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Online ISSN : 1745-1353
Volume E100-C No.12  (Publication Date:2017/12/01)
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pp.1078-1086  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A CMOS Broadband Transceiver with On-Chip Antenna Array and Built-In Pulse-Delay Calibration for Millimeter-Wave Imaging Applications
Nguyen NGOC MAI-KHANH  Kunihiro ASADA  
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pp.1087-1096  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
A TM010 Cavity Power-Combiner with Microstrip Line Inputs
Vinay RAVINDRA  Hirobumi SAITO  Jiro HIROKAWA  Miao ZHANG  Atsushi TOMIKI  
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pp.1097-1107  PAPER-Microwaves, Millimeter-Waves
26 GHz Band Extremely Low-Profile Front-End Configuration Employing Integrated Modules of Patch Antennas and SIW Filters
Yasunori SUZUKI  Takana KAHO  Kei SATOH  Hiroshi OKAZAKI  Maki ARAI  Yo YAMAGUCHI  Shoichi NARAHASHI  Hiroyuki SHIBA  
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pp.1108-1117  PAPER-Integrated Electronics
A Region-Based Through-Silicon via Repair Method for Clustered Faults
Tianming NI  Huaguo LIANG  Mu NIE  Xiumin XU  Aibin YAN  Zhengfeng HUANG  
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pp.1118-1121  BRIEF PAPER-Integrated Electronics
Robustness Evaluation of Restricted Boltzmann Machine against Memory and Logic Error
Yasushi FUKUDA  Zule XU  Takayuki KAWAHARA  
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