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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E92-C No.8  (Publication Date:2009/08/01)
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Special Section on Recent Development of Electro-Mechanical Devices (IS-EMD2008)

pp.981-981  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Masanari TANIGUCHI  
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pp.982-991  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Fretting in Electrical/Electronic Connections: A Review
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pp.992-997  PAPER-Arc Discharge & Contact Phenomena
Rotational Motion of Break Arcs Driven by Radial Magnetic Field in a DC Resistive Circuit
Junya SEKIKAWA  Takayoshi KUBONO  
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pp.998-1002  PAPER-Arc Discharge & Contact Phenomena
Electric Measurement of Melting Phenomena for Breaking Relay Contacts
Noboru WAKATSUKI  Nobuo TAKATSU  Masahiro OIKAWA  
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pp.1003-1007  PAPER-Arc Discharge & Contact Phenomena
Analytical Model of Melting Phenomena for Breaking Relay Contacts
Noboru WAKATSUKI  Nobuo TAKATSU  Toshiteru MAEDA  Takayuki KUDO  
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pp.1008-1012  PAPER-Arc Discharge & Contact Phenomena
Experimental Research of Arc Behavior in Liquid Metal for Current Limiting Application
Yiying LIU  Mingzhe RONG  Yi WU  Chenxi PAN  Hong LIU  Shijie YU  
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pp.1013-1019  PAPER-Arc Discharge & Contact Phenomena
Contact Area Analysis by FEM with Plating Layer for Electrical Contact
Kaori SHIMIZU  Shigeki SHIMADA  Shigeru SAWADA  Yasuhiro HATTORI  
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pp.1020-1022  LETTER-Arc Discharge & Contact Phenomena
Effect of Heating Value on Contact Diameter at Low Speed Breaking Contact
Kazuaki MIYANAGA  Yoshiki KAYANO  Tasuku TAKAGI  Hiroshi INOUE  
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pp.1023-1027  PAPER-Relacys & Switches
Study on Optimization of Electromagnetic Relay's Reaction Torque Characteristics Based on Adjusted Parameters
Guofu ZHAI  Qiya WANG  Wanbin REN  
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pp.1028-1033  PAPER-Relacys & Switches
Research on Dynamic Characteristics Testing and Analyzing System of Electromagnetic Relay
Xuerong YE  Huimin LIANG  Jie DENG  Guofu ZHAI  
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pp.1034-1039  PAPER-Relacys & Switches
Study on Contact Failure Mechanisms of Accelerated Life Test for Relay Reliability
Shujuan WANG  Qiong YU  Li REN  Wanbin REN  
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pp.1040-1044  PAPER-Contactors
Simulation and Analysis for a Permanent Contactor with and without Current-Feedback System
Degui CHEN  Yingyi LIU  Liang JI  Chunping NIU  
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pp.1045-1051  PAPER-Contactors
Prognostic and Diagnostic Technology for DC Actuated Contactors and Motor Starters
Xin ZHOU  Lian ZOU  Roger BRIGGS  
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pp.1052-1057  PAPER-Actuators & Pulse Generators
New Method to Model the Equivalent Circuit of the Pulse Generator in Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Test
Xiaoshe ZHAI  Yingsan GENG  Jianhua WANG  Zhengxiang SONG  Degui CHEN  
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pp.1058-1065  PAPER-Actuators & Pulse Generators
An Ultrasonic Actuating Driver for a Central Supporting Bending Mode Using a Motional Current Technique
Fuhliang WEN  Chao-Chun WEN  Ming-Hung LAI  Ichien HSU  
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Regular Section

pp.1066-1072  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Adaptive Sense Current Control for DC-DC Boost Converters to Get Accurate Voltage
Robert Chen-Hao CHANG  Hou-Ming CHEN  Wang-Chuan CHENG  Chu-Hsiang CHIA  Pui-Sun LEI  Zong-Yui LIN  
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pp.1073-1079  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Low Power 10-b 250 Msample/s CMOS Cascaded Folding and Interpolating A/D Converter
Zhi-Yuan CUI  Yong-Gao JIN  Nam-Soo KIM  Ho-Yong CHOI  
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pp.1080-1086  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 0.18 µm Stability-Enhanced CMOS LDO with Robust Compensation Scheme
Hsuan-I PAN  Chern-Lin CHEN  
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pp.1087-1090  BRIEF PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Rectangular TE30 to TE10 Mode Converter
Yoshihiro KOKUBO  
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pp.1091-1094  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 2.3-7 GHz CMOS High Gain LNA Using CS-CS Cascode with Coupling C
Hangue PARK  Sungho LEE  Jaejun LEE  Sangwook NAM  
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pp.1095-1097  LETTER-Lasers, Quantum Electronics
Beam Profile Tailoring of Laser Diodes Using Lloyd's Mirror Interference
Takehiro FUKUSHIMA  Kunihiro MIYAHARA  Naoki NAKATA  
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pp.1098-1101  LETTER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A Novel Spatial Power Combiner Amplifier Based on SIW/HMSIW
Haiyan JIN  Guangjun WEN  Xiaorong JING  Li JIAN  Tianqi ZHANG  
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