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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E93-C No.5  (Publication Date:2010/05/01)
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Special Section on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices

pp.533-533  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Shigeyoshi WATANABE  
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pp.534-539  PAPER-Multi-Gate Technology
Design of 30 nm FinFETs and Double Gate MOSFETs with Halo Structure
Tetsuo ENDOH  Koji SAKUI  Yukio YASUDA  
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pp.540-545  PAPER-Multi-Gate Technology
Simulation of Gate-All-Around Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor with an n-Doped Layer
Dong Seup LEE  Hong-Seon YANG  Kwon-Chil KANG  Joung-Eob LEE  Jung Han LEE  Seongjae CHO  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.546-551  PAPER-Emerging Devices
Synthesis of Small Diameter Silicon Nanowires on SiO2 and Si3N4 Surfaces
Jae Hyun AHN  Jae-Hyun LEE  Tae-Woong KOO  MyungGil KANG  Dongmok WHANG  SungWoo HWANG  
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pp.552-556  PAPER-Emerging Devices
Study on Quantum Electro-Dynamics in Vertical MOSFET
Masakazu MURAGUCHI  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.557-562  PAPER-Emerging Devices
Sub-10 nm Multi-Nano-Pillar Type Vertical MOSFET
Tetsuo ENDOH  Koji SAKUI  Yukio YASUDA  
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pp.563-568  PAPER-Emerging Devices
Importance of the Electronic State on the Electrode in Electron Tunneling Processes between the Electrode and the Quantum Dot
Masakazu MURAGUCHI  Yukihiro TAKADA  Shintaro NOMURA  Tetsuo ENDOH  Kenji SHIRAISHI  
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pp.569-572  PAPER-Emerging Devices
Random Telegraph Signals in Two-Dimensional Array of Si Quantum Dots
Katsunori MAKIHARA  Mitsuhisa IKEDA  Akira KAWANAMI  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  
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pp.573-578  PAPER-Compound Semiconductor Devices
Study of a PMD Tolerance Extension by InP HBT Analog EDC IC without Adaptive Control in 43G DQPSK Transmission
Toshihiro ITOH  Kimikazu SANO  Hiroyuki FUKUYAMA  Koichi MURATA  
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pp.579-584  PAPER-Compound Semiconductor Devices
Dependence of Electrical Properties of InAlN/GaN and InAlN/AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures FETs on the AlN Interlayer Thickness
Masanobu HIROKI  Narihiko MAEDA  Naoteru SHIGEKAWA  
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pp.585-589  PAPER-Compound Semiconductor Devices
InP Gunn Diodes with Current Limiting Contact for High Efficiency Gunn Oscillators
Mi-Ra KIM  Jin-Koo RHEE  Chang-Woo LEE  Yeon-Sik CHAE  Jae-Hyun CHOI  Wan-Joo KIM  
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pp.590-595  PAPER-Flash/Advanced Memory
SONOS-Type Flash Memory with HfO2 Thinner than 4 nm as Trapping Layer Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Jae Sub OH  Kwang Il CHOI  Young Su KIM  Min Ho KANG  Myeong Ho SONG  Sung Kyu LIM  Dong Eun YOO  Jeong Gyu PARK  Hi Deok LEE  Ga Won LEE  
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pp.596-601  PAPER-Flash/Advanced Memory
Simulation Study on Dependence of Channel Potential Self-Boosting on Device Scale and Doping Concentration in 2-D and 3-D NAND-Type Flash Memory Devices
Seongjae CHO  Jung Hoon LEE  Yoon KIM  Jang-Gn YUN  Hyungcheol SHIN  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.602-607  PAPER-Flash/Advanced Memory
Transient Characteristic of Fabricated Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) Programmed with CMOS Circuit
Masashi KAMIYANAGI  Fumitaka IGA  Shoji IKEDA  Katsuya MIURA  Jun HAYAKAWA  Haruhiro HASEGAWA  Takahiro HANYU  Hideo OHNO  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.608-613  PAPER-Flash/Advanced Memory
Study of the DC Performance of Fabricated Magnetic Tunnel Junction Integrated on Back-End Metal Line of CMOS Circuits
Fumitaka IGA  Masashi KAMIYANAGI  Shoji IKEDA  Katsuya MIURA  Jun HAYAKAWA  Haruhiro HASEGAWA  Takahiro HANYU  Hideo OHNO  Tetsuo ENDOH  
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pp.614-618  PAPER-Analog/RF Devices
A Low Power V-Band Injection-Locked Frequency Divider in 0.13-µm Si RFCMOS Technology
Seungwoo SEO  Jae-Sung RIEH  
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pp.619-624  PAPER-Analog/RF Devices
Demultiplexing Property Owing to a Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line with Leaky Wave Radiation toward Functional Wireless Interconnects
Sadaharu ITO  Michihiko SUHARA  
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pp.625-630  PAPER-Analog/RF Devices
On-Chip Charged Device Model ESD Protection Design Method Using Very Fast Transmission Line Pulse System for RF ICs
Jae-Young PARK  Jong-Kyu SONG  Dae-Woo KIM  Chang-Soo JANG  Won-Young JUNG  Taek-Soo KIM  
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pp.631-639  PAPER-Manufacturing Technology
Character-Size Optimization for Reducing the Number of EB Shots of MCC Lithographic Systems
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pp.640-643  BRIEF PAPER-Sensors
Strain Effects in van der Pauw (VDP) Stress Sensor Fabricated on (111) Silicon
Chun-Hyung CHO  Ginkyu CHOI  Ho-Young CHA  
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pp.644-647  BRIEF PAPER-Compound Semiconductor Devices
Estimation of Collector Current Spreading in InGaAs SHBT Having 75-nm-Thick Collector
Yasuyuki MIYAMOTO  Shinnosuke TAKAHASHI  Takashi KOBAYASHI  Hiroyuki SUZUKI  Kazuhito FURUYA  
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pp.648-650  BRIEF PAPER-Compound Semiconductor Devices
4H-SiC Avalanche Photodiodes for 280 nm UV Detection
Ho-Young CHA  Hyuk-Kee SUNG  Hyungtak KIM  Chun-Hyung CHO  Peter M. SANDVIK  
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pp.651-653  BRIEF PAPER-Memory Devices
Enhancement of the Programming Speed in SANOS Nonvolatile Memory Device Designed Utilizing Al2O3 and SiO2 Stacked Tunneling Layers
Hyun Woo KIM  Dong Hun KIM  Joo Hyung YOU  Tae Whan KIM  
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pp.654-657  BRIEF PAPER-Memory Devices
Multilevel Dual-Channel NAND Flash Memories with High Read and Program Verifying Speeds Utilizing Asymmetrically-Doped Channel Regions
Joung Woo LEE  Joo Hyung YOU  Sang Hyun JANG  Kae Dal KWACK  Tae Whan KIM  
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pp.658-661  BRIEF PAPER-Memory Devices
Suppression of Edge Effects Based on Analytic Model for Leakage Current Reduction of Sub-40 nm DRAM Device
Soo Han CHOI  Young Hee PARK  Chul Hong PARK  Sang Hoon LEE  Moon Hyun YOO  Jun Dong CHO  Gyu Tae KIM  
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Regular Section

pp.662-669  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Low-Voltage High-Gain Quadrature Up-Conversion 5 GHz CMOS RF Mixer
Wan-Rone LIOU  Mei-Ling YEH  Sheng-Hing KUO  Yao-Chain LIN  
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pp.670-677  PAPER-Electromechanical Devices and Components
Contact Mechanisms and Contact Resistance Characteristics of Solid Tin and Plated Tin Contacts Used for Connectors
Terutaka TAMAI  Shigeru SAWADA  Yasuhiro HATTORI  
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pp.678-684  PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Effect of High Frequency Noise Current Sources on Noise Figure for Sub-50 nm Node MOSFETs
Hiroshi SHIMOMURA  Kuniyuki KAKUSHIMA  Hiroshi IWAI  
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pp.685-695  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Complete Charge Recycling TCAM with Checkerboard Array Arrangement for Low Power Applications
Katsumi DOSAKA  Daisuke OGAWA  Takahito KUSUMOTO  Masayuki MIYAMA  Yoshio MATSUDA  
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pp.696-702  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Low Power Test Pattern Generator for BIST
Shaochong LEI  Feng LIANG  Zeye LIU  Xiaoying WANG  Zhen WANG  
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pp.703-705  LETTER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Compact Four-Way Ka-Band Power Divider/Combiner Based on Finline
Yihong ZHOU  Jiayin LI  Haiyan JIN  Haiyang WANG  
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pp.706-708  LETTER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A CMOS RF Programmable Gain Amplifier Using Current Mirror Method for Digital TV Tuner Applications
Hyouk-Kyu CHA  
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pp.709-711  LETTER-Integrated Electronics
New Low-Voltage Low-Latency Mixed-Voltage I/O Buffer
Joung-Yeal KIM  Su-Jin PARK  Yong-Ki KIM  Sang-Keun HAN  Young-Hyun JUN  Chilgee LEE  Tae Hee HAN  Bai-Sun KONG  
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pp.712-714  LETTER-Electronic Displays
Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistor Pixel Circuits for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes
Ching-Lin FAN  Yu-Sheng LIN  Yan-Wei LIU  
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