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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J99-C No.6  (Publication Date:2016/06/01)
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pp.281-288  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Propagation Estimation Based on 1-Ray Model Incorporating 2 Rays and Its Application
Kazunori UCHIDA  
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pp.289-297  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Ultralow-power Circuit Techniques for Applications with Micro-scale Energy Harvester
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pp.298-313  PAPER
Input Signal Waveforms for Maximal Injection-Locking Range –An Application to CMOS Ring Oscillators–
Yoji YABE  Isao NISHIKAWA  Kazuki NAKADA  Tomoyuki MORIKAWA  Hiroo SEKIYA  Yoshiaki ANDO  Hisa-aki TANAKA  
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pp.314-320  PAPER
Compression Deformation Phenomena in Micro-Cone Shaped Au Bumps for Flip-Chip Bonded Bump Joints to Enable 3D Integrated Systems
Shunsuke NEMOTO  Tung Thanh BUI  Wei FENG  Katsuya KIKUCHI  Fumiki KATO  Hiroshi NAKAGAWA  Masahiro AOYAGI  
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pp.321-325  LETTER
Numerical Study on Band-Elimination Filter Using Resonant Cavities Composed of Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguides
Tomotaka IKEDA  Toshiaki KITAMURA  Kiyoshi KISHIOKA  
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