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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E97-C No.9  (Publication Date:2014/09/01)
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Special Section on Recent Development of Electro-Mechanical Devices (IS-EMD2013)

pp.842-842  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.843-849  PAPER
Experimental Study on Arc Duration under Different Atmospheres
Chen LI  Zhenbiao LI  Qian WANG  Du LIU  Makoto HASEGAWA  Lingling LI  
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pp.850-857  PAPER
Study on Arc Characteristics of a DC Bridge-type Contact in Air and Nitrogen at Different Pressure
Xue ZHOU  Mo CHEN  Xinglei CUI  Guofu ZHAI  
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pp.858-862  BRIEF PAPER
Experimental Study on Arc Motion and Voltage Fluctuation at Slowly Separating Contact with External DC Magnetic Field
Yoshiki KAYANO  Kazuaki MIYANAGA  Hiroshi INOUE  
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pp.863-866  BRIEF PAPER
Influence of Contact Material Vapor on Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Arc Plasmas Occurring between Ag and Ag/SnO2 contact pairs
Takuya HARA  Junya SEKIKAWA  
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pp.867-872  PAPER
Experimental Study on Root Profile of Molten Bridge under Different Current at Low Opening Speed
Xinyun ZHANG  Xue ZHOU  Xinglei CUI  Rui LI  Guofu ZHAI  
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pp.873-879  PAPER
Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation on the Role of Sphere Indenter in Measuring Contact Resistance of Flat Rivets
Wanbin REN  Yu CHEN  Shengjun XUE  Guenther HORN  Guofu ZHAI  
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pp.880-887  PAPER
Investigation on Propagation Characteristics of PD-induced Electromagnetic Wave in T-Shaped GIS Based on FDTD Method
Mingzhe RONG  Tianhui LI  Xiaohua WANG  Dingxin LIU  Anxue ZHANG  
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pp.888-893  PAPER
Calculate Very Fast Transient Current by the Inverse Operation of the Transient Electromagnetic Near Field due to Switch Operation in Gas Insulated Switchgear
Weifeng XIN  Guogang ZHANG  Jianqiang WANG  Kai LIU  Yingsan GENG  Mingzhe RONG  
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pp.894-899  PAPER
A Novel MT Ferrule with Pre-Installed Pre-polished End Fibers (MTPIPE) for Multimode Fibers
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pp.900-903  BRIEF PAPER
Investigation of Noise Interference due to Connector Contact Failure in a Coaxial Cable
Yu-ichi HAYASHI  Takaaki MIZUKI  Hideaki SONE  
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Regular Section

pp.904-910  PAPER-Lasers, Quantum Electronics
Equivalent Circuit Model of High Speed VCSEL Implemented in Circuit Simulators
Kazunori MIYOSHI  
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pp.911-914  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
The CS-Based Imaging Algorithm for Near-Field Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radiometer
Jianfei CHEN  Yuehua LI  
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pp.915-917  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Design of Wideband Coupled Line DC Block with Compact Size
Byungjoon KIM  Sangwook NAM  Hee-Ran AHN  Jae-Hoon SONG  
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pp.918-921  BRIEF PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Scalable Connection-Based Time Division Multiple Access Architecture for Wireless Network-on-Chip
Shijun LIN  Zhaoshan LIU  Jianghong SHI  Xiaofang WU  
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