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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E91-C No.5  (Publication Date:2008/05/01)
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Special Section on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices

pp.675-675  FOREWORD
Masaaki KUZUHARA  
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pp.676-682  PAPER
High Moisture Resistant and Reliable Gate Structure Design in High Power pHEMTs for Millimeter-Wave Applications
Hirotaka AMASUGA  Toshihiko SHIGA  Masahiro TOTSUKA  Seiki GOTO  Akira INOUE  
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pp.683-687  PAPER
Studies on Modification of Channel Material and Gate Recess Structures in Metamorphic HEMT for Improvement of Breakdown and RF Characteristics
Seok Gyu CHOI  Young Hyun BAEK  Jung Hun OH  Min HAN  Seok Ho BANG  Jin-Koo RHEE  
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pp.688-692  PAPER
A Design of HEMT Comparators for Ultrahigh-Speed A/D Conversion
Hiroshi WATANABE  Shunsuke NAKAMURA  Takao WAHO  
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pp.693-698  PAPER
Design and Fabrication of Planar GaAs Gunn Diodes
Mi-Ra KIM  Seong-Dae LEE  Yeon-Sik CHAE  Jin-Koo RHEE  
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pp.699-702  PAPER
Enhanced Characteristics of In0.5Ga0.5As Quantum Dot Infrared Photo Detector with Hydrogen Plasma Treatment
Sung Ho HWANG  Jin Dong SONG  Won Jun CHOI  Jung Il LEE  
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pp.703-707  PAPER
Effect of a Guard-Ring on the Leakage Current in a Si-PIN X-Ray Detector for a Single Photon Counting Sensor
Jin-Young KIM  Jung-Ho SEO  Hyun-Woo LIM  Chang-Hyun BAN  Kyu-Chae KIM  Jin-Goo PARK  Sung-Chae JEON  Bong-Hoe KIM  Seung-Oh JIN  Young HU  
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pp.708-711  PAPER
Low Temperature Hetero-Epitaxy of Ferromagnetic Silicide on Ge Substrates for Spin-Transistor Application
Yu-ichiro ANDO  Koji UEDA  Mamoru KUMANO  Taizoh SADOH  Kazumasa NARUMI  Yoshihito MAEDA  Masanobu MIYAO  
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pp.712-715  PAPER
Progress on Charge Distribution in Multiply-Stacked Si Quantum Dots/SiO2 Structure as Evaluated by AFM/KFM
Katsunori MAKIHARA  Mitsuhisa IKEDA  Seiichiro HIGASHI  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  
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pp.716-720  PAPER
Stress Effect Analysis for PD SOI pMOSFETs with Undoped-Si0.88Ge0.12 Heterostructure Channel
Sang-Sik CHOI  A-Ram CHOI  Jae-Yeon KIM  Jeon-Wook YANG  Yong-Woo HWANG  Tae-Hyun HAN  Deok Ho CHO  Kyu-Hwan SHIM  
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pp.721-730  PAPER
An Asynchronous Circuit Design Technique for a Flexible 8-Bit Microprocessor
Nobuo KARAKI  Takashi NANMOTO  Satoshi INOUE  
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pp.731-735  PAPER
Establishing Read Operation Bias Schemes for 3-D Pillar Structure Flash Memory Devices to Overcome Paired Cell Interference (PCI)
Seongjae CHO  Il Han PARK  Jung Hoon LEE  Jang-Gn YUN  Doo-Hyun KIM  Jong Duk LEE  Hyungcheol SHIN  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.736-741  PAPER
Device Design of SONOS Flash Memory Cell with Saddle Type Channel Structure
Han-A-Reum JUNG  Kyoung-Rok HAN  Young-Min KIM  Jong-Ho LEE  
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pp.742-746  PAPER
Characterization of 2-bit Recessed Channel Memory with Lifted-Charge Trapping Node (L-CTN) Scheme
Jang Gn YUN  Il Han PARK  Seongjae CHO  Jung Hoon LEE  Doo-Hyun KIM  Gil Sung LEE  Yoon KIM  Jong Duk LEE  Byung-Gook PARK  
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pp.747-750  PAPER
Electrical Characterization of Nano-Floating Gated Silicon-on-Insulator Memory with In2O3 Nano-Particles Embedded in Polyimide Insulator
Dong Uk LEE  Seon Pil KIM  Tae Hee LEE  Eun Kyu KIM  Hyun-Mo KOO  Won-Ju CHO  Young-Ho KIM  
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pp.751-755  PAPER
A Design of Temperature-Compensated Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Voltage Reference Sources with a Small Temperature Coefficient
Kyung Soo PARK  Sun Bo WOO  Kae Dal KWACK  Tae Whan KIM  
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pp.756-760  PAPER
A Scalable DC Model of High Voltage LDMOSFETs
Ki-Soo NAM  Pyong-Su KWAG  Oh-Kyong KWON  
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pp.761-766  PAPER
Junction Depth Dependence of the Gate Induced Drain Leakage in Shallow Junction Source/Drain-Extension Nano-CMOS
Seung-Hyun SONG  Jae-Chul KIM  Sung-Woo JUNG  Yoon-Ha JEONG  
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pp.767-771  PAPER
Selective Epitaxial Growth of SiGe Layers with High Aspect Ratio Mask of Dielectric Films
A-Ram CHOI  Sang-Sik CHOI  Byung-Guan PARK  Dongwoo SUH  Gyungock KIM  Jin-Tae KIM  Jin-Soo CHOI  Deok-Ho CHO  Tae-Hyun HAN  Kyu-Hwan SHIM  
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pp.772-775  PAPER
A Study on MgO-Ta2O5 System Ceramics for Microwave Component Application
Jae-Sik KIM  Eui-Sun CHOI  Young-Hie LEE  Ki-Won RYU  
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pp.776-779  LETTER
FN Stress Induced Degradation on Random Telegraph Signal Noise in Deep Submicron NMOSFETs
Hochul LEE  Youngchang YOON  Ickhyun SONG  Hyungcheol SHIN  
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Regular Section

pp.780-787  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Parallel Coupled Microstrip Couplers Compensated with Periodic Floating-Conductors on Coupled Edges
Takao FUJII  Isao OHTA  Tadashi KAWAI  Yoshihiro KOKUBO  
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pp.788-797  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
All CMOS Low-Power Wide-Gain Range Variable Gain Amplifiers
Quoc-Hoang DUONG  Chang-Wan KIM  Sang-Gug LEE  
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pp.798-805  PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Power Reduction during Scan Testing Based on Multiple Capture Technique
Lung-Jen LEE  Wang-Dauh TSENG  Rung-Bin LIN  
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pp.806-808  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
A 90 dB 1.32 mW 1.2 V 0.13 mm2 Two-Stage Variable Gain Amplifier in 0.18 µm CMOS
Quoc-Hoang DUONG  Jeong-Seon LEE  Sang-Hyun MIN  Joong-Jin KIM  Sang-Gug LEE  
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pp.809-812  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
A Versatile Step-Up/Step-Down Switched-Capacitor-Based DC-DC Converter
Chia-Ling WEI  Lu-Yao WU  Hsiu-Hui YANG  Chien-Hung TSAI  Bin-Da LIU  Soon-Jyh CHANG  
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