality Evaluation
Xingge GUO  Liping HUANG  Ke GU  Leida LI  Zhili ZHOU  Lu TANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2MB)

A Fast Single Image Haze Removal Method Based on Human Retina Property
Xin NING  Weijun LI  Wenjie LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(512.3KB)

Lexicon-based Local Representation for Text-dependent Speaker Verification
Hanxu YOU  Wei LI  Lianqiang LI  Jie ZHU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(410.7KB)

A Hybrid Push/Pull Streaming Scheme Using Interval Caching in P2P VOD Systems
Eunsam KIM  Boa KANG  Choonhwa LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(257.6KB)

Privacy-Preserving Model of IoT Based Trust Evaluation
Zhenguo Chen  Liqin Tian  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(259.8KB)

Sparse recovery using sparse sensing matrix based finite field optimization in network coding
Ganzorig GANKHUYAG  Eungi HONG  Yoonsik CHOE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(144.3KB)

A Visibility-Based Lower Bound for Android Unlock Patterns
Jinwoo LEE  Jae Woo SEO  Kookrae CHO  Pil Joong LEE  Dae Hyun YUM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(233.3KB)

Face hallucination by learning local distance metric
Yuanpeng ZOU  Fei ZHOU  Qingmin LIAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.8MB)

Personalized Movie Recommendation System Based on Support Vector Machine and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Xibin Wang  Fengji Luo  Cunyan Sang  Jun Zeng  Hirokawa Sachio  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(812.2KB)

Easy-to-Deploy Wireless Mesh Network System with User Authentication and WLAN Roaming Features
Tomo NIIZUMA  Hideaki GOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.4MB)

Analyzing Fine Motion Considering Individual Habits for Appearance-based Proficiency Evaluation
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.5MB)

Learning state recognition in self-paced e-learning
Siyang YU  Kazuaki KONDO  Yuichi NAKAMURA  Takayuki NAKAJIMA  Masatake DANTSUJI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(524.3KB)

Response Time Constrained CPU Frequency & Priority Control Scheme for Improved Power Efficiency in Smartphones
Sung-Woong JO  Taeyoung HA  Taehyun KYONG  Jong-Moon CHUNG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3MB)

Using A Single Dendritic Neuron to Forecast Tourist Arrivals to Japan
Wei CHEN  Jian SUN  Shangce GAO  Jiu-Jun CHENG  Jiahai WANG  Yuki TODO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(367.9KB)

LAPS: Layout-Aware Path Selection for Post-Silicon Timing Characterization
Yu Hu  Jing Ye  Zhiping Shi  Xiaowei Li  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(629.2KB)

Assessing the Bug-prediction with Re-usability based Package Organization for Object Oriented Software Systems
Mohsin SHAIKH  Ki-Seong LEE  Chan-Gun LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(370.4KB)

The Performance Stability of Defect Prediction Models with Class Imbalance: An Empirical Study
Qiao YU  Shujuan JIANG  Yanmei ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

ARW: Efficient Replacement Policies for Phase Change Memory and NAND Flash
Xi ZHANG  Xinning DUAN  Jincui YANG  Jingyuan WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Fast Reconstruction for Degraded Reads and Recovery Process in Primary Array Storage Systems
Baegjae SUNG  Chanik PARK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Sparse Representation for Color Image Super-Resolution with Image Quality Difference Evaluation
Zi-wen WANG  Guo-rui FENG  Ling-yan FAN  Jin-wei WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(681.4KB)

Dynamic Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization
Shiqin YANG  Yuji SATO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(953.3KB)

Secure Regenerating Codes Using Linear Regenerating Codes and the All-or-Nothing Transform
Hidenori KUWAKADO  Masazumi KURIHARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(261.6KB)

Time-to-Contact in Scattering Media
Laksmita RAHADIANTI  Wooseong JEONG  Fumihiko SAKAUE  Jun SATO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.4MB)

Two-side Agreement Learning for Non-parametric Template Matching
Chao ZHANG  Takuya AKASHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3.7MB)

Insufficient Vectorization: A New Method to Exploit Superword Level Parallelism
Wei GAO  Lin HAN  Rongcai ZHAO  Yingying LI  Jian LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(842KB)

Text-independent online writer identification using Hidden Markov Models
Yabei WU  Huanzhang LU  Zhiyong ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

An Effective and Sensitive Scan Segmentation Technique for Detecting Hardware Trojan
Fakir Sharif Hossain  Tomokazu Yoneda  Michiko Inoue  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.6MB)

Inferring User Consumption Preferences from Social Media
Yang LI  Jing JIANG  Ting LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(932.4KB)

Prefiltering and Postfiltering based on Global Motion Compensation for Improving Coding Efficiency in H.264 and HEVC Codecs
Ho Hyeong Ryu  Kwang Yeon Choi  Byung Cheol Song  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(3MB)

Mobile Sensor Relocation for Nonuniform and Dynamic Coverage Requirements
Thamarak KHAMPEERPAT  Chaiporn JAIKAEO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.9MB)

Oscillatory neural activity during performance of a cognitive task in the presence of fluctuating ambient noise
Kazuo KATO  Satoshi YASUKAWA  Kazunori SUZUKI  Atsuo ISHIKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(981.5KB)

RPAH: A Moving Target Network Defense Mechanism Naturally Resists Reconnaissances and Attacks
Yue-Bin LUO  Bao-Sheng WANG  Xiao-Feng WANG  Bo-Feng ZHANG  Wei HU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

Adaptive Cancelling for Frequency-Fluctuating Periodic Interference
Yusuke MATSUBARA  Naohiro TODA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(899.9KB)

Hierarchical Sparse Bayesian Learning with Beta Process Priors for Hyperspectral Imagery Restoration
Shuai Liu  Licheng Jiao  Shuyuan Yang  Hongying Liu  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(676KB)

CLCMiner: Detecting Cross-Language Clones without Intermediates
Xiao CHENG  Zhiming PENG  Lingxiao JIANG  Hao ZHONG  Haibo YU  Jianjun ZHAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(1.3MB)

Energy-Aware Download Method in LTE Based Smartphone
Jie REN  Ling GAO  Hai WANG  QuanLi GAO  ZheWen ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(199.7KB)

A Speech Enhancement Method Based on Multi-task Bayesian Compressive Sensing
Hanxu YOU  Zhixian MA  Wei LI  Jie ZHU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(791.4KB)

A Novel Linguistic Steganography Based on Synonym Run-length Encoding
Lingyun XIANG  Xinhui WANG  Chunfang YANG  Peng LIU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(223.6KB)

Information Hiding and its Criteria for Evaluation
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.7MB)

An Encryption-then-Compression System for Lossless Image Compression Standards
Kenta KURIHARA  Shoko IMAIZUMI  Sayaka SHIOTA  Hitoshi KIYA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.3MB)

A resilience mask for robust audio hashing
Jin S. SEO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(114.6KB)

Quality improvement for video on-demand streaming over HTTP
Huyen T. T. TRAN  Hung T. LE  Nam PHAM NGOC  Anh T. PHAM  Truong Cong THANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(362.4KB)

Aesthetic QR Code Based on Modified Systematic Encoding Function
Minoru KURIBAYASHI  Masakatu MORII  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(603.7KB)

Image Watermarking Method Satisfying IHC by Using PEG LDPC Code
Nobuhiro HIRATA  Takayuki NOZAKI  Masaki KAWAMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(595.5KB)

Video Data Modeling using Sequential Correspondence Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Jianfei XUE  Koji EGUCHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(2.7MB)

Practical Watermarking Method Estimating Watermarked Region from Recaptured Videos on Smartphone
Motoi IWATA  Naoyoshi MIZUSHIMA  Koichi KISE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF(4.9MB)

 Volume E99-D No.12  (Publication Date:2016/12/01)
Special Section on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networking

pp.2858-2859  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Yasuhiko Nakashima  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(63.4KB)

pp.2860-2870  PAPER-Architecture
A Waiting Mechanism with Conflict Prediction on Hardware Transactional Memory
Keisuke MASHITA  Maya TABUCHI  Ryohei YAMADA  Tomoaki TSUMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2871-2880  PAPER-Architecture
Novel Chip Stacking Methods to Extend Both Horizontally and Vertically for Many-Core Architectures with ThrouChip Interface
Hiroshi NAKAHARA  Tomoya OZAKI  Hiroki MATSUTANI  Michihiro KOIBUCHI  Hideharu AMANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2881-2890  PAPER-Architecture
A Runtime Optimization Selection Framework to Realize Energy Efficient Networks-on-Chip
Yuan HE  Masaaki KONDO  Takashi NAKADA  Hiroshi SASAKI  Shinobu MIWA  Hiroshi NAKAMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2891-2900  PAPER-Architecture
An Inductive Method to Select Simulation Points
MinSeong CHOI  Takashi FUKUDA  Masahiro GOSHIMA  Shuichi SAKAI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.6MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2901-2910  PAPER-Architecture
An FPGA Implementation for a Flexible-Length-Arithmetic Processor Employing the FDFM Processor Core Approach
Tatsuya KAWAMOTO  Xin ZHOU  Jacir L. BORDIM  Yasuaki ITO  Koji NAKANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (668.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2911-2922  PAPER-Interconnection network
Enhancing Entropy Throttling: New Classes of Injection Control in Interconnection Networks
Takashi YOKOTA  Kanemitsu OOTSU  Takeshi OHKAWA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2923-2933  PAPER-Wireless system
Improvement of Throughput Prediction Scheme Considering Terminal Distribution in Multi-Rate WLAN Considering Both CSMA/CA and Frame Collision
Ryo HAMAMOTO  Chisa TAKANO  Hiroyasu OBATA  Kenji ISHIDA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2934-2942  PAPER-Sensor network
A Mobile Agent Based Distributed Variational Bayesian Algorithm for Flow and Speed Estimation in a Traffic System
Summary | Full Text:PDF (437.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2943-2955  PAPER-Sensor network
Rule-Based Sensor Data Aggregation System for M2M Gateways
Yuichi NAKAMURA  Akira MORIGUCHI  Masanori IRIE  Taizo KINOSHITA  Toshihiro YAMAUCHI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (785.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2956-2967  PAPER-Distributed system
A Peer-to-Peer Content-Distribution Scheme Resilient to Key Leakage
Tatsuyuki MATSUSHITA  Shinji YAMANAKA  Fangming ZHAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1014.4KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2968-2977  PAPER-Distributed system
An Efficient Algorithm of Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-Objective Task Assignment
Nannan QIAO  Jiali YOU  Yiqiang SHENG  Jinlin WANG  Haojiang DENG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2978-2985  PAPER-Distributed system
Accelerating Reachability Analysis on Petri Net for Mutual Exclusion-Based Deadlock Detection
Yunkai DU  Naijie GU  Xin ZHOU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (540.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2986-2994  PAPER-GPU computing
Fully Parallelized LZW Decompression for CUDA-Enabled GPUs
Shunji FUNASAKA  Koji NAKANO  Yasuaki ITO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (428.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.2995-3003  PAPER-GPU computing
A Memory-Access-Efficient Implementation for Computing the Approximate String Matching Algorithm on GPUs
Lucas Saad Nogueira NUNES  Jacir Luiz BORDIM  Yasuaki ITO  Koji NAKANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3004-3012  PAPER-GPU computing
GPU-Accelerated Bulk Execution of Multiple-Length Multiplication with Warp-Synchronous Programming Technique
Takumi HONDA  Yasuaki ITO  Koji NAKANO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (523.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3013-3023  PAPER-Database system
A Replication Protocol Supporting Multiple Consistency Models without Single Point of Failure
Atsushi OHTA  Ryota KAWASHIMA  Hiroshi MATSUO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.3MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3024-3034  PAPER-Operating system
Fast Live Migration for IO-Intensive VMs with Parallel and Adaptive Transfer of Page Cache via SAN
Soramichi AKIYAMA  Takahiro HIROFUCHI  Ryousei TAKANO  Shinichi HONIDEN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>Buy this Article

Regular Section

pp.3035-3046  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
RFS: An LSM-Tree-Based File System for Enhanced Microdata Performance
Lixin WANG  Yutong LU  Wei ZHANG  Yan LEI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (771.2KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3047-3052  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
Computing K-Terminal Reliability of Circular-Arc Graphs
Chien-Min CHEN  Min-Sheng LIN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (841.3KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3053-3059  PAPER-Fundamentals of Information Systems
The Improvement of the Processes of a Class of Graph-Cut-Based Image Segmentation Algorithms
Shengxiao NIU  Gengsheng CHEN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (907.1KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3060-3071  PAPER-Computer System
Cache-Aware GPU Optimization for Out-of-Core Cone Beam CT Reconstruction of High-Resolution Volumes
Yuechao LU  Fumihiko INO  Kenichi HAGIHARA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.4MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3072-3081  PAPER-Computer System
Performance Optimization of Light-Field Applications on GPU
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3082-3089  PAPER-Computer System
Low Overhead Design of Power Reconfigurable FPGA with Fine-Grained Body Biasing on 65-nm SOTB CMOS Technology
Masakazu HIOKI  Hanpei KOIKE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3090-3100  PAPER-Data Engineering, Web Information Systems
A Bipartite Graph-Based Ranking Approach to Query Subtopics Diversification Focused on Word Embedding Features
Md Zia ULLAH  Masaki AONO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (739.5KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3101-3109  PAPER-Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining
Cluster-Based Minority Over-Sampling for Imbalanced Datasets
Summary | Full Text:PDF (304.4KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3110-3118  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
Recognition of Online Handwritten Math Symbols Using Deep Neural Networks
Summary | Full Text:PDF (738.4KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3119-3131  PAPER-Pattern Recognition
A Bayesian Approach to Image Recognition Based on Separable Lattice Hidden Markov Models
Summary | Full Text:PDF (973.8KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3132-3139  PAPER-Speech and Hearing
Non-Native Text-to-Speech Preserving Speaker Individuality Based on Partial Correction of Prosodic and Phonetic Characteristics
Yuji OSHIMA  Shinnosuke TAKAMICHI  Tomoki TODA  Graham NEUBIG  Sakriani SAKTI  Satoshi NAKAMURA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.2MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3140-3153  PAPER-Image Processing and Video Processing
Cognition-Aware Summarization of Photos Representing Events
Bei LIU  Makoto P. KATO  Katsumi TANAKA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.7MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3154-3164  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Auto-Radiometric Calibration in Photometric Stereo
Wiennat MONGKULMANN  Takahiro OKABE  Yoichi SATO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.6MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3165-3171  PAPER-Image Recognition, Computer Vision
Inter-Person Occlusion Handling with Social Interaction for Online Multi-Pedestrian Tracking
Yuke LI  Weiming SHEN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3172-3176  LETTER-Computer System
Fine-Grained Data Management for DRAM/SSD Hybrid Main Memory Architecture
Liyu WANG  Qiang WANG  Lan CHEN  Xiaoran HAO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (527.1KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3177-3180  LETTER-Software System
Migration Cost Sensitive Garbage Collection Technique for Non-Volatile Memory Systems
Sang-Ho HWANG  Ju Hee CHOI  Jong Wook KWAK  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (424KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3181-3184  LETTER-Information Network
Comparing Performance of Hierarchical Identity-Based Signature Schemes
Peixin CHEN  Yilun WU  Jinshu SU  Xiaofeng WANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (249.1KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3185-3187  LETTER-Information Network
LigeroAV: A Light-Weight, Signature-Based Antivirus for Mobile Environment
Jaehwan LEE  Min Jae JO  Ji Sun SHIN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (395.5KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3188-3191  LETTER-Information Network
Privacy-Enhanced Similarity Search Scheme for Cloud Image Databases
Hao LIU  Hideaki GOTO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (376.9KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.3192-3196  LETTER-Speech and Hearing
Bi-Direction Interaural Matching Filter and Decision Weighting Fusion for Sound Source Localization in Noisy Environments
Hong LIU  Mengdi YUE  Jie ZHANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (972.7KB) >>Buy this Article

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