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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J99-C No.12  (Publication Date:2016/12/01)
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Special Section on Microwave Technologies Launched from Universities

pp.566-571  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Modified Low-loss Tri-plate Transmission Line for Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
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pp.572-578  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Estimation of Temperature Change in Human Body Using MRI
Yoshio NIKAWA  Suguru NAKAMURA  
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pp.579-586  PAPER
Little Anisotropic 2-D Negative Refractive Index Material Composed of Dielectric Cylinders with a Metal Pattern Arranged in the Form of a Hexagonal Lattice
Tsunayuki YAMAMOTO  Hiroshi KUBO  Takatsugu FUKUSHIMA  Atsushi SANADA  
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pp.587-594  PAPER
Coupled Transmission Line Analysis and Experimental Verification of Stripline-Based Double-Layered Dispersive Delay Lines
Toshiaki KITAMURA  Yasushi HORII  
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pp.595-602  PAPER
Delay Enhancement and Amplitude Compensation of Dispersive Delay Lines with an LC Parallel Resonant Circuit
Yasushi HORII  Toshiaki KITAMURA  
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pp.603-610  PAPER
Design Method of Wideband Wilkinson Power Divider Utilizing LC-ladder Circuits
Yosuke OKADA  Tadashi KAWAI  Akira ENOKIHARA  
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pp.611-617  PAPER
A Study of Resonator with Low Radiation Slot Structure and Its Application to Band-Stop Filter Having Steep Skirt Characteristics
Kazuki KANAI  Ryosuke SUGA  Tomoki UWANO  Osamu HASHIMOTO  
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pp.618-624  PAPER
Design of Compact Ultra Wide-Band Bandpass Filters Using Short-Circuited Stubs with Improved Stopband Characteristics
Ryuhi HAMANO  Zhewang MA  Masataka OHIRA  
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pp.625-633  PAPER
Operating Characteristics of Liquid-Crystal-Loaded, Microstrip-Line Type Phase Shifters with Meander-Line Waveguide Structure
Toshihisa KAMEI  Yutaro OHSHIMA  
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pp.634-645  PAPER
An Effective Design Method of Low-Leakage Microwave Beam for Long-Distance Wireless Power Transmission
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pp.646-650  LETTER
A Study on Experimental Fabrication of Microstrip Line Basic Circuit-For student experiment on microwave engineering-
Yusuke KUSAMA  Yusuke YOKOI  
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Regular Section

pp.651-658  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Method for Designing High-Efficiency Microwave Power Amplifier Based on the Evaluation of Low-Frequency Active Load-Pull Measurement Systems-High Precision by Considering the Nonlinearity of Parasitic Capacitance in the Transistor-
Yao TAO  Ryo ISHIKAWA  Kazuhiko HONJO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.7MB)

pp.659-667  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Development of Polymeric Electro-Optical Devices-the Early Stage, Present and to the Future-
Yutaka OHMORI  Hirotake KAJII  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.2MB)

pp.668-676  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Damage Shapes on Surfaces of Electrical Contacts and Temporal Observation of Damage Growth Processes
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.7MB)

pp.677-683  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Structural Control of Polymer Wall Spacers for High Quality Flexible Blue-Phase Liquid Crystal Displays
Hideki SAKAI  Takahiro ISHINABE  Yosei SHIBATA  Hideo FUJIKAKE  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.5MB)

pp.684-692  PAPER
The Electric Resistance Analysis between Metals in Electrically Conductive Adhesive
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