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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E96-C No.9  (Publication Date:2013/09/01)
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Special Section on Recent Development of Electro-Mechanical Devices — Papers selected from International Session on Electro-Mechanical Devices 2012 (IS-EMD2012) and other recent research results —

pp.1095-1096  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hiroshi INOUE  
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pp.1097-1103  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
The Contact Resistance Performance of Gold Coated Carbon-Nanotube Surfaces under Low Current Switching
John W. McBRIDE  Chamaporn CHIANRABUTRA  Liudi JIANG  Suan Hui PU  
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pp.1104-1109  PAPER
Fretting Characteristics of Dissimilar Metal Contacts
Tetsuya ITO  Takuya YAMANAKA  Yasuhiro HATTORI  
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pp.1110-1118  PAPER
Experimental Analysis of Arc Waveform Affected by Holder Temperature Change at Slowly Separation of Silver-Tin Dioxide Contacts
Yoshiki KAYANO  Kazuaki MIYANAGA  Hiroshi INOUE  
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pp.1119-1123  PAPER
Influence of the Splitter Plates on the High Current Air Arc in Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
Hongwu LIU  Ruiliang GUAN  Nairui YIN  Xinyi XIE  Degui CHEN  
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pp.1124-1131  PAPER
Study on Arc Behaviors at Opening a 270V Resistive Circuit by Bridge-Type Contacts under Magnetic Field
Xue ZHOU  Xinglei CUI  Guofu ZHAI  
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pp.1132-1137  PAPER
Arc Length of Break Arcs Magnetically Blown-Out at Arc Extinction in a DC450V/10A Resistive Circuit
Hitoshi ONO  Junya SEKIKAWA  
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pp.1138-1141  BRIEF PAPER
Positions of Arc Spots of Break Arcs Occurring between Carbon Contacts When Transverse Magnetic Field Is Applied
Tomoaki SASAKI  Junya SEKIKAWA  
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pp.1142-1147  PAPER
Contact Resistance Distribution on Anode Surfaces Eroded by Break Arcs in a DC48V Resistive Circuit
Junya SEKIKAWA  Katsuyoshi MIYAJI  
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pp.1148-1150  BRIEF PAPER
Evaluation of Resistance and Inductance of Loose Connector Contact
Kazuya UEHARA  Yu-ichi HAYASHI  Takaaki MIZUKI  Hideaki SONE  
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pp.1151-1154  BRIEF PAPER
Noncontact PIM Measurement Method Using Partial Impedance-Matching Method
Kensuke SAITO  Daijiro ISHIBASHI  Nobuhiro KUGA  
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pp.1155-1156  BRIEF PAPER
Compact Convertor with Magnetic Integrated Structure
Ziqiang XU  Wanting ZHOU  
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pp.1157-1164  PAPER
Experimental and Calculated Cyclic Elasto-Plastic Deformations of Copper-Based Spring Materials
Yasuhiro HATTORI  Kingo FURUKAWA  Fusahito YOSHIDA  
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pp.1165-1172  PAPER
Evaluation of Basic Dynamical Parameters in Printed Circuit Board — Mass, Force, and Acceleration —
Shin-ichi WADA  Koichiro SAWA  
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pp.1173-1177  PAPER
MU-Type Multicore Fiber Connector
Ryo NAGASE  Katsuyoshi SAKAIME  Kengo WATANABE  Tsunetoshi SAITO  
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Regular Section

pp.1178-1183  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Generation of Controllable Heating Patterns for Interstitial Microwave Hyperthermia by Coaxial-Dipole Antennas
Kazuyuki SAITO  Masaharu TAKAHASHI  Koichi ITO  
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pp.1184-1194  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Range-Extended and Area-Efficient Time-to-Digital Converter Utilizing Ring-Tapped Delay Line
Xin-Gang WANG  Fei WANG  Rui JIA  Rui CHEN  Tian ZHI  Hai-Gang YANG  
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pp.1195-1200  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Data Convertors Design for Optimization of the DDPL Family
Song JIA  Li LIU  Xiayu LI  Fengfeng WU  Yuan WANG  Ganggang ZHANG  
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pp.1201-1204  BRIEF PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Novel Pattern Run-Length Coding Method for Test Data Compression
Diancheng WU  Yu LIU  Hao ZHU  Donghui WANG  Chengpeng HAO  
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pp.1205-1207  BRIEF PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Current-Mirror Winner-Take-All Sense Amplifier for Low Voltage SRAMs
Song JIA  Heqing XU  Fengfeng WU  Yuan WANG  
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