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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E93-C No.12  (Publication Date:2010/12/01)
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pp.1655-1661  PAPER-Lasers, Quantum Electronics  Open Access Paper
Dual Evanescently Coupled Waveguide Photodiodes with High Reliability for over 40-Gbps Optical Communication Systems
Kazuhiro SHIBA  Yasuyuki SUZUKI  Sawaki WATANABE  Tadayuki CHIKUMA  Takeshi TAKEUCHI  Kikuo MAKITA  
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pp.1662-1669  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
An Analysis and Design Methodology of Resistor-Based Phase Error Averaging for Multiphase Generation
Young-Sang KIM  Yunjae SUH  Hong-June PARK  Jae-Yoon SIM  
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pp.1670-1678  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Analyzing the On-State Power Dissipation in Stepped-Output Diode-Clamped Multi-Level Inverter
Ehsan ESFANDIARI  Norman Bin MARIUN  Mohammad Hamiruce MARHABAN  Azmi ZAKARIA  
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pp.1679-1691  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Temperature-Aware Leakage Estimation Using Piecewise Linear Power Models
Yongpan LIU  Huazhong YANG  
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pp.1692-1699  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A 3D RRAM Using a Stackable Multi-Layer 1TXR Cell
Ji ZHANG  Yiqing DING  Xiaoyong XUE  Gang JIN  Yuxin WU  Yufeng XIE  Yinyin LIN  
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pp.1700-1703  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
The Q-Enhanced CMOS Active Bandpass Filter with Two-Stage Self-Calibration
Hangue PARK  Jongwook ZEONG  Wonsuk CHOI  Jung Han CHOI  
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pp.1704-1707  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Demonstration of 60-GHz Link Using a 1.6-Gb/s Mixed-Mode BPSK Demodulator
Kwang-Chun CHOI  Minsu KO  Duho KIM  Woo-Young CHOI  
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pp.1708-1712  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A High PSRR Bandgap Voltage Reference with Virtually Diode-Connected MOS Transistors
Kianoush SOURI  Hossein SHAMSI  Mehrshad KAZEMI  Kamran SOURI  
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pp.1713-1716  BRIEF PAPER-Storage Technology
Numerical Analysis of DWDD Disk with Control Layer
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