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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E101-C No.8  (Publication Date:2018/08/01)
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Special Section on Recent Advances in Simulation Techniques and Their Applications for Electronics

pp.611-611  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hideaki KIMURA  
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pp.612-619  PAPER
Convergence Properties of Iterative Full-Wave Electromagnetic FEM Analyses with Node Block Preconditioners
Toshio MURAYAMA  Akira MUTO  Amane TAKEI  
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pp.620-626  PAPER
Study on Single-Polarized Holey Fibers with Double-Hole Unit Cores for Cross-Talk Free Polarization Splitter
Zejun ZHANG  Yasuhide TSUJI  Masashi EGUCHI  Chun-ping CHEN  
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pp.627-636  PAPER
Dielectric Measurement in Liquids Using an Estimation Equation without Short Termination via the Cut-Off Circular Waveguide Reflection Method
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pp.637-639  BRIEF PAPER
Frequency-Dependent LOD-FDTD Method in Cylindrical Coordinates
Jun SHIBAYAMA  Tatsuyuki HARA  Masato ITO  Junji YAMAUCHI  Hisamatsu NAKANO  
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pp.640-643  BRIEF PAPER
Efficient PML Implementation in Three-Dimensional FDTD Simulation for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications in Urban Areas
Tomokazu OKUGI  Hideyuki YAMADA  Kan OKUBO  
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pp.644-646  BRIEF PAPER
Averaging Area of Incident Power Density for Human Exposure from Patch Antenna Arrays
Daisuke FUNAHASHI  Takahiro ITO  Akimasa HIRATA  Takahiro IYAMA  Teruo ONISHI  
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pp.647-650  BRIEF PAPER
Optimal Design of Dielectric Flat Lens Based on Topology Optimization Concept
Kenji TAGUCHI  Tatsuya KASHIWA  
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pp.651-654  BRIEF PAPER
Winding Ratio Design of Transformer in Equivalent Circuit of Circular Patch Array Absorber
Ryosuke SUGA  Tomohiko NAKAMURA  Daisuke KITAHARA  Kiyomichi ARAKI  Osamu HASHIMOTO  
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pp.655-659  BRIEF PAPER
Application of Novel Metallic PhC Resonators in Theoretical Design of THz BPFs
Chun-Ping CHEN  Kazuki KANAZAWA  Zejun ZHANG  Tetsuo ANADA  
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pp.660-663  BRIEF PAPER
A Study on Dependency of Transmission Loss of Shielded-Flexible Printed Circuits for Differential Signaling
Yoshiki KAYANO  Hiroshi INOUE  
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Regular Section

pp.664-670  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
A New Interpretation of Physical Optics Approximation from Surface Equivalence Theorem
Hieu Ngoc QUANG  Hiroshi SHIRAI  
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pp.671-679  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Quantized Decoder Adaptively Predicting both Optimum Clock Frequency and Optimum Supply Voltage for a Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling Controlled Multimedia Processor
Nobuaki KOBAYASHI  Tadayoshi ENOMOTO  
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pp.680-684  PAPER-Superconducting Electronics
Ultra-Low Field MRI Food Inspection System Using HTS-SQUID with Flux Transformer
Saburo TANAKA  Satoshi KAWAGOE  Kazuma DEMACHI  Junichi HATTA  
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pp.685-689  PAPER-Electronic Instrumentation and Control
Multiport Signal-Flow Analysis to Improve Signal Quality of Time-Interleaved Digital-to-Analog Converters
Youngcheol PARK  
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