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Online ISSN : 1881-0209
Volume J96-B No.6  (Publication Date:2013/06/01)
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Special Section on Networking Technologies for the Disaster Recovery Support and the Near Future of Emerging Nations

pp.562-571  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Ensuring Communication and Monitoring Utilizing Electric Vehicles under Large-Scale Disasters
Kenichi MASE(7000220)  Niigata University;Takuya SAITOU(0804118)  Niigata University;Jing GAO(9999999)  Niigata University  
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pp.572-579  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Ultra-Low-Power Data-Driven Networking System and Its Evaluation
Hiroaki NISHIKAWA(7410827)  University of Tsukuba;Kazuhiro AOKI(9999999)  Information Infrastructure Laboratory, Inc.;Shuji SANNOMIYA(0434191)  University of Tsukuba;Kei MIYAGI(1301330)  Kochi University of Technology;Makoto IWATA(8528081)  Kochi University of Technology;Keisuke UTSU(0704458)  Tokai University;Hiroshi ISHII(7511310)  Tokai University  
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pp.580-588  PAPER
Disaster Evacuation Guidance Method Using Opportunistic Communication
Akihiro FUJIHARA(0805939)  Kwansei Gakuin University;Hiroyoshi MIWA(9311351)  Kwansei Gakuin University  
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Regular Section

pp.589-604  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Content Oriented Network
Miki YAMAMOTO(8212235)  Kansai University  
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pp.605-614  PAPER
High-Power Damage Phenomenon in Fiber-Optic Connectors
Yoshito SHUTO(1110993)  Ofra Project  
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pp.615-630  PAPER
Wake-Up Communication Using Binary MDS-ID Matching for a Wireless Harness
Shigemi ISHIDA(1000640)  The University of Tokyo;Takahiro TAKIGUCHI(9999999)  The University of Tokyo;Shunsuke SARUWATARI(1013440)  Shizuoka University;Hiroyuki MORIKAWA(8712107)  The University of Tokyo  
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pp.631-640  PAPER  Open Access Paper
A Series-Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna Covered by a Dielectric Slab with a Post-Wall Cavity
Satoshi YAMAGUCHI(0116904)  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation;Toru TAKAHASHI(9505385)  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation;Yoji ARAMAKI(9999999)  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation;Masataka OHTSUKA(8908366)  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation;Yoshihiko KONISHI(8308640)  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation;Kunio SAWAYA(7115101)  Tohoku University  
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pp.641-647  PAPER
A Low-Profile Orthogonally Polarized MIMO Antenna for Indoor Base Station
Shen WANG(1022342)  Yokohama National University;Hiroyuki ARAI(8210071)  Yokohama National University;Huiling JIANG(9704211)  NTT DOCOMO, INC.;Keizo CHO(8704698)  NTT DOCOMO, INC.  
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pp.648-652  LETTER
A Study on Modified M-Ary QAM Schemes Employing FEC for OFDM Adaptive Modulation Systems
Toshitaka NAKAHASHI(1200631)  Shibaura Institute of Technology;Shuji KUBOTA(8020380)  Shibaura Institute of Technology  
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pp.653-656  LETTER
Feed Matrix Circuit Controlling Beams in Three Directions with Suppressed Side Lobe
Masatoshi TSUJI(0424226)  Kagawa National College of Technology  
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