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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E96-C No.1  (Publication Date:2013/01/01)
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Special Section on Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Theory and Its Application

pp.1-2  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Masahiko NISHIMOTO  Hiroshi SHIRAI  
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pp.3-10  PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Current Distribution on a Conductive Circular Disk Induced by Dipole Source Located at Arbitrary Position
Takashi KUROKI  Toshihiko SHIBAZAKI  Teruhiro KINOSHITA  
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pp.11-18  PAPER-Periodic Structures
A Study on the Effective Boundary Condition for Periodic Surfaces with Perfect Conductivity
Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.19-27  PAPER-Periodic Structures
Numerical Methods for Composite Dielectric Gratings Embedded with Conducting Strips Using Scattering Factors
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pp.28-34  PAPER-Numerical Techniques
Boundary Element Analysis of Beam Dynamics in Streak Camera Considering Space Charge Effects
Hideki KAWAGUCHI  Kazunori MAEDA  Shohei KODATE  Yoshihiro ITO  
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pp.35-41  PAPER-Numerical Techniques
FDTD Analysis with Overset Grid Generation Method for Rotating Body and Evaluation of Its Accuracy
Shafrida SAHRANI  Michiko KURODA  
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pp.42-50  PAPER-Radiowave Propagation
Implementation of Reflection on Curved Surfaces and Physical Optics in Ray Tracing for Tunnel Propagation
Yukiko KISHIKI  Jun-ichi TAKADA  Gilbert Siy CHING  Hajime TAKAO  Yoshihiro SUGIHARA  Shigeaki MATSUNAGA  Fumiya UESAKA  
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pp.51-54  BRIEF PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Method of Image Green's Function in Grating Theory: Reflection Extinction Theorem
Junichi NAKAYAMA  Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.55-59  BRIEF PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Scattering of a Scalar Plane Wave by a Sinusoidal Edge
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pp.60-63  BRIEF PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
TE Plane Wave Reflection and Transmission from a One-Dimensional Random Slab – Slanted Fluctuation –
Yasuhiko TAMURA  Junichi NAKAYAMA  
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pp.64-67  BRIEF PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Extraction of a Target Response from GPR Data for Identification of Buried Objects
Masahiko NISHIMOTO  Daisuke YOSHIDA  Kohichi OGATA  Masayuki TANABE  
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pp.68-72  BRIEF PAPER-Periodic Structures
Distribution of Energy Flow by Dielectric Waveguide with Rhombic Dielectric Structure along a Middle Layer – Case of Compared with Deformed Rhombic Dielectric Structure –
Ryosuke OZAKI  Tsuneki YAMASAKI  
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pp.73-76  BRIEF PAPER-Periodic Structures
Analysis of Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Optical Power Splitter with Microcavity
Yoshihiro NAKA  Yusui NAKAMURA  
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Regular Section

pp.77-83  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Mutual Coupling Reduction between Closely-Placed MSAs for Bi-Static Radar Using Wave Absorber
Takenori YASUZUMI  Koudai TAKAHASHI  Naoki SANO  Ryosuke SUGA  Osamu HASHIMOTO  
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pp.84-92  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Compact Tunable Isolator with a Variable Capacitor
Takayuki FURUTA  Atsushi FUKUDA  Hiroshi OKAZAKI  Shoichi NARAHASHI  
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pp.93-101  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 280-MHz CMOS Intra-Symbol Intermittent RF Front End for Adaptive Power Reduction of Wireless Receivers According to Received-Signal Intensity in Sensor Networks
Mitsuo NAKAMURA  Mamoru UGAJIN  Mitsuru HARADA  
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pp.102-107  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Wide Input Range, High-Efficiency Multi-Mode Active Rectifier for Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer System
Hyung-Gu PARK  SoYoung KIM  Kang-Yoon LEE  
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pp.108-114  PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Novel Fuse Scheme with a Short Repair Time to Maximize Good Chips per Wafer in Advanced SoCs
Chizu MATSUMOTO  Yuichi HAMAMURA  Michinobu NAKAO  Kaname YAMASAKI  Yoshikazu SAITO  Shun'ichi KANEKO  
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pp.115-118  BRIEF PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Semi-Analytical Method for Scattering by Finite Array of Magnetized Ferrite Circular Cylinders Based on the Model of Cylindrical Structures
Vakhtang JANDIERI  Kiyotoshi YASUMOTO  
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pp.119-123  BRIEF PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Image Expansion Approach for Target Buried in Dielectric Medium with Extended RPM to Multi-Static UWB Radar
Yoshihiro NIWA  Shouhei KIDERA  Tetsuo KIRIMOTO  
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pp.124-126  BRIEF PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Conjugate Unitary ESPRIT Algorithm for Bistatic MIMO Radar
Wei WANG  Xian-peng WANG  Yue-hua MA  Xin LI  
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pp.127-131  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Robust Buffered Clock Tree Synthesis by Sensitivity Based Link Insertion
Joon-Sung YANG  Ik Joon CHANG  
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pp.132-134  BRIEF PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Low-Temperature Thermionic Emission from Diamond Micropowders with Sharp Edges
Tomomi YOSHIMOTO  Tatsuo IWATA  
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