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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J98-C No.10  (Publication Date:2015/10/01)
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pp.184-192  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Neural Networks to Deal with Complex Amplitude and Its Strength in Electronics
Akira HIROSE  Tianben DING  
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pp.193-202  PAPER
A Design Theory of Quarter-Wave Coupled-Line Directional Couplers for Setting Reference Impedances Different from One Another at Four Ports
Takeshi OSHIMA  Yukihiro TAHARA  Hiroaki MIYASHITA  
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pp.203-211  PAPER
Reproducibility and Impedance Characteristics of a Non-Foster Matching Network for Electrically Small Antennas, Based on Linvill's Negative Impedance Converters
Takuya KANEKO  Yasushi HORII  
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pp.212-219  PAPER
Electrical Resonance by the Actuator's Insufficient Grounding and the Resonance Noise Invasion onto Read Signal Path by the Noise Pick-Up Sensitivity of the Read Head in Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Nobumasa NISHIYAMA  Kazuhiro NAGAOKA  Tatemi IDO  Yuji SOGA  
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pp.220-222  LETTER
Thermionic Emission Properties of Amorphous Carbon Thin Film Synthesized by Liquid Phase Decomposition Method in Octanethiol
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