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Online ISSN : 1881-0217
Volume J100-C No.12  (Publication Date:2017/12/01)
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Special Section on Microwave Technologies Launched from Universities

pp.551-560  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
RF Quadrature Under-Sampling and Synchronized-Clock-Recovery Techniques
Masahiro MURAGUCHI  
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pp.561-568  PAPER
Development of Rectifier with Gallium Nitride and Silicon for Space Use
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pp.569-579  PAPER
An Improved Coupling-Matrix Extraction Method of Microwave Bandpass Filters with De-embedding Technique for Transmission Loss of Input/Output Lines
Ryo TOMITA  Masataka OHIRA  Zhewang MA  Xiaolong WANG  
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pp.580-584  LETTER
Effect of Numerical Calculation Error by Applying the Variational Method for Estimation of the Complex Permittivity in Liquids via the Coaxial-Probe Method
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pp.585-588  LETTER
Analytical Study on Environment Imporovement of Indoor WLAN by Using Dry Double Wall with Frequency Selective Surface
Ryosuke SUGA  Hiroki SAITO  Kiyomichi ARAKI  Osamu HASHIMOTO  
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Regular Section

pp.589-596  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Influence of Soils on Metal Detector and Modelling of the Performance in Landmine Detection
Kazunori TAKAHASHI  Motoyuki SATO  
Summary | FreeFull Text(in Japanese):PDF(777.7KB)

pp.597-607  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Millimeter- and Terahertz-Wave Imaging Technology Enabled by Photonics
Atsushi KANNO  Norihiko SEKINE  Akifumi KASAMATSU  Naokatsu YAMAMOTO  Tetsuya KAWANISHI  
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pp.608-618  PAPER
Pattern Area Reduction of Logic Block for Stacked FPGA with Process Technology of 3D NAND Flash Memory
Shoto TAMAI  Takumi SATO  Shigeyoshi WATANABE  
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pp.619-622  LETTER
Orientation Change of N-Doped TiO2 Polycrystal Thin Films Made by RF Sputtering Using TiO2/TiN Mixed Target
Yoshinori EMA  Akihiro TAKAYAMA  Takahiro TAKAHASHI  
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