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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E96-B No.11  (Publication Date:2013/11/01)
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Special Section on Progress in Information Network Science

pp.2713-2713  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Masaki AIDA  
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pp.2714-2723  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Congestion Control, Routing and Scheduling in Communication Networks: A Tutorial
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pp.2724-2732  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Nanoscale Photonic Network for Solution Searching and Decision Making Problems
Makoto NARUSE  Masashi AONO  Song-Ju KIM  
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pp.2733-2740  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Basics of Counting Statistics
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pp.2741-2748  PAPER
On the Topological Changes of Brain Functional Networks under Priming and Ambiguity
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pp.2749-2755  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Natural Synchronization of Wireless Sensor Networks by Noise-Induced Phase Synchronization Phenomenon
Hiroyuki YASUDA  Mikio HASEGAWA  
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pp.2756-2765  PAPER
Sequential Loss Tomography Using Compressed Sensing
Kazushi TAKEMOTO  Takahiro MATSUDA  Tetsuya TAKINE  
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pp.2766-2773  PAPER
Contracted Webgraphs — Scale-Freeness and Structure Mining —
Yushi UNO  Fumiya OGURI  
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pp.2774-2783  PAPER
Fast Trust Computation in Online Social Networks
Safi-Ullah NASIR  Tae-Hyung KIM  
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pp.2784-2794  PAPER
Scalability Analysis of Source Routing Multicast for Huge Numbers of Groups
Yohei KATAYAMA  Takeru INOUE  Noriyuki TAKAHASHI  Ryutaro KAWAMURA  
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pp.2795-2806  PAPER
Proposal of Data-Centric Network for Mobile and Dynamic Machine-to-Machine Communication
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Regular Section

pp.2807-2815  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A Practical Optimization Framework for the Degree Distribution in LT Codes
Chih-Ming CHEN  Ying-ping CHEN  Tzu-Ching SHEN  John K. ZAO  
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pp.2816-2827  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Mathematical Analysis of Call Admission Control in Mobile Hotspots
Jae Young CHOI  Bong Dae CHOI  
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pp.2828-2839  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
Continuous Phase Modulation (CPM) Revisited: Using Time-Limited Phase Shaping Pulses
Richard Hsin-Hsyong YANG  Chia-Kun LEE  Shiunn-Jang CHERN  
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pp.2840-2844  PAPER-Optical Fiber for Communications
Fourier-Domain Modal Delay Measurements for Multimode Fibers Optimized for the 850-nm Band in a Local Area Network
Chan-Young KIM  Tae-Jung AHN  
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pp.2845-2855  PAPER-Network System
Peer-to-Peer Content Multicast Using Off-Peak Periods in Wireless Access Links
Nagao OGINO  Shigehiro ANO  
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pp.2856-2864  PAPER-Network
Practical Solution for Broadcasting in VANETs Using Neighbor Information
Celimuge WU  Satoshi OHZAHATA  Toshihiko KATO  
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pp.2865-2874  PAPER-Network
A Resilient Video Streaming System Based on Location-Aware Overlapped Cluster Trees
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pp.2875-2882  PAPER-Internet
Data Spoofing Attacks by IPv6 Tunnels
Yu CUI  Zhi-Hong TIAN  Bin-Xing FANG  Hong-Li ZHANG  Wei-Zhe ZHANG  
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pp.2883-2890  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
A Partially Driven Array Antenna Backed by a Reflector with a Reduction in the Number of Driven Elements by Up to 67%
Tadashi TAKANO  Takehiro IMURA  Midori OKUMURA  
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pp.2891-2900  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
An Equivalent Double Layer Model for a Fast Design and Analysis of High Gain-Multilayer Radial Line Slot Antennas
Tung NGUYEN  Rushanthi JAYAWARDENE  Yasutomo TAKANO  Kimio SAKURAI  Jiro HIROKAWA  Makoto ANDO  Osamu AMANO  Shuichi KOREEDA  Takaomi MATSUZAKI  Yukio KAMATA  
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pp.2901-2905  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Practical Antenna Selection Technique in Multiuser Massive MIMO Networks
Tae-Won BAN  Bang Chul JUNG  
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pp.2906-2912  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Scheduling Algorithm with Multiple Feedbacks for Supporting Coordinated Multipoint Operation for LTE-Advanced Systems
Masayuki HOSHINO  Yasuaki YUDA  Tomohumi TAKATA  Akihiko NISHIO  
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pp.2913-2922  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Fixed-Rate Resource Exchange for Multi-Operator Pico eNodeB
Tomohiko MIMURA  Koji YAMAMOTO  Masahiro MORIKURA  Ayako IWATA  Takashi TAMURA  
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pp.2923-2932  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Optimization of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cluster-Based Cognitive Radio Networks with Soft Data Fusion
Ying WANG  Wenxuan LIN  Weiheng NI  Ping ZHANG  
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pp.2933-2942  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
Hardware Implementation of a Real-Time MEMS IMU/GNSS Deeply-Coupled System
Tisheng ZHANG  Hongping ZHANG  Yalong BAN  Kunlun YAN  Xiaoji NIU  Jingnan LIU  
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