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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E94-B No.10  (Publication Date:2011/10/01)
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Special Section on New Paradigm on Content Distribution and Sharing

pp.2705-2705  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.2706-2714  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Towards Extreme Scale Content-Based Networking for the Next Generation Internet
Mohamed DIALLO  Serge FDIDA  Prométhée SPATHIS  
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pp.2715-2722  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Architecture, Implementation, and Experiments of Programmable Network Using OpenFlow
Hideyuki SHIMONISHI  Shuji ISHII  Lei SUN  Yoshihiko KANAUMI  
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pp.2723-2731  PAPER
Secure and Scalable Content Sharing Framework for Next-Generation IPTV Service
Seungmin LEE  Dong-Il SEO  
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pp.2732-2740  PAPER
High-Quality P2P Video Streaming System Considering the Cooperation of Constitution Information and Delivery Status
Yohei OKAMOTO  Yosuke TANIGAWA  Hideki TODE  
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pp.2741-2750  PAPER
Performance Evaluation of Inter-Layer 3 Networking with ID/Locator Separation Architecture
Hiroyuki URABAYASHI  Miki YAMAMOTO  Tomohiko YAGYU  
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pp.2751-2754  LETTER
Low Overhead Smooth Mobile Content Sharing Using Content Centric Networking (CCN)
Jihoon LEE  Seungwoo JEON  
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pp.2755-2758  LETTER
Boosting P2P Streaming Performance via Adaptive Chunk Selection
Choonhwa LEE  Eunsam KIM  
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pp.2759-2762  LETTER
Adaptive Push-Pull Protocols for P2P-Based Video Streaming
Duhwan JO  Sumi HELAL  Eunsam KIM  Wonjun LEE  Choonhwa LEE  
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Regular Section

pp.2763-2775  PAPER-Network
Performance of Handovers between NEMO and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Buffering
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pp.2776-2784  PAPER-Network
Throughput Improvement Technique for D-TDMA-Based Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
Mathieu LENOBLE  Kenji ITO  
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pp.2785-2795  PAPER-Network
Interactive Admission and Power Control Protocol for Cooperative Spectrum Underlay in Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks
Young-Keum SONG  Dongwoo KIM  
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pp.2796-2804  PAPER-Network
QoS NSIS Signaling Layer Protocol for Mobility Support with a Cross-Layer Approach
Sooyong LEE  Myungchul KIM  Sungwon KANG  Ben LEE  Kyunghee LEE  Soonuk SEOL  
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pp.2805-2816  PAPER-Network
A Realistic Communication Model for Distributed Error-Prone Wireless Sensor Networks
Muhammad TARIQ  Martin MACUHA  Yong-Jin PARK  Takuro SATO  
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pp.2817-2827  PAPER-Network Management/Operation
Web Cache Design and Implementation for Efficient SNMP Monitoring towards Internet-Scale Network Management
Ahmad Kamil ABDUL HAMID  Yoshihiro KAWAHARA  Tohru ASAMI  
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pp.2828-2836  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Diversity Analysis of MIMO Decode-and-Forward Relay Network by Using Near-ML Decoder
Xianglan JIN  Dong-Sup JIN  Jong-Seon NO  Dong-Joon SHIN  
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pp.2837-2846  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies  Open Access Paper
Simplified Capacity-Based User Scheduling Algorithm for Multiuser MIMO Systems with Block Diagonalization
Yuyuan CHANG  Kiyomichi ARAKI  
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pp.2847-2856  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Iterative MMSE-FDE/MUI Cancellation and Antenna Diversity for Frequency-Domain Filtered SC-FDMA Uplink
Suguru OKUYAMA  Kazuki TAKEDA  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.2857-2867  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Joint Frequency and Power Allocation in Wireless Mesh Networks: A Self-Pricing Game Model
Xin LIU  Jin-long WANG  Qihui WU  Yang YANG  
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pp.2868-2871  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Regional Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff
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pp.2872-2876  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
A Subcarrier-Reference Scheme for Multiuser MISO-OFDMA Systems with Low Probability of Interception
Wenyu LUO  Liang JIN  Yingsong LI  
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pp.2877-2880  LETTER-Fiber-Optic Transmission for Communications
Spectrally Efficient Frequency-Domain Optical CDM Employing QAM Based on Electrical Spatial Code Spreading
Shin KANEKO  Sang-Yuep KIM  Noriki MIKI  Hideaki KIMURA  Hisaya HADAMA  Koichi TAKIGUCHI  Hiroshi YAMAZAKI  Takashi YAMADA  Yoshiyuki DOI  
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pp.2881-2885  LETTER-Network
A Study on Cluster Lifetime of Single-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks with Cooperative MISO Scheme
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pp.2886-2890  LETTER-Network
Error Reduction Algorithm for Target Position Estimation Using Reflected Signals
Hiroyuki HATANO  Kazuya SUGIYAMA  Tomoharu MIZUTANI  Yoshihiko KUWAHARA  
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pp.2891-2895  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Analyses of Antenna Displacement in Short-Range MIMO Transmission over Millimeter-Wave
Ken HIRAGA  Tomohiro SEKI  Kentaro NISHIMORI  Kenjiro NISHIKAWA  Ichihiko TOYODA  Kazuhiro UEHARA  
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pp.2896-2899  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive Sequential Cooperative Energy Detection Scheme for Primary User Detection in Cognitive Radio
Shengliang PENG  Xi YANG  Shuli SHU  Pengcheng ZHU  Xiuying CAO  
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pp.2900-2902  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Robust Physical Layer Signaling Transmission over OFDM Systems
Lifeng HE  Fang YANG  Zhaocheng WANG  
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pp.2903-2907  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Prerake Combining-Based Transmit Diversity UWB Systems with Pulse Amplitude and Position Modulation
Sangchoon KIM  
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pp.2908-2911  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Efficient User Scheduling Algorithm for Enhancing Zero-Forcing Beamforming in MIMO Broadcast Channels
Changeui SHIN  Hyunsung GO  Seungwon CHOI  
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pp.2912-2915  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Optimized Relay Selection Strategy Based on GF(2p) for Adaptive Network Coded Cooperation
Kaibin ZHANG  Liuguo YIN  Jianhua LU  
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pp.2916-2919  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Two Network Coding Diversity Enhancement Schemes for Wireless Relay Systems
Sung Kwon HONG  Jong-Moon CHUNG  
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pp.2920-2924  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Novel Constellation Precoding Technique in MIMO Continuous Rayleigh Fading Channels
Fuh-Hsin HWANG  Tsui-Tsai LIN  
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pp.2925-2928  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
QoS Aware Energy Efficiency Analysis in the Cellular Networks
Bei LIU  Ling QIU  Jie XU  
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pp.2929-2932  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
GroupScan: Group-Based Fast Handoff Scheme for Wireless LAN
Jangkyu YUN  Mahnsuk YOON  Byunghwa LEE  Kijun HAN  
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pp.2933-2936  LETTER-Terrestrial Wireless Communication/Broadcasting Technologies
Log-Based Admission Control Scheme for Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks
Woongsoo NA  Sungrae CHO  
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pp.2937-2940  LETTER-Satellite Communications
Effective XPD for Partially Overlapped Dual-Polarized Channels
Sang Gyu LEE  Sung Woong RA  Song Jae LEE  
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pp.2941-2944  LETTER-Multimedia Systems for Communications
A Bandwidth Extension Scheme for G.711 Speech by Embedding Multiple Highband Gains
Hae-Yong YANG  Kyung-Hoon LEE  Sung-Jea KO  
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