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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E95-B No.10  (Publication Date:2012/10/01)
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Special Section on Medical Information Communication Technology for Disaster Recovery and Human Health Care Support

pp.3061-3061  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.3062-3066  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Healthcare ICT for Temporary Housing Community in Disaster-Stricken Area
Masahiro KURODA  
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pp.3067-3073  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Application of a Telemedical Tool in an Isolated Island and a Disaster Area of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Makoto YOSHIZAWA  Tomoyuki YAMBE  Norihiro SUGITA  Satoshi KONNO  Makoto ABE  Noriyasu HOMMA  Futoshi TAKEI  Katsuhiko YOKOTA  Yoshifumi SAIJO  Shin-ichi NITTA  
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pp.3074-3080  PAPER
Small Multi-Band Antenna with Tuning Function for Body-Centric Wireless Communications
Chia-Hsien LIN  Zhengyi LI  Kazuyuki SAITO  Masaharu TAKAHASHI  Koichi ITO  
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pp.3081-3087  PAPER
Performance Evaluation on RSSI-Based Localization for Capsule Endoscopy Systems with 400 MHz MICS Band Signals
Daisuke ANZAI  Sho AOYAMA  Jianqing WANG  
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pp.3088-3095  PAPER
State Classification with Array Sensor Using Support Vector Machine for Wireless Monitoring Systems
Jihoon HONG  Tomoaki OHTSUKI  
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pp.3096-3099  LETTER
An Efficient Synchronization Scheme for Cooperative WBAN in Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems
Sekchin CHANG  
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pp.3100-3102  LETTER
Interoperable Real-Time Medical Systems for Assured Healthcare Services
Eunjeong PARK  Hyo Suk NAM  
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Regular Section

pp.3103-3112  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Acknowledgment Mechanisms for Network-Coding-Based Reliable Wireless Multicast
Kaikai CHI  Xiaohong JIANG  Yi-hua ZHU  Yanjun LI  
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pp.3113-3119  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Effect of Multiple Antennas on the Transport Capacity in Large-Scale Ad Hoc Networks
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pp.3120-3129  PAPER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
On the Decodability of Random Linear Network Coding in Acyclic Networks
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pp.3130-3138  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Router Power Reduction through Dynamic Performance Control Based on Traffic Predictions
Hiroyuki ITO  Hiroshi HASEGAWA  Ken-ichi SATO  
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pp.3139-3148  PAPER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Optical Fast Circuit Switching Networks Employing Dynamic Waveband Tunnel
Takahiro OGAWA  Hiroshi HASEGAWA  Ken-ichi SATO  
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pp.3149-3157  PAPER-Network
An Efficient Route Optimization Scheme for Multiple LMAs in PMIPv6 Domain
Won-Kyeong SEO  Kang-Won LEE  Jae-In CHOI  You-Ze CHO  
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pp.3158-3167  PAPER-Network
SAFE: A Scalable Autonomous Fault-Tolerant Ethernet Scheme for Large-Scale Star Networks
Dong Ho LEE  You-Ze CHO  Hoang-Anh PHAM  Jong Myung RHEE  Yeonseung RYU  
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pp.3168-3178  PAPER-Network
Media-Independent Handover Design for Seamless Mobility in Heterogeneous WiMAX/Wi-Fi Networks
Chen-Hua SHIH  Jun-Li KUO  Cheng-Yuan HO  Yaw-Chung CHEN  
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pp.3179-3186  PAPER-Network
Node Redeployment for Effective Prolong Maintenance Period in Wireless Sensor Networks
ChengDong WU  Long CHENG  YunZhou ZHANG  
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pp.3187-3196  PAPER-Network
Agile Spectrum Mobility Aided Spectrum-Aware Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
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pp.3197-3205  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Channel Modeling and Performance Analysis of Diversity Reception for Implant UWB Wireless Link
Jingjing SHI  Daisuke ANZAI  Jianqing WANG  
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pp.3206-3214  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Asymptotic Calculation of the Intensity of Millimeter Wave Propagation over an Undulating Surface Using the Diffraction Integral with a High-Degree Phase Function
Toshio IHARA  Kenji SEKI  
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pp.3215-3224  PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Experimental Evaluation of the SAR Induced in Head Phantoms of Three- and Eight-Year-Old Children
Marie-Christine GOSSELIN  Sven KUHN  Andreas CHRIST  Marcel ZEFFERER  Emilio CHERUBINI  Jurriaan F. BAKKER  Gerard C. van RHOON  Niels KUSTER  
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pp.3225-3231  PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)  Open Access Paper
Miniaturization of Parallel-Plate Lens Antenna for Evaluation of Wave Absorber Placed on Ceiling of ETC Gate
Takenori YASUZUMI  Nayuta KAMIYA  Ryosuke SUGA  Osamu HASHIMOTO  Yukinori MATSUSHITA  Yasuyuki MATSUDA  
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pp.3232-3241  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Virtual Layered Successive Detector with Adaptive Transmit Signal Phase Rotation for QAM
Satoshi DENNO  Jun IMAMURA  Masahiro MORIKURA  
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pp.3242-3251  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Non-coherent MIMO Communication Systems Employing per Transmit Antenna Differential Mapping (PADM)
Hiroshi KUBO  Masatsugu HIGASHINAKA  Akihiro OKAZAKI  
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pp.3252-3260  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Conjugate-Gradient Based Doubly Selective Channel Estimation and Equalization for OFDM Systems
Dongjae LEE  
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pp.3261-3269  PAPER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Analysis of Optimal Weighted Cooperative Spectrum Sensing with Multiple Antenna Elements
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pp.3270-3278  PAPER-Sensing
Spatial Variance of Bistatic SAR with One Fixed Station
Junjie WU  Jianyu YANG  Yulin HUANG  Haiguang YANG  Lingjiang KONG  
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pp.3279-3289  PAPER-Sensing
Accurate 3-Dimensional Imaging Method Based on Extended RPM for Rotating Target Model
Shouhei KIDERA  Hiroyuki YAMADA  Tetsuo KIRIMOTO  
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pp.3290-3293  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Adaptive Wideband Beamforming with Mainlobe Control Using Iterative Second-Order Cone Programming
Jie LI  Gang WEI  
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pp.3294-3297  LETTER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
C- and L-Band Parallel Configuration Optical Fiber Amplifier Employing Bundled Er3+-Doped Fiber
Makoto YAMADA  Masaharu UNO  Hirotaka ONO  
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pp.3298-3301  LETTER-Network System
An Efficient Prefix Caching Scheme with Bounded Prefix Expansion for High-Speed IP Lookup
Junghwan KIM  Minkyu PARK  Sangchul HAN  Jinsoo KIM  
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pp.3302-3306  LETTER-Network System
Experiment on Point-to-Multipoint VLAN Path Establishment on the Overlay-Model-Based GMPLS-Controlled Wide Area Ethernet
Kou KIKUTA  Daisuke ISHII  Satoru OKAMOTO  Naoaki YAMANAKA  
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pp.3307-3311  LETTER-Network
BTRB: Beam Table-Based Reliable Broadcast for Directional Antennas
Laihyuk PARK  Jeongseok YU  Chan-Gun LEE  Sungrae CHO  
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pp.3312-3315  LETTER-Network
A Channel-Aware Scheduling Scheme for (m,k)-Firm Streams in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Changxiao ZHAO  Huagang XIONG  
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pp.3316-3319  LETTER-Network
A Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Ad-Hoc Peer-to-Peer Live Multimedia Streaming
Chen-Hua SHIH  Jun-Li KUO  Yaw-Chung CHEN  
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pp.3320-3323  LETTER-Internet
A Proposal and Evaluation of a Novel Binding Scheme for Network Mobility Support in PMIPv6 Networks
Yoo-Cheol NA  Sang-Won MIN  Bok-Ki KIM  
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pp.3324-3327  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Feeding Matrix Placed on a Single Layer with Hybrid Coupler Controlling Beams in Three Directions Including Boresight
Masatoshi TSUJI  
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pp.3328-3331  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Miniaturized Antenna with High Radiation Efficiency Using Ground and Chip Capacitors
Hyengcheul CHOI  Kyung-Young JUNG  Hyeongdong KIM  
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pp.3332-3336  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Automated Creation of Beamformer-Based Optimum DOA Estimation Algorithm Using Genetic Algorithm
Shunsuke YOSHIMURA  Hiroshi HIRAYAMA  Nobuyoshi KIKUMA  Kunio SAKAKIBARA  
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pp.3337-3340  LETTER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Coexistence of Korea's LTE System and Japan's DTV System
Ho-Kyung SON  Jong-Ho KIM  Che-Young KIM  
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pp.3341-3344  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Outage Analysis for Amplify-and-Forward Relay with End-to-End Antenna Selection over Non-identical Nakagami-m Environment
Dac-Binh HA  Vo Nguyen Quoc BAO  Nguyen-Son VO  
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pp.3345-3348  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Optimal Distributed Beamforming for Two-User MISO Interference Channel Based on a Game-Theoretic Viewpoint
Jiamin LI  Dongming WANG  Pengcheng ZHU  Lan TANG  Xiaohu YOU  
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pp.3349-3352  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Full Diversity Full Rate Cyclotomic Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes for MIMO Wireless Systems
Hua JIANG  Kanglian ZHAO  Yang LI  Sidan DU  
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pp.3353-3357  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Fair Partitioning of the Downlink Resources of an OFDMA-Based Multi-User Multi-Tier Cellular Network Using Fractional Frequency Reuse
Akindele Segun AFOLABI  Erdenebileg MUNKHBAT  Yumi TAKAKI  Chikara OHTA  Hisashi TAMAKI  Yoshizo TANAKA  Takashi YAMAMOTO  Yoji OKADA  
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pp.3358-3361  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Sensing-Based Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing for Cognitive Radio Downlink MIMO Systems
Liang LI  Ling QIU  Guo WEI  
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pp.3362-3364  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
A Deception Mechanism against Compromised Station Attacks in IEEE 802.11 Channel-Hopping Systems
Jaemin JEUNG  Seungmyeong JEONG  JaeSung LIM  
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pp.3365-3369  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Maximum Likelihood Detection of Random Primary Networks for Cognitive Radio Systems
Sunyoung LEE  Kae Won CHOI  Seong-Lyun KIM  
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pp.3370-3373  LETTER-Satellite Communications
Evaluation of TCP Performance by Using High-Speed Communication Satellite WINDS and Large Earth Terminal
Hiroyasu OBATA  Kenji ISHIDA  Chisa TAKANO  Junichi FUNASAKA  Masaaki BESSHO  
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