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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E92-C No.5  (Publication Date:2009/05/01)
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Special Section on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices

pp.593-593  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Tanemasa ASANO  
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pp.594-597  PAPER
Scalability of Vertical MOSFETs in Sub-10 nm Generation and Its Mechanism
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pp.598-602  PAPER
Study of Self-Heating Phenomena in Si Nano Wire MOS Transistor
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pp.603-607  PAPER
Novel Concept Dynamic Feedback MCML Technique for High-Speed and High-Gain MCML Type Latch
Tetsuo ENDOH  Masashi KAMIYANAGI  
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pp.608-615  PAPER
Non-Quasi-Static Carrier Dynamics of MOSFETs under Low-Voltage Operation
Masataka MIYAKE  Daisuke HORI  Norio SADACHIKA  Uwe FELDMANN  Mitiko MIURA-MATTAUSCH  Hans Jurgen MATTAUSCH  Takahiro IIZUKA  Kazuya MATSUZAWA  Yasuyuki SAHARA  Teruhiko HOSHIDA  Toshiro TSUKADA  
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pp.616-619  PAPER
Formation of Pd Nanodots Induced by Remote Hydrogen Plasma and Its Application to Floating Gate MOS Memories
Kazuhiro SHIMANOE  Katsunori MAKIHARA  Mitsuhisa IKEDA  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  
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pp.620-626  PAPER
Design Consideration for Vertical Nonvolatile Memory Device Regarding Gate-Induced Barrier Lowering (GIBL)
Seongjae CHO  Jung Hoon LEE  Gil Sung LEE  Jong Duk LEE  Hyungcheol SHIN  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.627-634  PAPER
Application of the Compact Channel Thermal Noise Model of Short Channel MOSFETs to CMOS RFIC Design
Jongwook JEON  Ickhyun SONG  Jong Duk LEE  Byung-Gook PARK  Hyungcheol SHIN  
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pp.635-638  PAPER
Standard BiCMOS Implementation of a Two-Peak Negative Differential Resistance Circuit with High and Adjustable Peak-to-Valley Current Ratio
Dong-Shong LIANG  Kwang-Jow GAN  Cheng-Chi TAI  Cher-Shiung TSAI  
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pp.639-646  PAPER
An Efficient Fault Syndromes Simulator for SRAM Memories
Wan Zuha WAN HASAN  Izhal ABD HALIN  Roslina MOHD SIDEK  Masuri OTHMAN  
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pp.647-652  PAPER
Recessed Channel Dual Gate Single Electron Transistors (RCDG-SETs) for Room Temperature Operation
Sang Hyuk PARK  Sangwoo KANG  Seongjae CHO  Dong-Seup LEE  Jung Han LEE  Hong-Seon YANG  Kwon-Chil KANG  Joung-Eob LEE  Jong Duk LEE  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.653-658  PAPER
3-Dimensional Terraced NAND (3D TNAND) Flash Memory-Stacked Version of Folded NAND Array
Yoon KIM  Seongjae CHO  Gil Sung LEE  Il Han PARK  Jong Duk LEE  Hyungcheol SHIN  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.659-663  PAPER
Simulation of Retention Characteristics in Double-Gate Structure Multi-Bit SONOS Flash Memory
Doo-Hyun KIM  Il Han PARK  Seongjae CHO  Jong Duk LEE  Hyungcheol SHIN  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.664-670  PAPER
Data Analysis Technique of Atomic Force Microscopy for Atomically Flat Silicon Surfaces
Masahiro KONDA  Akinobu TERAMOTO  Tomoyuki SUWA  Rihito KURODA  Tadahiro OHMI  
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pp.671-675  PAPER
A Latchup-Free ESD Power Clamp Circuit with Stacked-Bipolar Devices for High-Voltage Integrated Circuits
Jae-Young PARK  Jong-Kyu SONG  Chang-Soo JANG  San-Hong KIM  Won-Young JUNG  Taek-Soo KIM  
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pp.676-680  PAPER
A Novel 800 mV Reference Current Source Circuit for Low-Power Low-Voltage Mixed-Mode Systems
Oh Jun KWON  Kae Dal KWACK  
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pp.681-685  PAPER
A 900 mV Single-Stage Class-AB Amplifier for a Σ-Δ Modulator with the Switched-Opamp Technique
Oh Jun KWON  Kae Dal KWACK  
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pp.686-690  PAPER
Comparisons of SiN Passivation Film Deposited by PE-CVD and T-CVD Method for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on SiC Substrate
Hideyuki OKITA  Toshiharu MARUI  Shinichi HOSHI  Masanori ITOH  Fumihiko TODA  Yoshiaki MORINO  Isao TAMAI  Yoshiaki SANO  Shohei SEKI  
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pp.691-695  PAPER
Simulation of Tunneling Contact Resistivity in Non-polar AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures
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pp.696-701  PAPER
Spectral Narrowing Effect of a Novel Super-Grating Dual-Gate Structure for Plasmon-Resonant Terahertz Emitter
Takuya NISHIMURA  Nobuhiro MAGOME  HyunChul KANG  Taiichi OTSUJI  
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pp.702-707  PAPER
Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene): Poly(Styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) Films for the Microbolometer Applications
Hyeok Jun SON  Il Woong KWON  Yong Soo LEE  Hee Chul LEE  
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pp.708-712  PAPER
Low Power Pixel-Level ADC Readout Circuit for an Amorphous Silicon-Based Microbolometer
Dong-Heon HA  Chi Ho HWANG  Yong Soo LEE  Hee Chul LEE  
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Regular Section

pp.713-718  PAPER-Optoelectronics
High-Speed Photonic Functional Circuits Using Electrically Controllable PLZT Waveguides
Jiro ITO  Mitsuhiro YASUMOTO  Keiichi NASHIMOTO  Hiroyuki TSUDA  
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pp.719-727  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 150 MS/s 10-bit CMOS Pipelined Subranging ADC with Time Constant Reduction Technique
Xian Ping FAN  Pak Kwong CHAN  Piew Yoong CHEE  
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pp.728-735  PAPER-Electromechanical Devices and Components
Counter-Measures for Relay Failures due to Dynamic Welding: A Robust Engineering Design
Thomas J. SCHOEPF  
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pp.736-739  LETTER-Optoelectronics
An Improved Non-uniformity Correction Algorithm for IRFPA Based on Neural Network
Shao-sheng DAI  Tian-qi ZHANG  
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pp.740-742  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
A Low Noise CMOS Low Dropout Regulator with an Area-Efficient Bandgap Reference
Sangwon HAN  Jongsik KIM  Kwang-Ho WON  Hyunchol SHIN  
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