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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J92-C No.8  (Publication Date:2009/08/01)
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Special Issue in Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary Number of the IEICE Transactions on Electronics (Japanese Edition)

pp.314-324  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Progress and Perspective in Electromagnetic Theory--Some Problems in Electromagnetic Theory and Numerical Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics--
Toshio HOSONO  Kazuo TANAKA  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(180.5KB)

pp.325-330  PAPER  Open Access Paper
The Past Forty Years and Prospects of Microwave Research Activities--Millimeter Wave Research and APMC&MWE in the Microwave Technical Group--
Tsukasa YONEYAMA  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(191.3KB)

pp.331-338  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Optical Fibers in the Past 40 Years and the Future
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(892.4KB)

pp.339-359  PAPER  Open Access Paper
20 Years of EDFA and Future Prospects
Masataka NAKAZAWA  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.8MB)

pp.360-370  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Progress of Planar Lightwave Circuit Technology and Unfinished Dream of Optical Integrated Circuits
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.3MB)

pp.371-381  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Evolution of the Semiconductor Lasers for the Optical Communications; History and Prospects
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(580.9KB)

pp.382-392  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Electro-Mechanical Devices (EMD) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Their Histories and Perspectives
Tasuku TAKAGI  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.2MB)

pp.393-403  PAPER  Open Access Paper
The Evolution of Optical Connector Technologies and Future Perspective
Yasuhiro ANDO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(918.4KB)

pp.404-411  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Transition and Future of Opto-Electronic Packaging Technology
Osamu MIKAMI  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(3.4MB)

pp.412-427  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Progress of Magnetic Recording in the Previous 40 Years and the Future
Yoshihisa NAKAMURA  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.2MB)

pp.428-432  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Superconducting Digital Electronics--Historical Overview
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(102.1KB)

pp.433-453  PAPER  Open Access Paper
40-Years History of Display Technologies and the Vision for Future Displays
Haruhiko OKUMURA  Tatsuo UCHIDA  Setsuo KANEKO  Yoshifumi SHIMODAIRA  Heiju UCHIIKE  Reiji HATTORI  Yoichiro NAKANISHI  Eiichi YAMAZAKI  Masayuki NAKAMOTO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(2.8MB)

pp.454-466  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Historical Evolution and Future Prospects of Research on Compound Semiconductor Electron Devices and Related Materials
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.2MB)

pp.467-476  PAPER  Open Access Paper
History and Future Trend of Semiconductor Memory
Shigeyoshi WATANABE  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(2.3MB)

pp.477-487  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Advancement and Prospect of Video Codec Processors
Tadayoshi ENOMOTO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(1.9MB)

pp.488-497  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Recent Progress and Prospects in Organic Electronics
Kazuhiro KUDO  Yutaka OHMORI  Mitsumasa IWAMOTO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(793.8KB)

pp.498-505  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Latest Technologies and Challenges of Monolithically Integrated Semiconductor Photonic Circuits
Takuo TANEMURA  Yoshiaki NAKANO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(913.1KB)

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