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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E91-C No.1  (Publication Date:2008/01/01)
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Special Section on Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Theory and Its Application

pp.1-2  FOREWORD
Tsuneki YAMASAKI  Toyohiko ISHIHARA  
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pp.3-8  PAPER-Antenna Theory
Low-Sidelobe Multimode Horn Design for Circular Coverage Based on Quadratic Programming Approach
Hiroyuki DEGUCHI  Mikio TSUJI  Hiroaki WATANABE  
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pp.9-16  PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Low Grazing Scattering from Sinusoidal Neumann Surface with Finite Extent: Undersampling Approximation
Junichi NAKAYAMA  Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.17-25  PAPER-Scattering and Diffraction
Scattering of TM Plane Wave from Periodic Grating with Single Defect
Kazuhiro HATTORI  Junichi NAKAYAMA  Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.26-33  PAPER-High-Frequency Asymptotic Methods
Novel Uniform Asymptotic Solutions for the Back Scattering of a Whispering Gallery Mode by a Cylindrically Curved Conducting Sheet
Toshihide AJIKI  Toyohiko ISHIHARA  
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pp.34-40  PAPER-Artificial and Nolinear Materials
Guided-Wave Propagation Characteristics of Fully-Integrated Coplanar-Waveguide Metamaterials with Distributed Loading
Jing GAO  Lei ZHU  Keren LI  
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pp.41-47  PAPER-Optical Fibers
An Analysis of an Optical Fiber with Two Inhomogeneous Sector Holes by Circular Fourier Expansion Method
Shinichi FURUKAWA  Wataru SATOU  Takashi HINATA  Nao SHIMIZU  
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pp.48-55  PAPER-Optical Recording (or Optical Memory, Optical Storage)
Two-Dimensional FDTD Analysis of the Readout Characteristics of an Optical Near Field Disk
Shinya KAGAWA  Yiwei HE  Toshitaka KOJIMA  
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Regular Section

pp.56-63  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Low Grazing Scattering from Sinusoidal Neumann Surface with Finite Extent: Total Scattering Cross Section
Junichi NAKAYAMA  Yasuhiko TAMURA  
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pp.64-71  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A 2-GHz Low-Power Down-Conversion Mixer in 0.18-µm CMOS Technology
Jun-Da CHEN  Zhi-Ming LIN  Jeen-Sheen ROW  
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pp.72-80  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Dual-Level LVDS Technique for Reducing Data Transmission Lines by Half in LCD Driver IC's
Doo-Hwan KIM  Sung-Hyun YANG  Kyoung-Rok CHO  
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pp.81-86  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Low Power 8-b CMOS Current Steering Folding-Interpolating A/D Converter
Do Danh CUONG  Zhi-Yuan CUI  Nam-Soo KIM  Kie-Yong LEE  Ho-Yong CHOI  
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pp.87-95  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A 0.8-V Syllabic-Companding Log Domain Filter with 78-dB Dynamic Range in 0.35-µm CMOS
Ippei AKITA  Kazuyuki WADA  Yoshiaki TADOKORO  
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pp.96-104  PAPER-Organic Molecular Electronics
A CMOS Smart Thermal Sensor for Biomedical Application
Ho-Yin LEE  Shih-Lun CHEN  Ching-Hsing LUO  
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pp.105-109  PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Fullband Simulation of Nano-Scale MOSFETs Based on a Non-equilibrium Green's Function Method
Helmy FITRIAWAN  Matsuto OGAWA  Satofumi SOUMA  Tanroku MIYOSHI  
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pp.110-112  LETTER-Optoelectronics
Compact Silica Arrayed-Waveguide Grating Using High-Mesa Small-Bend Waveguides
Jiro ITO  Tom Yen-Ting FAN  Takanori SUZUKI  Hiroyuki TSUDA  
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pp.113-116  LETTER-Optoelectronics
A Novel Photonic Crystal Fiber Design for Large Effective Area and High Negative Dispersion
Nguyen Hoang HAI  Yoshinori NAMIHIRA  Feroza BEGUM  Shubi F. KAIJAGE  Tatsuya KINJO  S.M. Abdur RAZZAK  Nianyu ZOU  
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pp.117-119  LETTER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Low Insertion-Loss, and Wideband Dual-Mode Bandpass Filters with Dual Perturbation Elements
Shih-Bin JHONG  Min-Hang WENG  Sean WU  Cheng-Yuan HUNG  Maw-Shung LEE  
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pp.120-121  LETTER-Electronic Circuits
Low-Power Switched Current Memory Cell with CMOS-Type Configuration
Masashi KATO  Nobuyuki TERADA  Hirofumi OHATA  Eisuke ARAI  
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