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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E97-C No.8  (Publication Date:2014/08/01)
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pp.795-802  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Tunable Resonator Employing Comb-shaped Transmission Line and Semiconductor Switches
Kunihiro KAWAI  Daisuke KOIZUMI  Hiroshi OKAZAKI  Shoichi NARAHASHI  
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pp.803-812  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Variable-Supply-Voltage 60-GHz PA with Consideration of HCI Issues for TDD Operation
Rui WU  Yuuki TSUKUI  Ryo MINAMI  Kenichi OKADA  Akira MATSUZAWA  
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pp.813-819  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
An Optimized Auto-tuning Digital DC--DC Converter Based on Linear-Non-Linear and Predictive PID
Chuang WANG  Zunchao LI  Cheng LUO  Lijuan ZHAO  Yefei ZHANG  Feng LIANG  
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pp.820-827  PAPER-Electronic Displays
New Address Method for Reducing the Address Power Consumption in AC-PDP
Beong-Ha LIM  Gun-Su KIM  Dong-Ho LEE  Heung-Sik TAE  Seok-Hyun LEE  
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pp.828-832  BRIEF PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Accurate Target Extrapolation Method Exploiting Double Scattered Range Points for UWB radar
Ayumi YAMARYO  Shouhei KIDERA  Tetsuo KIRIMOTO  
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pp.833-836  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 10-bit 100 MS/s Successive Approximation Register Analog-To-Digital Converter Design
Jhin-Fang HUANG  Wen-Cheng LAI  Cheng-Gu HSIEH  
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pp.837-840  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 2-Gb/s CMOS SLVS Transmitter with Asymmetric Impedance Calibration for Mobile Interfaces
Kwang-Hun LEE  Young-Chan JANG  
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