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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J97-C No.4  (Publication Date:2014/04/01)
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pp.129-135  PAPER  Open Access Paper
An Overview of Applications of Optical Technologies in Railway Fields
Kunihiro KAWASAKI  
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pp.136-143  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Long-Range Imaging LIDAR for Road Environment Recognition
Cristiano NICLASS  Mineki SOGA  Hiroyuki MATSUBARA  Mitsuhiko OHTA  Masaru OGAWA  Manabu KAGAMI  Takashi NAITO  Tatsuya YAMASHITA  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.9MB)

pp.144-152  PAPER
Study on Near-Field Optical Disk Using Nano-Aperture with Ledges
Toshiaki KITAMURA  Yiwei HE  Kiyoshi KISHIOKA  
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pp.153-161  PAPER
Low Power Operation of Complementary Read Port 8T SRAM with Suspended Bit-Line Read Scheme in Near-Threshold-Region
Shinji MIYANO  Toshikazu SUZUKI  Shinichi MORIWAKI  Atsushi KAWASUMI  Hirofumi SHINOHARA  
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pp.162-163  LETTER
Resonance Frequency of Longitudinal Wave Mode in a Concentric Spherical Cavity
Yoshihiro TOGAMI  
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pp.164-167  LETTER
General Design Equations For 3-Section Chebyshev BPF Composed of SIRs and Short-Circuited Stubs With Arbitrary Bandwidths and Ripple Constants
Junya ODA  Chun-Ping CHEN  Tetsuo ANADA  
Summary | Full Text(in Japanese):PDF (813.8KB) >>Buy this Article

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