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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E100-C No.5  (Publication Date:2017/05/01)
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Special Section on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices

pp.416-416  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Tatsuya KUNIKIYO  
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pp.417-423  PAPER
Robust Q-Band InP- and GaN-HEMT Low Noise Amplifiers
Masaru SATO  Yoshitaka NIIDA  Toshihide SUZUKI  Yasuhiro NAKASHA  Yoichi KAWANO  Taisuke IWAI  Naoki HARA  Kazukiyo JOSHIN  
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pp.424-429  PAPER
An Improved EEHEMT RF Noise Model for 0.25 µm InGaP pHEMT Transistor Using Verilog-A Language
An-Sam PENG  Lin-Kun WU  
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pp.430-438  PAPER
Analysis of Relaxation Oscillation in a Resonant Tunneling Diode Integrated with a Bow-Tie Antenna
Naoto OKUMURA  Kiyoto ASAKAWA  Michihiko SUHARA  
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pp.439-445  PAPER
Epitaxial Junction Termination Extension (Epi-JTE) for SiC Power Devices
Doohyung CHO  Kunsik PARK  Jongil WON  Sanggi KIM  Kwansgsoo KIM  
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pp.446-452  PAPER
Design of High-ESD Reliability in HV Power pLDMOS Transistors by the Drain-Side Isolated SCRs
Shen-Li CHEN  Yu-Ting HUANG  Yi-Cih WU  
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pp.453-457  PAPER
Vacuum Annealing and Passivation of HfS2 FET for Mitigation of Atmospheric Degradation
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pp.458-462  PAPER
PdYb-Silicide with Low Schottky Barrier Height to n-Si Formed from Pd/Yb/Si(100) Stacked Structures
Shun-ichiro OHMI  Mengyi CHEN  Weiguang ZUO  Yasushi MASAHIRO  
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pp.463-467  PAPER
Effect of Nitrogen-Doped LaB6 Interfacial Layer on Device Characteristics of Pentacene-Based OFET
Yasutaka MAEDA  Shun-ichiro OHMI  Tetsuya GOTO  Tadahiro OHMI  
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pp.468-474  PAPER
Embedding of Ti Nanodots into SiOx and Its Impact on Resistance Switching Behaviors
Yusuke KATO  Akio OHTA  Mitsuhisa IKEDA  Katsunori MAKIHARA  Seiichi MIYAZAKI  
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pp.475-481  PAPER
Fabrication Technology and Electronical Characteristics of Pt/TiO2-x/TiO2/TiO2+x/Pt Nano-Film Memristor
Zhiyuan LI  Qingkun LI  Dianzhong WEN  
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pp.482-485  BRIEF PAPER
Phonon-Drag Contribution to Seebeck Coefficient in P-Type Si, Ge and Si1-xGex
Veerappan MANIMUTHU  Muthusamy OMPRAKASH  Mukannan ARIVANANDHAN  Faiz SALLEH  Yasuhiro HAYAKAWA  Hiroya IKEDA  
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pp.486-489  BRIEF PAPER
Phonon-Drag Effect on Seebeck Coefficient in Co-Doped Si Wire with Submicrometer-Scaled Cross Section
Yuhei SUZUKI  Faiz SALLEH  Yoshinari KAMAKURA  Masaru SHIMOMURA  Hiroya IKEDA  
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Regular Section

pp.490-495  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
T-Shaped Probe Waveguide Antenna: A Wideband Reconfigurable Circular-Polarized Single-Port Antenna
Naoto USAMI  Akira HIROSE  
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pp.496-503  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Highly Robust Double Node Upset Resilient Hardened Latch Design
Huaguo LIANG  Xin LI  Zhengfeng HUANG  Aibin YAN  Xiumin XU  
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pp.504-512  PAPER-Electronic Circuits
Power-Supply Rejection Model Analysis of Capacitor-Less LDO Regulator Designs
Soyeon JOO  Jintae KIM  SoYoung KIM  
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