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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J96-C No.6  (Publication Date:2013/06/01)
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Special Issue on Recent Progress in Simulation Techniques for Electronics

pp.94-102  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Acceleration of an FDTD Solver for Analyzing MMIC Passive Element Circuit Characteristics by Using GPGPU
Nagayoshi MORITA(6303519)  M Wave Solver Laboratory  
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pp.103-113  PAPER
Singularity Compensation at Conductor Edges for the Finite-Difference Approximation
Tsugumichi SHIBATA(8708759)  NTT Corporation  
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pp.114-121  PAPER
Fast Transient Analysis of Nonuniform Multiconductor Transmission Lines Using Nodal Block Relaxation (NBR) Method
Takahiro TAKASAKI(1216783)  Shizuoka University;Tadatoshi SEKINE(0717843)  Shizuoka University;Hideki ASAI(8118341)  Shizuoka University  
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pp.122-130  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Fast Computational Method for Human Dosimetry due to Wireless Power Transfer with Magnetic Resonance
Shogo TSUCHIDA(1114956)  Nagoya Institute of Technology;Ilkka LAAKSO(9999999)  Nagoya Institute of Technology;Akimasa HIRATA(9701737)  Nagoya Institute of Technology  
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pp.131-139  PAPER
Scalar-Reflection-Coefficient-Based Nondestructive and Simultaneous Measurement of Complex Permittivity and Permeability with Open-Ended Coaxial Probe
Chun-Ping CHEN(0514187)  Kanagawa University;Deming XU(9999999)  Shanghai University;Tetsuo ANADA(7217587)  Kanagawa University  
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pp.140-148  PAPER
A Scenario for Device Simulation with Physics-Based Modeling and Terahertz Dynamics of Semiconductor Resonant Tunneling Diodes toward Ultrawideband Wireless Communication
Kiyoto ASAKAWA(0832219)  Tokyo Metropolitan University;Masahito NAKAMURA(1204165)  Tokyo Metropolitan University;Toshimichi OKAZAKI(9999999)  Tokyo Metropolitan University;Atsushi TASHIRO(9999999)  Tokyo Metropolitan University;Shin YAMASHITA(9999999)  Tokyo Metropolitan University;Mitsufumi SAITO(9999999)  Tokyo Metropolitan University;Michihiko SUHARA(9005619)  Tokyo Metropolitan University  
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pp.149-150  LETTER
Acceleration of the Method of Moments Using Heterogeneous CPU
Masaki HIRANO(0910945)  Nihon University;Seiya KISHIMOTO(0909238)  Nihon University;Shinichiro OHNUKI(9309390)  Nihon University  
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pp.151-155  LETTER
Fast and 3D Visualization of Poynting Vector Distribution on Real Environments Using the FDTD Method with GPUs
Yuki KOSEKI(1022822)  Sendai National College of Technology;Jun SONODA(9313320)  Sendai National College of Technology;Yasushi KANAZAWA(8601529)  Toyohashi University of Technology;Motoyuki SATO(7810319)  Tohoku University  
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pp.156-159  LETTER
Estimation Method of Absorption Characteristics for Cap-Type Absorber
Ryo YOSHIIKE(1104500)  Aoyama Gakuin University;Takenori YASUZUMI(0627445)  Aoyama Gakuin University;Ryosuke SUGA(0419940)  Aoyama Gakuin University;Yoshitoshi MAEDA(9999999)  WICERA Co., Ltd;Makoto UNO(9999999)  WICERA Co., Ltd;Osamu HASHIMOTO(8214795)  Aoyama Gakuin University  
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pp.160-163  LETTER
Propagation Characteristics of Radio Wave for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting on Urban Street
Suguru IMAI(0518808)  Kitami Institute of Technology;Kenji TAGUCHI(0109606)  Kitami Institute of Technology;Tatsuya KASHIWA(8407844)  Kitami Institute of Technology;Hiroshi KURIBAYASHI(9999999)  Honda R&D Co., Ltd.;Satoru KOMATSU(9999999)  Honda R&D Co., Ltd.  
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