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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E102-B No.4  (Publication Date:2019/04/01)
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Special Section on Sensing, Wireless Networking, Data Collection, Analysis and Processing Technologies for Ambient Intelligence with Internet of Things

pp.659-659  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hiraku OKADA  
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pp.660-669  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Novel Radio Resource Optimization Scheme in Closed Access Femtocell Networks Based on Bat Algorithm
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pp.670-678  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Information Dissemination Using MANET for Disaster Evacuation Support
Tomoyuki OHTA  Masahiro NISHI  Toshikazu TERAMI  Yoshiaki KAKUDA  
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pp.679-689  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Simple and Complete Resynchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks
Hiromi YAGIRI  Takeshi OKADOME  
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pp.690-698  PAPER
A MAC Address Routing VPN Architecture for Connecting Non-IP Wireless Sensor Networks to Data Centers
Hiroaki HATA  
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pp.699-707  PAPER
Rigorous Analytical Model of Saturated Throughput for the IEEE 802.11p EDCA
Shintaro IKUMA  Zhetao LI  Tingrui PEI  Young-June CHOI  Hiroo SEKIYA  
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pp.708-721  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Privacy-Aware Human-Detection and Tracking System Using Biological Signals
Toshihiro KITAJIMA  Edwardo Arata Y. MURAKAMI  Shunsuke YOSHIMOTO  Yoshihiro KURODA  Osamu OSHIRO  
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pp.722-731  PAPER
Near-Field Chipless RFID Tag System Using Inductive Coupling Between a Multimode Resonator and Detection Probes
Fuminori SAKAI  Mitsuo MAKIMOTO  Koji WADA  
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pp.732-740  PAPER
Low-Overhead Wake-Up Control for Wireless Sensor Networks Employing Wake-Up Receivers
Naoki TAMURA  Hiroyuki YOMO  
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pp.741-750  PAPER
A Highly Accurate Transportation Mode Recognition Using Mobile Communication Quality
Wataru KAWAKAMI  Kenji KANAI  Bo WEI  Jiro KATTO  
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pp.751-759  PAPER
Empirical Discussion of Reliable Wireless Communications in Vehicles
Tadahide KUNITACHI  Kazuhiko KINOSHITA  Takashi WATANABE  
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pp.760-767  PAPER
Mobile Brainwaves: On the Interchangeability of Simple Authentication Tasks with Low-Cost, Single-Electrode EEG Devices
Eeva-Sofia HAUKIPURO  Ville KOLEHMAINEN  Janne MYLLÄRINEN  Sebastian REMANDER  Janne SALO  Tuomas TAKKO  Le Ngu NGUYEN  Stephan SIGG  Rainhard Dieter FINDLING  
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pp.768-778  PAPER
A Novel Energy-Efficient Packet Transmission Protocol for Cluster-Based Cooperative Network
Jianming CHENG  Yating GAO  Leiqin YAN  Hongwen YANG  
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Regular Section

pp.779-789  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Secure Communication Using Scramble Phase Assisting WFRFT
Yuan LIANG  Xinyu DA  Ruiyang XU  Lei NI  Dong ZHAI  Yu PAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>
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pp.790-798  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications  Open Access Paper
Inferring Latent Traffic Demand Offered to an Overloaded Link with Modeling QoS-Degradation Effect
Keisuke ISHIBASHI  Shigeaki HARADA  Ryoichi KAWAHARA  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1.7MB)

pp.799-809  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications  Open Access Paper
Network Resonance Method: Estimating Network Structure from the Resonance of Oscillation Dynamics
Satoshi FURUTANI  Chisa TAKANO  Masaki AIDA  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1.3MB)

pp.810-817  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Optical QPSK Signal Quality Degradation due to Phase Error of Pump Light in Optical Parametric Phase-Sensitive Amplifier Repeaters
Takeshi KIMURA  Yasuhiro OKAMURA  Atsushi TAKADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>
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pp.818-823  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Simplified Iterative Decoder for Polybinary-Shaped Optical Signals in Super-Nyquist Wavelength Division Multiplexed Systems
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>
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pp.824-831  PAPER-Network
A Quality-Level Selection for Adaptive Video Streaming with Scalable Video Coding
Shungo MORI  Masaki BANDAI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.3MB) >>
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pp.832-844  PAPER-Network
Public WLAN Virtualization for Multiple Services
Kazuhiko KINOSHITA  Kazuki GINNAN  Keita KAWANO  Hiroki NAKAYAMA  Tsunemasa HAYASHI  Takashi WATANABE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.3MB) >>
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pp.845-854  PAPER-Network
Performance Evaluation of Breadcrumbs in Wireless Multi-Hop Cache Networks
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>
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pp.855-864  PAPER-Network
An Effective Use of SDN for Virtual-Link Provisioning in ISP Networks
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.6MB) >>
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pp.865-875  PAPER-Network Management/Operation
A Parallel Flow Monitoring Technique That Achieves Accurate Delay Measurement
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>
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pp.876-883  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Numerical Channel Characterizations for Liver-Implanted Communications Considering Different Human Subjects
Pongphan LEELATIEN  Koichi ITO  Kazuyuki SAITO  Manmohan SHARMA  Akram ALOMAINY  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.6MB) >>
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pp.884-890  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation  Open Access Paper
Low-Profile Supergain Antenna Composed of Asymmetric Dipole Elements Backed by Planar Reflector for IoT Applications
Suguru KOJIMA  Takuji ARIMA  Toru UNO  
Summary | FreeFull Text:PDF(1.3MB)

pp.891-900  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Closed-Form Multiple Invariance ESPRIT for UCA Based on STFT
Kaibo CUI  Qingping WANG  Quan WANG  Jingjian HUANG  Naichang YUAN  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (2.4MB) >>
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pp.901-912  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Non-Orthogonal Pilot Analysis for Single-Cell Massive MIMO Circumstances
Pengxiang LI  Yuehong GAO  Zhidu LI  Hongwen YANG  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.9MB) >>
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pp.913-920  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Transmit Beam Selection Scheme for Massive MIMO Using Expected Beam Responses
Yoshihito KUBO  Yukitoshi SANADA  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.5MB) >>
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pp.921-929  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Expanded Precoding Index Modulation for MIMO System
Yasunori NIN  Yukitoshi SANADA  Ryota KIMURA  Hiroki MATSUDA  Ryo SAWAI  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.7MB) >>
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pp.930-939  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Periodic Reactance Time Functions for 2-Element ESPAR Antennas Applied to 2-Output SIMO/MIMO Receivers
Kosei KAWANO  Masato SAITO  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (1.1MB) >>
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pp.940-947  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Selective Mapping for Robust Data Transmission Using TxID Signal
Jaekwon LEE  Sanghwa LEE  Dong Ku KIM  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (3.8MB) >>
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pp.948-955  PAPER-Sensing
Calibration of a Digital Phased Array by Using NCO Phase Increasing Algorithm
Lijie YANG  Ruirui DANG  Chunyi SONG  Zhiwei XU  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (5.9MB) >>
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