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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E94-C No.8  (Publication Date:2011/08/01)
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pp.1245-1252  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Analysis of Radiation from Line Source Located in Cylindrical Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures with Defects
Vakhtang JANDIERI  Kiyotoshi YASUMOTO  Young-Ki CHO  
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pp.1253-1261  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Detailed Analysis of Multilayer Broad-Side Coupler with a Symmetric Structure
Hiroshi OKAZAKI  Kiyomichi ARAKI  
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pp.1262-1270  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Clipping Compensation of Noise Shaper for Digital Audio Amplifier
Kyoungsoo PARK  Koeng-Mo SUNG  
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pp.1271-1281  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 4.7 µA Quiescent Current, 450 mA CMOS Low-Dropout Regulator with Fast Transient Response
Sau Siong CHONG  Hendra KWANTONO  Pak Kwong CHAN  
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pp.1282-1288  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Single Amplifier-Based 12-bit 100 MS/s 1 V 19 mW 0.13 µm CMOS ADC with Various Power and Area Minimized Circuit Techniques
Byeong-Woo KOO  Seung-Jae PARK  Gil-Cho AHN  Seung-Hoon LEE  
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pp.1289-1294  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
The Design of a K-Band 0.8-V 9.2-mW Phase-Locked Loop
Zue-Der HUANG  Chung-Yu WU  
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pp.1295-1301  PAPER-Electronic Components
Inverse Distance Weighting Method Based on a Dynamic Voronoi Diagram for Thermal Reconstruction with Limited Sensor Data on Multiprocessors
Xin LI  Mengtian RONG  Tao LIU  Liang ZHOU  
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pp.1302-1310  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Design of an 8-nsec 72-bit-Parallel-Search Content-Addressable Memory Using a Phase-Change Device
Satoru HANZAWA  Takahiro HANYU  
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pp.1311-1319  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Wide Dynamic Range Variable Gain Amplifier with Enhanced IP1 dB and Temperature Compensation
Hisayasu SATO  Takaya MARUYAMA  Toshimasa MATSUOKA  Kenji TANIGUCHI  
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pp.1320-1323  BRIEF PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Multi-Static UWB Radar Approach Based on Aperture Synthesis of Double Scattered Waves for Shadow Region Imaging
Shouhei KIDERA  Tetsuo KIRIMOTO  
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pp.1324-1327  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Current-Reused QVCO Based on Source-Connection Coupling
Sung-Sun CHOI  Han-Yeol YU  Yong-Hoon KIM  
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pp.1328-1331  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 0.5–6 MHz Active-RC LPF with Fine Gain Steps Using Binary Interpolated Resistor Banks
Sungho BECK  Seongheon JEONG  Sunki MIN  Myung-Woon HWANG  Stephen T. KIM  Kyutae LIM  Emmanouil M. TENTZERIS  
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pp.1332-1335  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 0.18 µm CMOS Wide-Band Injection-Locked Frequency Divider Using Push-Push Oscillator
Sheng-Lyang JANG  Chia-Wei CHANG  Yu-Sheng CHEN  Jhin-Fang HUANG  Jau-Wei HSIEH  Chong-Wei HUANG  
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pp.1336-1339  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Dual-Band Dual-Resonance Quadrature Injection-Locked Frequency Divider
Sheng-Lyang JANG  Li-Te CHOU  Jhin-Fang HUANG  Chia-Wei CHANG  
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pp.1340-1343  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Multi-Stage Second Order Dynamic Element Matching with In-Band Mismatch Noise Reduction Enhancement
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pp.1344-1347  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
Noise-Tolerant DAC BIST Scheme Using Integral Calculus Approach
Hyeonuk SON  Incheol KIM  Sang-Goog LEE  Jin-Ho AHN  Jeong-Do KIM  Sungho KANG  
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