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Online ISSN : 1881-0209
Volume J100-B No.11  (Publication Date:2017/11/01)
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pp.893-900  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Aspects on Designs to Implement Blockchain Technology in Real World
Kazue SAKO  Ryo FURUKAWA  Toshio KOIDE  
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pp.901-911  PAPER
Novel Digital Transmission System for Multi-Channel Radio-Frequency Broadcasting Video Signals Using Digitized-Radio-over-Fiber
Ryota SHIINA  Toshihito FUJIWARA  Tomoki SUGAWA  Tomohiro TANIGUCHI  
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pp.912-922  PAPER
Dual-path Routing Considering Inter-path Interference Using a Mobile Agent in Wireless Multi-hop Network
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pp.923-933  PAPER
Velocity and Location Estimation of a Plural Reflection Point Target for a Radar with High Range and High Doppler Resolution
Yoshio KOSUGE  Tadashi KOGA  Hiromi MIYAZAKI  Xiaodong LU  Manabu AKITA  Takayuki INABA  
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pp.934-939  LETTER
Computation Method for Betweenness Using Graph Compression
Kazuharu ARAMAKI  Nattapong KITSUWAN  Eiji OKI  
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