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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E92-C No.10  (Publication Date:2009/10/01)
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Special Section on Hardware and Software Technologies on Advanced Microprocessors

pp.1231-1231  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.1232-1239  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Multi-Core/Multi-IP Technology for Embedded Applications
Naohiko IRIE  Toshihiro HATTORI  
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pp.1240-1248  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
An Integrated Platform for Digital Consumer Electronics
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pp.1249-1257  PAPER
Synthesis and Design of Parameter Extractors for Low-Power Pre-Computation-Based Content-Addressable Memory
Shanq-Jang RUAN  Jui-Yuan HSIEH  Chia-Han LEE  
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pp.1258-1264  PAPER
A 300 MHz Embedded Flash Memory with Pipeline Architecture and Offset-Free Sense Amplifiers for Dual-Core Automotive Microcontrollers
Shinya KAJIYAMA  Masamichi FUJITO  Hideo KASAI  Makoto MIZUNO  Takanori YAMAGUCHI  Yutaka SHINAGAWA  
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pp.1265-1275  PAPER
Identifying Processor Bottlenecks in Virtual Machine Based Execution of Java Bytecode
Pradeep RAO  Kazuaki MURAKAMI  
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pp.1276-1283  PAPER
Analyzing Credit-Based Router-to-Router Flow Control for On-Chip Networks
Yue QIAN  Zhonghai LU  Wenhua DOU  Qiang DOU  
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pp.1284-1290  BRIEF PAPER
Compiler Framework for Reconfigurable Computing Architecture
Chongyong YIN  Shouyi YIN  Leibo LIU  Shaojun WEI  
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Regular Section

pp.1291-1298  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A Low-Power K-Band CMOS Current-Mode Up-Conversion Mixer Integrated with VCO
Wen-Chieh WANG  Chung-Yu WU  
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pp.1299-1303  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Integrated Current Sensing Technique Suitable for Step-Down Switch-Mode Power Converters
Xiaojuan XIA  Liang XIE  Weifeng SUN  Longxing SHI  
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pp.1304-1310  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Design of Complex BPF with Automatic Digital Tuning Circuit for Low-IF Receivers
Hideaki KONDO  Masaru SAWADA  Norio MURAKAMI  Shoichi MASUI  
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pp.1311-1314  BRIEF PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 0.1-1 GHz CMOS Variable Gain Amplifier Using Wideband Negative Capacitance
Hangue PARK  Sungho LEE  Jaejun LEE  Sangwook NAM  
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pp.1315-1318  BRIEF PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Multiphase Generator Based on VCDR (Voltage-Controlled Variable Delay Ring)
Minseok WOO  Byoungkwon MOON  Daejeong KIM  
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pp.1319-1321  LETTER-Electromagnetic Theory
Study on the Temperature Limitation of the Injecting Power to a Pyramidal EM-Wave Absorber
Tetsuhiro SASAGAWA  Shinya WATANABE  Osamu HASHIMOTO  Toshifumi SAITO  Hiroshi KURIHARA  
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pp.1322-1324  LETTER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Construction and Design Equations of a Lumped Element Dual-Band Wilkinson Divider
Takeshi OSHIMA  Masataka OHTSUKA  Hiroaki MIYASHITA  Yoshihiko KONISHI  
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pp.1325-1327  LETTER-Electronic Materials
Realization of 3 m Semi Anechoic Chamber by Using Crossed-Wedge Shaped Hybrid EM Wave Absorber Consisting of Thin Corrugated Dielectric Lossy Sheet
Toshifumi SAITO  Yoshikazu SUZUKI  Hiroshi KURIHARA  
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pp.1328-1330  LETTER-Electronic Components
A Low-Power Reduced Kick-Back Comparator with Improved Calibration for High-Speed Flash ADCs
Guy TORFS  Zhisheng LI  Johan BAUWELINCK  Xin YIN  Jan VANDEWEGE  Geert Van Der PLAS  
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