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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E94-C No.9  (Publication Date:2011/09/01)
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Special Section on Recent Development of Electro-Mechanical Devices – Papers selected from International Session on Electro-Mechanical Devices (IS-EMD2010) and other research results –

pp.1349-1349  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Noboru MORITA  
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pp.1350-1355  PAPER
Observations of Structural Transition of Tin Plated Fretting Contacts Using FIB-SEM
Tetsuya ITO  Shigeru OGIHARA  Yasuhiro HATTORI  
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pp.1356-1361  PAPER
Arc Erosion of Silver/Tungsten Contact Material under Low Voltage and Small Current and Resistive Load at 400 Hz and 50 Hz
Jing LI  Zhiying MA  Jianming LI  Lizhan XU  
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pp.1362-1368  PAPER
Random Occurrence of Contact Welding in Electrical Endurance Tests
Laijun ZHAO  Zhenbiao LI  Hansi ZHANG  Makoto HASEGAWA  
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pp.1369-1374  PAPER
Contact Conditions in Connectors that Cause Common Mode Radiation
Yu-ichi HAYASHI  Yoshiki KAYANO  Takaaki MIZUKI  Hideaki SONE  Hiroshi INOUE  
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pp.1375-1380  PAPER
Failure Process and Dynamic Reliability Estimation of Sealed Relay
Xuerong YE  Jie DENG  Qiong YU  Guofu ZHAI  
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pp.1381-1387  PAPER
Break Arcs Driven by Transverse Magnetic Field in a DC48 V/6-24 A Resistive Circuit
Toru SUGIURA  Junya SEKIKAWA  Takayoshi KUBONO  
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pp.1388-1394  PAPER
Arc Duration and Rotational Frequency of Break Arcs Driven by Radial Magnet Field in a DC42 V Resistive Circuit
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pp.1395-1401  PAPER
Influence of Voltage on Arc Characteristics and Electrode Mass Change of AgNi Contacts for Electromagnetic Contactors
Kiyoshi YOSHIDA  Koichiro SAWA  Kenji SUZUKI  Masaaki WATANABE  
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pp.1402-1408  PAPER
Simulation of Breaking Characteristics of a 550 kV Single-Break Tank Circuit Breaker
Hongfei ZHAO  Xiaohua WANG  Zhiying MA  Mingzhe RONG  Yan LI  
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pp.1409-1415  PAPER
Analysis of a New High-Speed DC Switch Repulsion Mechanism
Yi WU  Hailong HE  Zhengyong HU  Fei YANG  Mingzhe RONG  Yang LI  
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pp.1416-1421  PAPER
Influence of the Current-Limiting Resistance on the Arc Commutation Process Across the Gap of a Separated Arc Runner
Ruiliang GUAN  Hongwu LIU  Nairui YIN  Yanfeng HE  Degui CHEN  
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pp.1422-1426  PAPER
Experimental Study of the Arc Plasma Characteristics in SF6, N2 and CO2
Xingwen LI  Shenli JIA  Yimin YOU  Zongqian SHI  
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pp.1427-1430  BRIEF PAPER
Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation from Transmission Line with Loose Contact of Connector
Yu-ichi HAYASHI  Takaaki MIZUKI  Hideaki SONE  
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pp.1431-1434  BRIEF PAPER
Effect of Heat Conductivity on Bridge Break at Different Material Contact Pairs
Kazuaki MIYANAGA  Yoshiki KAYANO  Takashi KOMAKINE  Hiroshi INOUE  Tasuku TAKAGI  
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pp.1435-1438  BRIEF PAPER
Relationships between Contact Opening Speeds and Arc Extinction Gap Lengths at Break of Silver Contacts
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Regular Section

pp.1439-1446  PAPER-Optoelectronics  Open Access Paper
Monolithically Integrated Wavelength-Routing Switch Using Tunable Wavelength Converters with Double-Ring-Resonator Tunable Lasers
Toru SEGAWA  Shinji MATSUO  Takaaki KAKITSUKA  Yasuo SHIBATA  Tomonari SATO  Yoshihiro KAWAGUCHI  Yasuhiro KONDO  Ryo TAKAHASHI  
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pp.1447-1454  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Spurious Suppression and Design Based on Microstrip Open Loop Ring Resonator Bandpass Filters
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pp.1455-1463  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A High-Resolution and Robust 12-bit DPWM for Digital DC-DC Converters
Huey Chian FOONG  Meng Tong TAN  Yuanjin ZHENG  
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pp.1464-1471  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Transient Response Enhancement on the Output-Capacitorless Low-Dropout Regulator Using the Multipath Nested Miller Compensation with a Transient Quiescent Current Booster
Chun-Hsun WU  Le-Ren CHANG-CHIEN  
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pp.1472-1478  PAPER-Storage Technology
Performance Improvement System for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording with Thermal Asperity
Yupin SUPPAKHUN  Pornchai SUPNITHI  Yoshihiro OKAMOTO  Yasuaki NAKAMURA  Hisashi OSAWA  
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pp.1479-1482  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A Novel Wideband Spatial Power Combining Amplifier Based on Turnstile-Junction Waveguide Divider/Combiner
Haiyan JIN  Xianzhi DU  Fulin XIAO  Guangjun WEN  
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pp.1483-1485  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Displays
Study on Address Discharge Characteristics by Changing Ramp-Down Voltage in AC PDPs
Joon-Yub KIM  Yeon Tae JEONG  Byung-Gwon CHO  
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pp.1486-1489  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Instrumentation and Control
A Novel Combined Proportional-Derivative Control for Electrostatic MEMS Mirror Actuation
Weiwei SHAN  Xin CHEN  
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pp.1490-1493  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
A Novel Body Bias Selection Scheme for Leakage Minimization
Dong-Su LEE  Sung-Chan KANG  Young-Hyun JUN  Bai-Sun KONG  
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