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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E95-C No.1  (Publication Date:2012/01/01)
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Special Section on Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Theory and Its Application

pp.1-2  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.3-9  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Kobayashi Potential in Electromagnetism
Kohei HONGO  Hirohide SERIZAWA  
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pp.10-15  PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
High Frequency Ray-Mode Coupling Analysis of Plane Wave Diffraction by a Wide and Thick Slit on a Conducting Screen
Hiroshi SHIRAI  Ryoichi SATO  
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pp.16-26  PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
A Uniform Asymptotic Solution for Reflection and Beam Shift of a Gaussian Beam at a Plane Dielectric Interface
Dinh Trong QUANG  Keiji GOTO  Toru KAWANO  Toyohiko ISHIHARA  
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pp.27-35  PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Improved Algorithms for Calculating Addition Coefficients in Electromagnetic Scattering by Multi-Sphere Systems
Nguyen Tien DONG  Masahiro TANAKA  Kazuo TANAKA  
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pp.36-43  PAPER-Random Media and Rough Surfaces
TE Plane Wave Reflection and Transmission from a Two-Dimensional Random Slab – Slanted Fluctuation –
Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.44-52  PAPER-Periodic Structures
Numerical Methods of Multilayered Dielectric Gratings by Application of Shadow Theory to Middle Regions
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pp.53-62  PAPER-Periodic Structures
Propagation Characteristics of Dielectric Waveguides with Arbitrary Inhomogeneous Media along the Middle Layer
Ryosuke OZAKI  Tsuneki YAMASAKI  
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pp.63-70  PAPER-Numerical Techniques
The IDR-Based IPNMs for the Fast Boundary Element Analysis of Electromagnetic Wave Multiple Scattering
Norimasa NAKASHIMA  Seiji FUJINO  Mitsuo TATEIBA  
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pp.71-78  PAPER-Numerical Techniques
Error Analysis of Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm for Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
Seiya KISHIMOTO  Shinichiro OHNUKI  
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pp.79-85  PAPER-Numerical Techniques
FDTD Analysis of Radio Wave Propagation at Intersection Surrounded by Concrete Block Walls in Residential Area for Inter-Vehicle Communications Using 720 MHz Band
Kenji TAGUCHI  Suguru IMAI  Tatsuya KASHIWA  Kohzoh OHSHIMA  Takeshi KAWAMURA  
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pp.86-92  PAPER-Numerical Techniques
Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Thin-Film Thickness and Material in Field Mapping of Eddy-Current Probes Using Photoinductive Technique
Yen-Lin PAN  Cheng-Chi TAI  Dong-Shong LIANG  
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pp.93-96  BRIEF PAPER-Periodic Structures
Method of Image Green's Function in Grating Theory
Junichi NAKAYAMA  Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.97-100  BRIEF PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Conservation of Energy in a Waveguide System with an Imperfection Core
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pp.101-104  BRIEF PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Optimization of Field Decomposition for a Mode Matching Technique
Shinichiro OHNUKI  Takahisa MOCHIZUKI  Kenichiro KOBAYASHI  Tsuneki YAMASAKI  
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pp.105-109  BRIEF PAPER-Remote Sensing
Waveform Calibration of Ground Penetrating Radars for Identification of Buried Objects
Masahiko NISHIMOTO  Kousuke TOMURA  Kohichi OGATA  
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pp.110-114  BRIEF PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility
Underground Electric Signal at the Occurrence of the Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake in 2007, Japan
Kan OKUBO  Akihiro TAKEUCHI  Yukinobu NAKAMURA  Nobunao TAKEUCHI  
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Regular Section

pp.115-121  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
A Total-Field/Scattered-Field Boundary for the Multi-Dimensional CIP Method
Yoshiaki ANDO  Satoi MURAKOSHI  
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pp.122-129  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Design and Fabrication of PTFE-Filled Waveguide Components by SR Direct Etching
Mitsuyoshi KISHIHARA  Hiroaki IKEUCHI  Yuichi UTSUMI  Tadashi KAWAI  Isao OHTA  
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pp.130-136  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Single-Supply 84 dB DR Audio-Band ADC for Compact Digital Microphones
Huy-Binh LE  Sang-Gug LEE  Seung-Tak RYU  
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pp.137-145  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
On-Chip In-Place Measurements of Vth and Signal/Substrate Response of Differential Pair Transistors
Yoji BANDO  Satoshi TAKAYA  Toru OHKAWA  Toshiharu TAKARAMOTO  Toshio YAMADA  Masaaki SOUDA  Shigetaka KUMASHIRO  Tohru MOGAMI  Makoto NAGATA  
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pp.146-154  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Noise Canceling Balun-LNA with Enhanced IIP2 and IIP3 for Digital TV Applications
Saeed SAEEDI  Mojtaba ATARODI  
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pp.155-162  PAPER-Storage Technology
Adaptive and Iterative ITI Canceller for Inter-Track Asynchronous Shingled Write Magnetic Recording
Masaaki FUJII  
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pp.163-171  PAPER-Storage Technology
Iterative Multi-Track ITI Canceller for Nonbinary-LDPC-Coded Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording
Masaaki FUJII  
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pp.172-175  BRIEF PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Design of 65 nm Sub-Threshold SRAM Using the Bitline Leakage Prediction Scheme and the Non-trimmed Sense Amplifier
Jinn-Shyan WANG  Pei-Yao CHANG  Chi-Chang LIN  
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