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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E98-B No.1  (Publication Date:2015/01/01)
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Special Section on Quality of Diversifying Communication Networks and Services

pp.1-1  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hideaki YOSHINO  
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pp.2-11  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Objective Video Quality Assessment — Towards Large Scale Video Database Enhanced Model Development
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pp.12-19  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Software-Defined Data Plane Enhancing SDN and NFV
Akihiro NAKAO  
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pp.20-32  PAPER
Oligopoly Competition in Time-Dependent Pricing for Improving Revenue of Network Service Providers with Complete and Incomplete Information
Cheng ZHANG  Bo GU  Kyoko YAMORI  Sugang XU  Yoshiaki TANAKA  
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pp.33-41  PAPER
Modeling User Behavior in P2P Data Storage System
Masato UCHIDA  Hideaki IIDUKA  Isao SUGINO  
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pp.42-50  PAPER
Behavior Analysis of Video Application Users on Smart Phones Based on State Transition Diagram
Norihiro FUKUMOTO  Shigehiro ANO  Shigeki GOTO  
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pp.51-61  PAPER
A System for Measuring Gaze Movement and Hand Movement Simultaneously for Hand-Held Devices
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pp.62-70  PAPER
Quality of Experience Study on Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Based on HTTP
Yun SHEN  Yitong LIU  Hongwen YANG  Dacheng YANG  
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pp.71-78  PAPER
A Service Design Method for Transmission Rate Control in Multitasking That Takes Attention Shift into Account
Sumaru NIIDA  Satoshi UEMURA  Shigehiro ANO  
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pp.79-87  PAPER
Cooperation between Channel Access Control and TCP Rate Adaptation in Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
Pham Thanh GIANG  Kenji NAKAGAWA  
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pp.88-98  PAPER
Precise BER Analysis of Repetition Coded OFDM Systems over Time- and Frequency-Selective Rayleigh Fading Channels
Fumihito SASAMORI  Satoru ASADA  Osamu TAKYU  Shiro HANDA  
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pp.99-106  PAPER
Location-Aware Store-Carry-Forward Routing Based on Node Density Estimation
Tomotaka KIMURA  Takahiro MATSUDA  Tetsuya TAKINE  
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pp.107-115  PAPER
Future Channel Utilization-Aware Routing for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Celimuge WU  Juan XU  Yusheng JI  Satoshi OHZAHATA  Toshihiko KATO  
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pp.116-125  PAPER
On the Reuse of Shadowed CRs as AF Diversity Relays in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Correlated Suzuki Fading Channels
Thai-Mai Thi DINH  Quoc-Tuan NGUYEN  Dinh-Thong NGUYEN  
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pp.126-133  PAPER
Interference Alignment in Two-Cell LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks
Fei YU  Lu TANG  Luxi YANG  Changchun ZHANG  Weiping ZHU  
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Special Section on Position Papers Exploring Innovative Intelligence and Technologies in Communications

pp.134-134  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Hisato IWAI  
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pp.135-144  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Concept of Chaos-Based Hierarchical Network Control and Its Application to Transmission Rate Control
Masaki AIDA  
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pp.145-152  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Localizing Sensors from Their Responses to Targets
Shigeo SHIODA  
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pp.153-159  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Brain-Inspired Communication Technologies: Information Networks with Continuing Internal Dynamics and Fluctuation
Jun-nosuke TERAMAE  Naoki WAKAMIYA  
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Regular Section

pp.160-170  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Simple and Provably Secure Anonymous Authenticated Key Exchange with a Binding Property
Kyungho SON  Dong-Guk HAN  Dongho WON  
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pp.171-179  PAPER-Network System
Disaster Recovery for Transport Network through Multiple Restoration Stages
Shohei KAMAMURA  Daisaku SHIMAZAKI  Kouichi GENDA  Koji SASAYAMA  Yoshihiko UEMATSU  
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pp.180-189  PAPER-Network System
MapReduce Job Scheduling Based on Remaining Job Sizes
Tatsuma MATSUKI  Tetsuya TAKINE  
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pp.190-200  PAPER-Network
Achieving Efficient Cloud Search Services: Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Supporting Parallel Computing
Zhangjie FU  Xingming SUN  Qi LIU  Lu ZHOU  Jiangang SHU  
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pp.201-208  PAPER-Network
A QoS-Aware Dual Crosspoint Queued Switch with Largest Weighted Occupancy First Scheduling Algorithm
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pp.209-218  PAPER-Network
Route Computation for Reliable Delivery of Threshold Secret Shared Content
Nagao OGINO  Hidetoshi YOKOTA  
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pp.219-230  PAPER-Network
Greedy Zone Epidemic Routing in Urban VANETs
Guangchun LUO  Haifeng SUN  Ke QIN  Junbao ZHANG  
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pp.231-241  PAPER-Network
Energy-Efficient Sensor Device Personalization Scheme for the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks
ByungBog LEE  Se-Jin KIM  
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pp.242-251  PAPER-Internet
STROP: Static Approach for Detection of Return-Oriented Programming Attack in Network
YoungHan CHOI  DongHoon LEE  
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pp.252-259  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Distance-Based Fair Resource Allocation Algorithm for Device-to-Device Multicast Communication in SFN System
Wenrong GONG  Xiaoxiang WANG  Mingming LI  Zijia HUANG  
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pp.260-266  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An Optimal Design of MIMO Full-Duplex Relay with Spatial-Domain Self-Interference Nulling Scheme
Byungjin CHUN  
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