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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E94-C No.5  (Publication Date:2011/05/01)
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Special Section on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices

pp.675-675  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.676-680  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Single Element Phase Change Memory
Sang-Hyeon LEE  Moonkyung KIM  Byung-ki CHEONG  Jooyeon KIM  Jo-Won LEE  Sandip TIWARI  
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pp.681-685  PAPER
A New 1T DRAM Cell: Cone Type 1T DRAM Cell
Gil Sung LEE  Doo-Hyun KIM  Seongjae CHO  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.686-692  PAPER
The Optimum Physical Targets of the 3-Dimensional Vertical FG NAND Flash Memory Cell Arrays with the Extended Sidewall Control Gate (ESCG) Structure
Moon-Sik SEO  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.693-698  PAPER
An Atomistic Study on Hydrogenation Effects toward Quality Improvement of Program/Erase Cycle of MONOS-Type Memory
Akira OTAKE  Keita YAMAGUCHI  Katsumasa KAMIYA  Yasuteru SHIGETA  Kenji SHIRAISHI  
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pp.699-704  PAPER
Impact of Annealing Ambience on Resistive Switching in Pt/TiO2/Pt Structure
Guobin WEI  Yuta GOTO  Akio OHTA  Katsunori MAKIHARA  Hideki MURAKAMI  Seiichiro HIGASHI  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  
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pp.705-711  PAPER
Impact of Floating Body Type DRAM with the Vertical MOSFET
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pp.712-716  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
High Transport Si/SiGe Heterostructures for CMOS Transistors with Orientation and Strain Enhanced Mobility
Jungwoo OH  Jeff HUANG  Injo OK  Se-Hoon LEE  Paul D. KIRSCH  Raj JAMMY  Hi-Deok LEE  
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pp.717-723  PAPER
Characterization of Mg Diffusion into HfO2/SiO2/Si(100) Stacked Structures and Its Impact on Detect State Densities
Akio OHTA  Daisuke KANME  Hideki MURAKAMI  Seiichiro HIGASHI  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  
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pp.724-729  PAPER
Evaluation of 1/f Noise Characteristics in High-k/Metal Gate and SiON/Poly-Si Gate MOSFET with 65 nm CMOS Process
Takuya IMAMOTO  Takeshi SASAKI  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.730-736  PAPER
Study on Collective Electron Motion in Si-Nano Dot Floating Gate MOS Capacitor
Masakazu MURAGUCHI  Yoko SAKURAI  Yukihiro TAKADA  Shintaro NOMURA  Kenji SHIRAISHI  Mitsuhisa IKEDA  Katsunori MAKIHARA  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  Yasuteru SHIGETA  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.737-742  PAPER
Study on Impurity Distribution Dependence of Electron-Dynamics in Vertical MOSFET
Masakazu MURAGUCHI  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.743-750  PAPER
The Impact of Current Controlled-MOS Current Mode Logic/Magnetic Tunnel Junction Hybrid Circuit for Stable and High-Speed Operation
Tetsuo ENDOH  Masashi KAMIYANAGI  Masakazu MURAGUCHI  Takuya IMAMOTO  Takeshi SASAKI  
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pp.751-759  PAPER
Temperature Dependency of Driving Current in High-k/Metal Gate MOSFET and Its Influence on CMOS Inverter Circuit
Takeshi SASAKI  Takuya IMAMOTO  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.760-766  PAPER
Verification of Stable Circuit Operation of 180 nm Current Controlled MOS Current Mode Logic under Threshold Voltage Fluctuation
Masashi KAMIYANAGI  Takuya IMAMOTO  Takeshi SASAKI  Hyoungjun NA  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.767-770  PAPER
Investigation of n-Type Pentacene Based MOS Diodes with Ultra-Thin Metal Interface Layer
Young-Uk SONG  Hiroshi ISHIWARA  Shun-ichiro OHMI  
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pp.771-774  PAPER
Interaction of Bis-diethylaminosilane with a Hydroxylized Si (001) Surface for SiO2 Thin-Film Growth Using Density Functional Theory
Seung-Bin BAEK  Dae-Hee KIM  Yeong-Cheol KIM  
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pp.775-779  PAPER
Modulation of PtSi Work Function by Alloying with Low Work Function Metal
Jun GAO  Jumpei ISHIKAWA  Shun-ichiro OHMI  
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pp.780-785  PAPER
A Precision Floating-Gate Mismatch Measurement Technique for Analog Application
Won-Young JUNG  Jong-Min KIM  Jin-Soo KIM  Taek-Soo KIM  
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pp.786-790  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Dual-Gate ZnO Thin-Film Transistors with SiNx as Dielectric Layer
Young Su KIM  Min Ho KANG  Kang Suk JEONG  Jae Sub OH  Yu Mi KIM  Dong Eun YOO  Hi Deok LEE  Ga Won LEE  
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pp.791-795  PAPER
Errors in Pi-Coefficients Due to the Strain Effects in Resistor Stress Sensor on (001) Silicon
Chun-Hyung CHO  Ho-Young CHA  
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pp.796-801  PAPER
A Non-snapback ESD Protection Clamp Circuit Using Isolated Parasitic Capacitance in a 0.35 µm Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS Process
Jae-Young PARK  Dae-Woo KIM  Young-Sang SON  Jong-Kyu SONG  Chang-Soo JANG  Won-Young JUNG  
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pp.802-806  PAPER
A Dynamic Source-Follower Integrator and Its Application to ΔΣ Modulators
Ryoto YAGUCHI  Fumiyuki ADACHI  Takao WAHO  
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pp.807-813  PAPER
A V-Band Common-Source Low Noise Amplifier in a 0.13 µm RF CMOS Technology and the Effect of Dummy Fills
Sungjin KIM  Hyunchul KIM  Dong-Hyun KIM  Sanggeun JEON  Yeocho YOON  Jae-Sung RIEH  
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pp.814-819  PAPER
High-Power Protection Switch Using Stub/Line Selectable Circuits
Masatake HANGAI  Kazuhiko NAKAHARA  Mamiko YAMAGUCHI  Morishige HIEDA  
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pp.820-825  PAPER
Analysis of Low Loss and Wideband Characteristics for Lumped Element Isolators Implemented by Using Tunnel Diodes
Nobuhiko TANAKA  Mitsufumi SAITO  Michihiko SUHARA  
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pp.826-829  PAPER
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Sensitive Graphene Field-Effect Transistors
Jongseung HWANG  Heetae KIM  Jaehyun LEE  Dongmok WHANG  Sungwoo HWANG  
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pp.830-834  PAPER
Fabrication of InP/InGaAs DHBTs with Buried SiO2 Wires
Naoaki TAKEBE  Takashi KOBAYASHI  Hiroyuki SUZUKI  Yasuyuki MIYAMOTO  Kazuhito FURUYA  
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pp.835-841  PAPER
DC and RF Performance of AlN/GaN MOS-HEMTs
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pp.842-845  PAPER
Effects of Field Plate and Buried Gate Structures on Silicon Carbide Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors
Jae-Gil LEE  Chun-Hyung CHO  Ho-Young CHA  
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pp.846-849  BRIEF PAPER
Electrical and Structural Properties of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) Devices with Pt/Ta2O5 Gate Stacks
Hoon-Ki LEE  S.V. Jagadeesh CHANDRA  Kyu-Hwan SHIM  Jong-Won YOON  Chel-Jong CHOI  
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pp.850-853  BRIEF PAPER
Dependence of Ag Film Thickness on Ag Nanocrystals Formation to Fabricate Polymer Nonvolatile Memory
Jong-Dae LEE  Hyun-Min SEUNG  Kyoung-Cheol KWON  Jea-Gun PARK  
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pp.854-857  BRIEF PAPER
A Low-Overhead and Low-Power RF Transceiver for Short-Distance On- and Off-Chip Interconnects
Jongsun KIM  Gyungsu BYUN  M. Frank CHANG  
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pp.858-861  BRIEF PAPER
A Sub-Harmonic RF Transmitter Architecture with Simultaneous Power Combination and LO Leakage Cancellation
Bongsub SONG  Dohyung KIM  Kwangsoo KIM  Jinwook BURM  
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pp.862-864  BRIEF PAPER
High Power and Stable High Coupling Efficiency (66%) Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes by Using Active Multi-Mode Interferometer
Zhigang ZANG  Keisuke MUKAI  Paolo NAVARETTI  Marcus DUELK  Christian VELEZ  Kiichi HAMAMOTO  
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Regular Section

pp.865-873  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
A Comparative Study on Iterative Progressive Numerical Methods for Boundary Element Analysis of Electromagnetic Multiple Scattering
Norimasa NAKASHIMA  Mitsuo TATEIBA  
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pp.874-881  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Design Optimization of H-Plane Waveguide Component by Level Set Method
Koichi HIRAYAMA  Yasuhide TSUJI  Shintaro YAMASAKI  Shinji NISHIWAKI  
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pp.882-889  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Design of Broadband Amplifier Embedded with Band-Pass Filter Using Discrete-Time Technique
Chih-Hao LU  Ching-Wen HSUE  Bin-Chang CHIEU  Hsiu-Wei LIU  
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pp.890-895  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 5th-Order SC Complex BPF Using Series Capacitances for Low-IF Narrowband Wireless Receivers
Kenji SUZUKI  Mamoru UGAJIN  Mitsuru HARADA  
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pp.896-904  PAPER-Electronic Displays
Frame Rate Up-Conversion Technique Using Hardware-Efficient Motion Estimator Architecture for Motion Blur Reduction of TFT-LCD
Jonghee HWANG  Yongwoo CHOI  Yoonsik CHOE  
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pp.905-908  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
UWB Active Balun Design with Small Group Delay Variation and Improved Return Loss
Kyoung-Pyo AHN  Ryo ISHIKAWA  Kazuhiko HONJO  
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pp.909-912  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
24 GHz CMOS Frequency Source with Differential Colpitts Structure-Based Complementary VCO for Low Phase Noise
Sung-Sun CHOI  Han-Yeol YU  Yong-Hoon KIM  
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pp.913-916  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Design of High-Performance CMOS Level Converters Considering PVT Variations
Jinn-Shyan WANG  Yu-Juey CHANG  Chingwei YEH  
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pp.917-919  LETTER-Electromagnetic Theory
On-Chip Supply Noise Suppression Technique Using Active Inductor
Jaejun LEE  Sungho LEE  Sangwook NAM  
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