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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E96-B No.12  (Publication Date:2013/12/01)
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Special Section on Network and System Technologies for Sustainable Society

pp.2945-2945  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.2946-2952  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Deployment of OpenFlow/SDN Technologies to Carrier Services
Yoichi SATO  Ichiro FUKUDA  Tomonori FUJITA  
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pp.2953-2963  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Efficient Lookup Scheme for Non-aggregatable Name Prefixes and Its Evaluation
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pp.2964-2975  PAPER
Duopoly Competition in Time-Dependent Pricing for Improving Revenue of Network Service Providers
Cheng ZHANG  Bo GU  Kyoko YAMORI  Sugang XU  Yoshiaki TANAKA  
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pp.2976-2985  PAPER
IEEE 802.11ah Based M2M Networks Employing Virtual Grouping and Power Saving Methods
Kohei OGAWA  Masahiro MORIKURA  Koji YAMAMOTO  Tomoyuki SUGIHARA  
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pp.2986-2997  PAPER
An Access-Point Aggregation Approach for Energy-Saving Wireless Local Area Networks
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pp.2998-3006  PAPER
RMRP: A Reliable MAC and Routing Protocol for Congestion in IEEE 802.15.4 Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Young-Duk KIM  Won-Seok KANG  Kookrae CHO  Dongkyun KIM  
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pp.3007-3016  PAPER
Effective Barrier Coverage Constructions for Improving Border Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Manato FUJIMOTO  Hayato OZAKI  Takuya SUZUKI  Hiroaki KOYAMASHITA  Tomotaka WADA  Kouichi MUTSUURA  Hiromi OKADA  
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Regular Section

pp.3017-3027  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Local Information, Observable Parameters, and Global View
Hiroshi SAITO  
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pp.3028-3040  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
On Optimal Magnitude of Fluctuations in Probe Packet Arrival Intervals
Kohei WATABE  Masaki AIDA  
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pp.3041-3049  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A Power Adaptation Method for Finite Length Block Fading Channel with Multiple Antennas
Chen JI  Jiang WU  Dongming WANG  Xiaohu YOU  
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pp.3050-3061  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Pre-Equalization Based Initial Ranging Scheme for TDD-OFDMA Systems in Frequency Selective Channel
Qiwei WANG  Guangliang REN  
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pp.3062-3069  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Semi-Analytical Method for Performance Analysis of Code-Aided Soft-Information Based Iterative Carrier Phase Recovery
Nan WU  Hua WANG  Hongjie ZHAO  Jingming KUANG  
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pp.3070-3079  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Network Designs for Cycle-Attack-Free Logical-Tree Topologies in Optical CDM Networks
Tatsuya FUKUDA  Ken-ichi BABA  
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pp.3080-3090  PAPER-Network
Fanout Set Partition Scheme for QoS-Guaranteed Multicast Transmission
Kyungmin KIM  Seokhwan KONG  Jaiyong LEE  
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pp.3091-3100  PAPER-Internet
Evaluations and Analysis of Malware Prevention Methods on Websites
Takeshi YAGI  Junichi MURAYAMA  Takeo HARIU  Hiroyuki OHSAKI  
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pp.3101-3107  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Experimental Investigation of Joint Decoding in Overloaded MIMO-OFDM System
Tatsuro YABE  Mamiko INAMORI  Yukitoshi SANADA  
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pp.3108-3115  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Manufacture and Performance of a 60GHz-Band High-Efficiency Antenna with a Thick Resin Layer and the Feed through a Hole in a Silicon Chip
Jun ASANO  Jiro HIROKAWA  Hiroshi NAKANO  Yasutake HIRACHI  Hiroshi ISONO  Atsushi ISHII  Makoto ANDO  
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pp.3116-3123  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Loss-Recovery Scheme for Mixed Unicast and Multicast Traffic Using Network Coding
Zhiheng ZHOU  Liang ZHOU  Shengqiang LI  
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pp.3124-3134  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Low Complexity Heterodyne Multiband MIMO Receiver with Baseband Automatic Gain Control
Tomoya OHTA  Satoshi DENNO  Masahiro MORIKURA  
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pp.3135-3141  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Improved DFT-Based Channel Estimation for TDS-OFDM Wireless Communication Systems
Jung-Shan LIN  I-Cheng LIU  Shih-Chun YANG  Jeih-weih HUNG  
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pp.3142-3152  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Decode-and-Forward Relaying Schemes with Best-Node Selection under Outdated Channel State Information: Error Probability Analysis and Comparison
Nien-En WU  Hsuan-Jung SU  Hsueh-Jyh LI  
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pp.3153-3162  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Joint Transmit/Receive MMSE-FDE for Analog Network Coded Single-Carrier Bi-directional Multi-Antenna Relay
Hiroyuki MIYAZAKI  Tatsunori OBARA  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.3163-3171  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Study of Multi-Cell Interference in a 2-Hop OFDMA Virtual Cellular Network
Gerard J. PARAISON  Eisuke KUDOH  
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pp.3172-3180  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Dynamic Spectrum Control Aided Spectrum Sharing with Nonuniform Sampling-Based Channel Sounding
Quang Thang DUONG  Shinsuke IBI  Seiichi SAMPEI  
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pp.3181-3189  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Device-Aware Visual Quality Adaptation for Wireless N-Screen Multicast Systems
Inwoong LEE  Jincheol PARK  Seonghyun KIM  Taegeun OH  Sanghoon LEE  
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pp.3190-3198  PAPER-Sensing
Time Shift Parameter Setting of Temporal Decorrelation Source Separation for Periodic Gaussian Signals
Takeshi AMISHIMA  Kazufumi HIRATA  
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