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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E95-B No.7  (Publication Date:2012/07/01)
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Special Section on Future Internet Technologies against Present Crises

pp.2181-2181  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Katsuyoshi IIDA  
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pp.2182-2190  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Development of Seismometers Sensor Network for Observation on Sea Floor - IP goes to Oceans -
Katsuyuki YAMAZAKI  Hiroshi YAMAMOTO  Masanao SHINOHARA  Toshihiko KANAZAWA  
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pp.2191-2199  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Large-Scale Cooperative Dissemination of Governmental Information in Emergency – An Experiment and Future Strategies
Katsuhiro HORIBA  Keiko OKAWA  Jun MURAI  
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pp.2200-2209  PAPER
Design and Deployment of Post-Disaster Recovery Internet in 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
Kotaro KATAOKA  Keisuke UEHARA  Masafumi OE  Jun MURAI  
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pp.2210-2221  PAPER
On Tackling Flash Crowds with URL Shorteners and Examining User Behavior after Great East Japan Earthquake
Takeru INOUE  Shin-ichi MINATO  
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pp.2222-2231  PAPER
Scalable Virtual Network Mapping Algorithm for Internet-Scale Networks
Qiang YANG  Chunming WU  Min ZHANG  
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pp.2232-2244  PAPER
A Multipath Cubic TCP Congestion Control with Multipath Fast Recovery over High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks
Tuan Anh LE  Rim HAW  Choong Seon HONG  Sungwon LEE  
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Regular Section

pp.2245-2256  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
An Enhanced Security Protocol for VANET-Based Entertainment Services
Jung-Yoon KIM  Hyoung-Kee CHOI  
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pp.2257-2265  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A Delta-Sigma Modulator Using a Non-uniform Quantizer Adjusted for the Probability Density of Input Signals
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pp.2266-2277  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Group Secret Key Agreement Based on Radio Propagation Characteristics in Wireless Relaying Systems
Takayuki SHIMIZU  Hisato IWAI  Hideichi SASAOKA  
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pp.2278-2285  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Multi-Battery Scheduling for Battery-Powered DVS Systems
Peng OUYANG  Shouyi YIN  Leibo LIU  Shaojun WEI  
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pp.2286-2295  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Research on the Self Turn-On of Synchronous Rectifiers
Masahito JINNO  Po-Yuan CHEN  Ming-Shih LIN  Katsuaki MURATA  Koosuke HARADA  
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pp.2296-2301  PAPER-Transmission Systems and Transmission Equipment for Communications
ML Frame Synchronization for OFDM Systems Using a Known Pilot and Cyclic Prefixes
Heon HUH  
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pp.2302-2305  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Suppression of Polarization Dependent Loss by Using a Single Birefringent Fiber for Low-Coherence Signal
Mitsuhiro TATEDA  Kei OZAWA  
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pp.2306-2314  PAPER-Network System
FPS-RAM: Fast Prefix Search RAM-Based Hardware for Forwarding Engine
Kazuya ZAITSU  Koji YAMAMOTO  Yasuto KURODA  Kazunari INOUE  Shingo ATA  Ikuo OKA  
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pp.2315-2322  PAPER-Network
Route Determination Method for Fast Network Restoration in Functionally Distributed Transport Networking
Kouji SUGISONO  Hirofumi YAMAZAKI  Hideaki IWATA  Atsushi HIRAMATSU  
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pp.2323-2329  PAPER-Network
Handling Deafness Problem of Scheduled Multi-Channel Polling MACs
Fulong JIANG  Hao LIU  Longxing SHI  
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pp.2330-2343  PAPER-Network
An Architecture and a MAC Protocol for Throughput Improvement in Light Trail Networks
Wenjie CHEN  Yukinobu FUKUSHIMA  Tokumi YOKOHIRA  
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pp.2344-2357  PAPER-Internet
Throughput Improvement for TCP with a Performance Enhancing Proxy Using a UDP-Like Packet Sending Policy
Hui WANG  Yuichi NISHIDA  Yukinobu FUKUSHIMA  Tokumi YOKOHIRA  Zhen WU  
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pp.2358-2367  PAPER-Network Management/Operation
Unsupervised Ensemble Anomaly Detection Using Time-Periodic Packet Sampling
Masato UCHIDA  Shuichi NAWATA  Yu GU  Masato TSURU  Yuji OIE  
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pp.2368-2376  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Reduction in Mutual Coupling Characteristics of Slot-Coupled Planar Antenna due to Rectangular Elements
Huiling JIANG  Ryo YAMAGUCHI  Keizo CHO  
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pp.2377-2385  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Time-Reversal MUSIC Imaging with Time-Domain Gating Technique
Heedong CHOI  Yasutaka OGAWA  Toshihiko NISHIMURA  Takeo OHGANE  
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pp.2386-2392  PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Research on Characteristics of Field Uniformity in Reverberation Chamber Using Two TX Antennas
Jung-Hoon KIM  Tae-Heon JANG  Sung-Kuk LIM  Songjun LEE  Sung-Il YANG  
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pp.2393-2404  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive Channel Estimation for MIMO-Constant Envelope Modulation
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pp.2405-2413  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
MU-MIMO Precoding Methods for Reducing the Transmit Normalization Factor by Perturbing Data of the Codebook
Hyunwook YANG  Seungwon CHOI  
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pp.2414-2423  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Proportional Data Rate Fairness Resource Allocation for MIMO-OFDM Multiple Access Channel by Considering the Correlation Effect of Line of Sight and Non Line of Sight Channel Conditions
Sann Maw MAUNG  Iwao SASASE  
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pp.2424-2432  PAPER-Sensing
Accurate Image Expansion Method Using Range Points Based Ellipse Fitting for UWB Imaging Radar
Yoriaki ABE  Shouhei KIDERA  Tetsuo KIRIMOTO  
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pp.2433-2441  PAPER-Navigation, Guidance and Control Systems
An Improved GPS/RFID Integration Method Based on Sequential Iterated Reduced Sigma Point Kalman Filter
Jing PENG  Falin WU  Ming ZHU  Feixue WANG  Kefei ZHANG  
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pp.2442-2445  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Amplify-and-Forward Relay Filter Design with MIMO System for Two-Way Relay Channels
Jeehwan NOH  Chungyong LEE  
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pp.2446-2450  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Precoder Design and Capacity Analysis for Multi-Antenna Full-Duplex Relay
Young-Woo KWAK  Jong-Ho LEE  Yong-Hwa KIM  Seong-Cheol KIM  
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pp.2451-2454  LETTER-Network
Energy-Efficient Boundary Monitoring for Large-Scale Continuous Objects
Seung-Woo HONG  Euisin LEE  Ho-Yong RYU  Sang-Ha KIM  
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pp.2455-2458  LETTER-Network
Communication Reliability Support with the Minimum Number of Totally Transmitted Packets in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sungkee NOH  Euisin LEE  Soochang PARK  Seungmin OH  Sang-Ha KIM  
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pp.2459-2462  LETTER-Network
Security Condition for Exact Localization in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Jin Seok KIM  Dae Hyun YUM  Sung Je HONG  Jong KIM  Pil Joong LEE  
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pp.2463-2466  LETTER-Network
Node Splitting for Improved Virtual Network Embedding: A Feasibility Study
Jihun HA  Yongtae PARK  Byungjo KIM  Eunah KIM  Sunhee YANG  Hyogon KIM  
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pp.2467-2471  LETTER-Internet
Congestion Avoid Movement Aware Routing Protocol in Interplanetary Backbone Networks
Haoliang SUN  Xiaohui HU  Lixiang LIU  
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pp.2472-2476  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
DOA Estimation of Coherently Distributed Sources Based on Block-Sparse Constraint
Lu GAN  Xiao Qing WANG  Hong Shu LIAO  
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pp.2477-2480  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Interference Mitigation Techniques for OFDMA-Based Digital Duplexing Systems
Chang-Hwan PARK  Han-Seong KIM  Yong-Soo CHO  
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pp.2481-2484  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Multi-User Frequency Offset Correction for OFDMA Reverse Link
Jungwoo LEE  
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pp.2485-2488  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Novel User Pairing Algorithm for Uplink Virtual MIMO Systems
Wei LIU  Wu-yang JIANG  Hanwen LUO  Ming DING  
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pp.2489-2493  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An Efficiency Optimization Scheme for the Two-Stage Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network
Ying-pei LIN  Chen HE  Ling-ge JIANG  Di HE  
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pp.2494-2497  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Low-Complexity Ordered Sphere Decoding Algorithm for Spatial Modulation
Ping YANG  Yue XIAO  Qian TANG  Bin ZHOU  Shaoqian LI  
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pp.2498-2500  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Low Noise and Highly Linear Wideband CMOS RF Front-End for DVB-H Direct-Conversion Receiver
Ilku NAM  Hyunwon MOON  Doo Hyung WOO  
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pp.2501-2504  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Asymptotic Performance Analysis of STBCs from Coordinate Interleaved Orthogonal Designs in Shadowed Rayleigh Fading Channels
Chanho YOON  Hoojin LEE  Joonhyuk KANG  
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pp.2505-2508  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
An Enhanced Secure Authentication Scheme with Anonymity for Wireless Environments
Woongryul JEON  Jeeyeon KIM  Junghyun NAM  Youngsook LEE  Dongho WON  
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pp.2509-2512  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Performance Analysis of Non-saturated IEEE 802.11 DCF Networks
Linbo ZHAI  Xiaomin ZHANG  Gang XIE  
This letter was withdrawn by the authors. The withdrawal procedure has been completed on July 23, 2012.
Summary | Full Text:PDF (261.3KB)

pp.2513-2516  LETTER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
A Statistical Model-Based Speech Enhancement Using Acoustic Noise Classification for Robust Speech Communication
Jae-Hun CHOI  Joon-Hyuk CHANG  
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