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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E96-B No.3  (Publication Date:2013/03/01)
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pp.685-712  INVITED SURVEY PAPER  Open Access Paper
A User's Guide to Compressed Sensing for Communications Systems
Kazunori HAYASHI  Masaaki NAGAHARA  Toshiyuki TANAKA  
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pp.713-721  INVITED SURVEY PAPER  Open Access Paper
Survey on Data Center Networking Technologies
Yoshiaki KIRIHA  Motoo NISHIHARA  
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pp.722-729  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A Low-Complexity Stopping Criterion for Turbo Decoding Using Forward State Metrics at a Single Time Instant
Sun-Ting LIN  Shou-Sheu LIN  Je-An LAI  
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pp.730-736  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Design of the Start-Frame-Delimiter Pair for 802.15 Smart Utility Network System
Liru LU  Hiroshi HARADA  Ryuhei FUNADA  Chin-Sean SUM  
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pp.737-748  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
On the Study of a Novel Decision Feedback Equalizer with Block Delay Detection for Joint Transceiver Optimization
Chun-Hsien WU  
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pp.749-755  PAPER-Network System
Service Aware Call Admission Control for Mobile VOD
Bo LI  Sungkwon PARK  
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pp.756-763  PAPER-Network System
Path-Moose: A Scalable All-Path Bridging Protocol
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pp.764-777  PAPER-Network
ZNP: A New Generation Network Layer Protocol Based on ID/Locator Split Considering Practical Operation
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pp.778-789  PAPER-Network
Skyline Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bo YIN  Yaping LIN  Jianping YU  Peng LIU  
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pp.790-801  PAPER-Network
Optimally Designing ISP-Operated CDN
Noriaki KAMIYAMA  Tatsuya MORI  Ryoichi KAWAHARA  Haruhisa HASEGAWA  
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pp.802-810  PAPER-Internet
Global Asymptotic Stability of FAST TCP in the Presence of Time-Varying Network Delay and Cross Traffic
Joon-Young CHOI  Hongju KIM  Soonman KWON  
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pp.811-819  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Effects of Received Power Imbalance on the Diversity Gain of a Digital TV MRC Array Antenna
Koichi OGAWA  Kazuhiro HONDA  
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pp.820-829  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Proportionally Quasi-Fair Scheduling for End-to-End Rates in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Dang-Quang BUI  Won-Joo HWANG  
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pp.830-835  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Modified MMSE SQRD Based Detection for Coded MIMO-OFDM Systems
Wen ZHONG  Anan LU  Xiqi GAO  
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pp.836-846  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Joint MMSE Design of Relay and Destination in Two-Hop MIMO Multi-Relay Networks
Youhua FU  Wei-Ping ZHU  Chen LIU  Feng LU  Hua-An ZHAO  
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pp.847-858  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive Iterative Decoding of Finite-Length Differentially Encoded LDPC Coded Systems with Multiple-Symbol Differential Detection
Yang YU  Shiro HANDA  Fumihito SASAMORI  Osamu TAKYU  
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pp.859-868  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Proposal and Hardware Performance of an Enhanced Feature Detection Method for OFDM Signals of Digital TV Standards
Chunyi SONG  Hiroshi HARADA  
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pp.869-879  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Interference Monitoring-Based Spectrum Management to Maximize White Space Utilization for Cognitive Radios
Kazushi MURAOKA  Hiroto SUGAHARA  Masayuki ARIYOSHI  
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pp.880-886  PAPER-Sensing
VHF Radio Wave Observations by Maido-1 Satellite and Evaluation of Its Relationship with Lightning Discharges
Hiroshi KIKUCHI  Satoru YOSHIDA  Takeshi MORIMOTO  Tomoo USHIO  Zenichiro KAWASAKI  
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pp.887-890  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Hierarchical Cooperation in Ultra-Wide Band Ad Hoc Networks
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pp.891-895  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
An Optimal Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Intae KIM  SeongOun HWANG  
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pp.896-899  LETTER-Network
Distributed Algorithm for End-to-End Rate Control with User-Level Utility in Communication Networks
Hee-Tae ROH  Jang-Won LEE  
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pp.900-904  LETTER-Network
Revisiting the Rich Club of the Internet AS-Level Topology
Yangyang WANG  Jun BI  Jianping WU  
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pp.905-909  LETTER-Internet
RTSP-Based Adaptive Sending Control for IPTV Service in Heterogeneous Networks and Experimental Implementation
Soohong PARK  Choong Seon HONG  
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pp.910-913  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Low-Complexity Soft-ML Detection Algorithm for Modified-DCM in WiMedia UWB Systems
Kilhwan KIM  Jangyong PARK  Jihun KOO  Yongsuk KIM  Jaeseok KIM  
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pp.914-917  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Performance Analysis of 2-Location Distance-Based Registration in Mobile Communication Networks
Janghyun BAEK  Taehan LEE  Chesoong KIM  
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pp.918-922  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Adaptive Channel Sensing for Asynchronous Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Scheme
Chunxiao JIANG  Hongyang CHEN  Peisen ZHAO  Nengqiang HE  Canfeng CHEN  Yong REN  
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