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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E93-C No.6  (Publication Date:2010/06/01)
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Special Section on Analog Circuits and Related SoC Integration Technologies

pp.717-717  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Kunihiko IIZUKA  
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pp.718-729  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Trends in Low-Power, Digitally Assisted A/D Conversion
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pp.730-740  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Phase Compensation Techniques for Low-Power Operational Amplifiers
Rui ITO  Tetsuro ITAKURA  
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pp.741-746  PAPER
High-Resistance Resistor Consisting of a Subthreshold CMOS Differential Pair
Shin'ichi ASAI  Ken UENO  Tetsuya ASAI  Yoshihito AMEMIYA  
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pp.747-754  PAPER
A Near 1-V Operational, 0.18-µm CMOS Passive Sigma-Delta Modulator with 77 dB of Dyanamic Range
Toru SAI  Yasuhiro SUGIMOTO  
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pp.755-762  PAPER
A 5 GHz Band Low Noise and Wide Tuning Range Si-CMOS VCO with a Novel Varactors Pair Circuit
Tuan Thanh TA  Suguru KAMEDA  Tadashi TAKAGI  Kazuo TSUBOUCHI  
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pp.763-769  PAPER
A Wide-Tunable LC-Based Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Using a Divide-by-N Injection-Locked Frequency Divider
Shoichi HARA  Kenichi OKADA  Akira MATSUZAWA  
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pp.770-776  PAPER
A 1-GHz Tuning Range DCO with a 3.9 kHz Discrete Tuning Step for UWB Frequency Synthesizer
Chul NAM  Joon-Sung PARK  Young-Gun PU  Kang-Yoon LEE  
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pp.777-784  PAPER
Analysis of Phase Noise Degradation Considering Switch Transistor Capacitances for CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillators
Rui MURAKAMI  Shoichi HARA  Kenichi OKADA  Akira MATSUZAWA  
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pp.785-795  PAPER
An Ultra Low Power and Variation Tolerant GEN2 RFID Tag Front-End with Novel Clock-Free Decoder
Sung-Jin KIM  Minchang CHO  SeongHwan CHO  
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pp.796-802  PAPER
A 1.76 mW, 100 Mbps Impulse Radio UWB Receiver with Multiple Sampling Correlators Eliminating Need for Phase Synchronization in 65-nm CMOS
Lechang LIU  Zhiwei ZHOU  Takayasu SAKURAI  Makoto TAKAMIYA  
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pp.803-811  PAPER
A 0.13 µm CMOS Bluetooth EDR Transceiver with High Sensitivity over Wide Temperature Range and Immunity to Process Variation
Kenichi AGAWA  Shinichiro ISHIZUKA  Hideaki MAJIMA  Hiroyuki KOBAYASHI  Masayuki KOIZUMI  Takeshi NAGANO  Makoto ARAI  Yutaka SHIMIZU  Asuka MAKI  Go URAKAWA  Tadashi TERADA  Nobuyuki ITOH  Mototsugu HAMADA  Fumie FUJII  Tadamasa KATO  Sadayuki YOSHITOMI  Nobuaki OTSUKA  
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pp.812-819  PAPER
A De-Embedding Method Using Different-Length Transmission Lines for mm-Wave CMOS Device Modeling
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pp.820-826  PAPER
An Arbitrary Digital Power Noise Generator Using 65 nm CMOS Technology
Tetsuro MATSUNO  Daisuke FUJIMOTO  Daisuke KOSAKA  Naoyuki HAMANISHI  Ken TANABE  Masazumi SHIOCHI  Makoto NAGATA  
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pp.827-834  PAPER
An Optimization System with Parallel Processing for Reducing Common-Mode Current on Electronic Control Unit
Yuji OKAZAKI  Takanori UNO  Hideki ASAI  
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pp.835-841  PAPER
An On-Chip PVT Compensation Technique with Current Monitoring Circuit for Low-Voltage CMOS Digital LSIs
Yusuke TSUGITA  Ken UENO  Tetsuya HIROSE  Tetsuya ASAI  Yoshihito AMEMIYA  
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pp.842-848  PAPER
Chip-to-Chip Half Duplex Spiking Data Communication over Power Supply Rails
Takushi HASHIDA  Makoto NAGATA  
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pp.849-854  PAPER
A Neural Recording Amplifier with Low-Frequency Noise Suppression
Takeshi YOSHIDA  Yoshihiro MASUI  Ryoji EKI  Atsushi IWATA  Masayuki YOSHIDA  Kazumasa UEMATSU  
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pp.855-860  PAPER
A Fast-Lock Low-Power Subranging Digital Delay-Locked Loop
Hsin-Shu CHEN  Jyun-Cheng LIN  
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pp.861-863  BRIEF PAPER
A Swing Level Controlled Transmitter for Single-Ended Signaling with Center-Tapped Termination
Young-Chan JANG  
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pp.864-866  BRIEF PAPER
A Signal Detection Circuit for 8b/10b 2.5 Gb/s Serial Data Communication System in 90 nm CMOS
Kozue SASAKI  Hiroki SATO  Akira HYOGO  Keitaro SEKINE  
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Regular Section

pp.867-876  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Design of Microstrip Bandpass Filters Using SIRs with Even-Mode Harmonics Suppression for Cellular Systems
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pp.877-883  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
An Integrated CMOS Front-End Receiver with a Frequency Tripler for V-Band Applications
Po-Hung CHEN  Min-Chiao CHEN  Chun-Lin KO  Chung-Yu WU  
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pp.884-892  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
An Enhanced Dual-Path ΔΣ A/D Converter
Yoshio NISHIDA  Koichi HAMASHITA  Gabor C. TEMES  
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pp.893-904  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Predicting Analog Circuit Performance Based on Importance of Uncertainties
Jin SUN  Kiran POTLURI  Janet M. WANG  
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pp.905-911  PAPER-Electromechanical Devices and Components
Numerical Analyses for Contact Resistance due to Constriction Effect of Current Flowing through Multi-Spot Construction
Shigeru SAWADA  Terutaka TAMAI  Yasuhiro HATTORI  Kazuo IIDA  
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pp.912-921  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Design Methodologies for STT-MRAM (Spin-Torque Transfer Magnetic Random Access Memory) Sensing Circuits
Jisu KIM  Jee-Hwan SONG  Seung-Hyuk KANG  Sei-Seung YOON  Seong-Ook JUNG  
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pp.922-928  PAPER-Electronic Displays
Robust Defect Size Measurement Using 3D Modeling for LCD Defect Detection in Automatic Vision Inspection System
Young-Bok JOO  Chan-Ho HAN  Kil-Houm PARK  
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pp.929-931  LETTER-Electromagnetic Theory
A New CCM (Carbon Composite Matrix) Material with Improved Shielding Effectiveness for X-Band Application
Yeong-Chul CHUNG  Kyung-Won LEE  Ic-Pyo HONG  Kyung-Hyun OH  Jong-Gwan YOOK  
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pp.932-934  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
Ultra High Speed CNFET Full-Adder Cell Based on Majority Gates
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pp.935-937  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
Yield-Ensuring DAC-Embedded Opamp Design Based on Accurate Behavioral Model Development
Yeong-Shin JANG  Hoai-Nam NGUYEN  Seung-Tak RYU  Sang-Gug LEE  
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