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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E97-B No.4  (Publication Date:2014/04/01)
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pp.702-711  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Reduced-Complexity Constellation Mapping and Decoding in Wireless Multi-Way Relaying Networks
Ning WANG  Zhiguo DING  Xuchu DAI  
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pp.712-720  PAPER-Network
A New Available Bandwidth Estimation Method Using RTT for a Bottleneck Link
Masaharu IMAI  Yoshio SUGIZAKI  Koichi ASATANI  
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pp.721-729  PAPER-Network
Negative Surveys with Randomized Response Techniques for Privacy-Aware Participatory Sensing
Shunsuke AOKI  Kaoru SEZAKI  
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pp.730-737  PAPER-Network
A New Way for User's Web Communication Visualization and Measurement: Modeling, Experiment and Application
Tao QIN  Wei LI  Chenxu WANG  Xingjun ZHANG  
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pp.738-745  PAPER-Network
Performance Comparison of Subjective Assessment Methods for Stereoscopic 3D Video Quality
Taichi KAWANO  Kazuhisa YAMAGISHI  Takanori HAYASHI  
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pp.746-754  PAPER-Network
Prediction-Based Cross-Layer Resource Allocation for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks with Outdated CSI
Wei FENG  Suili FENG  Yuehua DING  Yongzhong ZHANG  
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pp.755-764  PAPER-Network
A Unified Self-Optimization Mobility Load Balancing Algorithm for LTE System
Ying YANG  Wenxiang DONG  Weiqiang LIU  Weidong WANG  
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pp.765-772  PAPER-Internet
Asymmetric Sparse Bloom Filter
MyungKeun YOON  JinWoo SON  Seon-Ho SHIN  
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pp.773-782  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
A New Scheme to Enhance Bandwidth of Printed Dipole for Wideband Applications
Dinh Thanh LE  Nguyen Quoc DINH  Yoshio KARASAWA  
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pp.783-790  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
An Efficient Beamforming Algorithm for Large-Scale Phased Arrays with Lossy Digital Phase Shifters
Shunji TANAKA  Tomohiko MITANI  Yoshio EBIHARA  
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pp.791-797  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Magnetic Field Homogeneity of Birdcage Coil for 4T MRI System with No Lumped Circuit Elements
Ryotaro SUGA  Kazuyuki SAITO  Masaharu TAKAHASHI  Koichi ITO  
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pp.798-806  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
A Wideband 16×16-Element Corporate-Feed Hollow-Waveguide Slot Array Antenna in the 60-GHz Band
Takashi TOMURA  Jiro HIROKAWA  Takuichi HIRANO  Makoto ANDO  
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pp.807-816  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Detection Method of Same Spreading Code Signals by Multimodulus Algorithm
Kenta UMEBAYASHI  Genichiro MURATA  Yasuo SUZUKI  
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pp.817-825  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Technique of Femtocell Searching in Next-Generation Mobile Communication Systems Using Synchronization Signals
Yeong Jun KIM  Tae Hwan HONG  Yong Soo CHO  
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pp.826-842  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Coordinated Interleaving Access Scheme for IEEE 802.11p Wireless Vehicular Networks
Shiann-Tsong SHEU  Yen-Chieh CHENG  Jung-Shyr WU  Frank Chee-Da TSAI  Luwei CHEN  
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pp.843-848  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Power Allocation for Outage Minimization in Distributed Transmit Antenna Systems with Delay Diversity
Minjoong RIM  Seungyeob CHAE  Xianglan JIN  Dae-Woon LIM  
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pp.849-866  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Agent-Based Coordination Scheme for IEEE 802.11p Wireless Vehicular Networks
Shiann-Tsong SHEU  Yen-Chieh CHENG  Ping-Jung HSIEH  Jung-Shyr WU  Luwei CHEN  
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pp.867-874  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Spectrum Sharing in MIMO Cognitive Radio Systems with Imperfect Channel State Information
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pp.875-885  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Time-Domain Windowing Design for IEEE 802.11af Based TVWS-WLAN Systems to Suppress Out-of-Band Emission
Keiichi MIZUTANI  Zhou LAN  Hiroshi HARADA  
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pp.886-895  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
IEEE 802.11af TVWS-WLAN with Partial Subcarrier System for Effective TVWS Utilization
Keiichi MIZUTANI  Zhou LAN  Hiroshi HARADA  
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pp.896-904  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A New Non-data Aided Frequency Offset Estimation Method for OFDM Based Device-to-Device Systems
Kyunghoon WON  Dongjun LEE  Wonjun HWANG  Hyung-Jin CHOI  
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pp.905-914  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Complexity Reduction in Joint Decoding of Block Coded Signals in Overloaded MIMO-OFDM System
Yoshihito DOI  Mamiko INAMORI  Yukitoshi SANADA  
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pp.915-922  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
Rapid Acquisition Assisted by Navigation Data for Inter-Satellite Links of Navigation Constellation
Xian-Bin LI  Yue-Ke WANG  Jian-Yun CHEN  Shi-ce NI  
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pp.923-929  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
Unambiguous Tracking Method Based on a New Combination Function for BOC Signals
Lan YANG  Zulin WANG  Qin HUANG  Lei ZHAO  
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