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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E101-C No.3  (Publication Date:2018/03/01)
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pp.143-150  PAPER-Electromagnetic Theory
Design and Impact on ESD/LU Immunities by Drain-Side Super-Junction Structures in Low-(High-)Voltage MOSFETs for the Power Applications
Shen-Li CHEN  Yu-Ting HUANG  Shawn CHANG  
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pp.151-160  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
Design and Analysis of Multi-Mode Stripline Resonator and Its Application to Bandpass Filter
Masaya TAMURA  Shosei TOMIDA  Kento ICHINOSE  
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pp.161-169  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
A Sub-1-µs Start-Up Time, Fully-Integrated 32-MHz Relaxation Oscillator for Low-Power Intermittent Systems
Hiroki ASANO  Tetsuya HIROSE  Taro MIYOSHI  Keishi TSUBAKI  Toshihiro OZAKI  Nobutaka KUROKI  Masahiro NUMA  
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pp.170-182  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Energy-Efficient DRAM Selective Refresh Technique with Page Residence in a Memory Hierarchy of Hardware-Managed TLB
Miseon HAN  Yeoul NA  Dongha JUNG  Hokyoon LEE  Seon WOOK KIM  Youngsun HAN  
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pp.183-185  BRIEF PAPER-Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Phase Locking and Frequency Tuning of Resonant-Tunneling-Diode Terahertz Oscillators
Kota OGINO  Safumi SUZUKI  Masahiro ASADA  
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