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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E93-B No.8  (Publication Date:2010/08/01)
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Special Section on Implementation, Experiments, and Practice for Ad Hoc and Mesh Networks

pp.1987-1987  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Susumu MATSUI  
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pp.1988-1992  PAPER
FPGA Implementation of STBC Based Cooperative Relaying System
Hidekazu MURATA  Yuji OISHI  Koji YAMAMOTO  Susumu YOSHIDA  
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pp.1993-2003  PAPER
Multi-Band Received Signal Strength Fingerprinting Based Indoor Location System
Chinnapat SERTTHIN  Takeo FUJII  Tomoaki OHTSUKI  Masao NAKAGAWA  
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pp.2004-2011  PAPER
MANEMO Routing in Practice: Protocol Selection, Expected Performance, and Experimental Evaluation
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pp.2012-2021  PAPER
Self-Organized Link State Aware Routing for Multiple Mobile Agents in Wireless Network
Akihiro ODA  Hiroaki NISHI  
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pp.2022-2034  PAPER
Integrating Overlay Protocols for Providing Autonomic Services in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Panagiotis GOUVAS  Anastasios ZAFEIROPOULOS  Athanassios LIAKOPOULOS  Gregoris MENTZAS  Nikolas MITROU  
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pp.2035-2042  PAPER
Frame Resource Allocation Schemes that Improve System Capacity and Latency Performance of Time-Division Duplex Multihop Relay Systems
Youhei OHNO  Tatsuya SHIMIZU  Takefumi HIRAGURI  Masashi NAKATSUGAWA  
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pp.2043-2052  PAPER
Joint Control of Transmit Power and Frame Size for Energy-Optimized Data Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ram Kishore REDDY  Swades DE  Hari Mohan GUPTA  
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pp.2053-2062  PAPER
A Novel Interference Avoidance Technique on Mobile Wireless Routers Using IEEE802.11n PSMP
Akira KISHIDA  Takefumi HIRAGURI  Masakatsu OGAWA  Kentaro NISHIMORI  Naoki HONMA  Tetsu SAKATA  
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pp.2063-2072  PAPER
Transmission History Based Distributed Adaptive Contention Window Adjustment Algorithm Cooperating with Automatic Rate Fallback for Wireless LANs
Masakatsu OGAWA  Takefumi HIRAGURI  Kentaro NISHIMORI  Kazuhiro TAKAYA  Kazuo MURAKAWA  
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pp.2073-2076  LETTER
CropNET: A Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network for Agricultural Monitoring
Shouyi YIN  Zhongfu SUN  Leibo LIU  Shaojun WEI  
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pp.2077-2081  LETTER
Location Error Detection and Compensation for IEEE 802.15.4a Networks in Indoor Environments
Youngbae KONG  Junseok KIM  Younggoo KWON  Gwitae PARK  
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Regular Section

pp.2082-2087  PAPER-Network
Active Channel Reservation for Coexistence Mechanism (ACROS) for IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11
Soo Young SHIN  Dong Hyuk WOO  Jong Wook LEE  Hong Seong PARK  Wook Hyun KWON  
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pp.2088-2096  PAPER-Network
Interference Drop Scheme: Enhancing QoS Provision in Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
Chang-Yi LUO  Nobuyoshi KOMURO  Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI  Hiroyuki KASAI  Hiromi UEDA  Toshinori TSUBOI  
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pp.2097-2103  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Opportunistic Resource Scheduling for a Wireless Network with Relay Stations
Jeong-Ahn KWON  Jang-Won LEE  
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pp.2104-2112  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Frequency-Domain Block Signal Detection for Single-Carrier Transmission
Tetsuya YAMAMOTO  Kazuki TAKEDA  Fumiyuki ADACHI  
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pp.2113-2125  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
On Searching Available Channels with Asynchronous MAC-Layer Spectrum Sensing
Chunxiao JIANG  Xin MA  Canfeng CHEN  Jian MA  Yong REN  
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pp.2126-2134  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Impact and Use of the Asymmetric Property in Bi-directional Cooperative Relaying under Asymmetric Traffic Conditions
Takaaki SAEKI  Koji YAMAMOTO  Hidekazu MURATA  Susumu YOSHIDA  
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pp.2135-2141  PAPER-Antennas and Propagation
Design of a Wideband UHF RFID Printed Tag Antenna Using the R2R Process
Uisheon KIM  Gyubong JUNG  Jaehoon CHOI  
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pp.2142-2157  PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
A Current Mode Analysis on Ground Leakage Current Noise Generation in Unbalanced and Balanced Switching Converters
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pp.2158-2164  PAPER-Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)
Antenna Calibration Using the 3-Antenna Method with the In-Phase Synthetic Method
Katsumi FUJII  Yukio YAMANAKA  Kunimasa KOIKE  Akira SUGIURA  
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pp.2165-2170  PAPER-Energy in Electronics Communications
Magnetic Saturation Due to Fast Dynamic Response and Its Eliminating Method in Bridge-Type DC-DC Converter
Teruhiko KOHAMA  Sunao TOKIMATSU  Akio INOUE  
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pp.2171-2175  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Probabilistic Priority Message Checking Modeling Based on Controller Area Networks
Cheng-Min LIN  
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pp.2176-2179  LETTER-Switching for Communications
Analysis of Matching Dynamics of PIM with Multiple Iterations in an Input-Buffered Packet Switch
Nattapong KITSUWAN  Eiji OKI  Roberto ROJAS-CESSA  
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pp.2180-2183  LETTER-Network
An Efficient Filtering Method for Processing Continuous Skyline Queries on Sensor Data
Su Min JANG  Choon Seo PARK  Dong Min SEO  Jae Soo YOO  
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pp.2184-2187  LETTER-Network
Load Balancing for Greedy Forwarding of Geographic Routing in Wireless Networks
Ki-Il KIM  Min-Jung BAEK  Tae-Eung SUNG  
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pp.2188-2190  LETTER-Internet
Identifying IP Blocks with Spamming Bots by Spatial Distribution
Sangki YUN  Byungseung KIM  Saewoong BAHK  Hyogon KIM  
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pp.2191-2194  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An Efficient Weight-Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Scheme in Cognitive Radio Systems
Thuc KIEU-XUAN  Insoo KOO  
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pp.2195-2198  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Receive Diversity Combining Techniques for SC-FDMA-Based Cooperative Relays
Kyung-Soo WOO  Yeong-Jun KIM  Hyun-Il YOO  Jaekwon KIM  Sangboh YUN  Yong-Soo CHO  
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pp.2199-2202  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An MLSE-Based Interrogator for EPC-Global Gen-II System
Yung-Yi WANG  
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pp.2203-2206  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Improved IFDMA Transmission Structure on SISO and MISO Channels
Yue XIAO  Peng CHENG  Xu HE  Shaoqian LI  
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pp.2207-2210  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Interference-Aware Resource Allocation Scheme for Femtocell in OFDMA Systems
Byungchan KWON  Junwoo JUNG  Jaesung LIM  
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pp.2211-2214  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Low-Complexity Sparse Channel Estimation Method for OFDM Systems
Bin SHENG  Pengcheng ZHU  Xiaohu YOU  Lan CHEN  
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pp.2215-2218  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Optimal Tracking Area Update in LTE Systems
Navrati SAXENA  Abhishek ROY  Jeong-Jae WON  
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pp.2219-2222  LETTER-Antennas and Propagation
Ultra-Wideband Fermi Antenna Using Microstrip-to-CPS Balun
Dong-Sik WOO  Young-Gon KIM  Young-Ki CHO  Kang Wook KIM  
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pp.2223-2225  LETTER-Sensing
Minimax Mean-Squared Error Location Estimation Using TOA Measurements
Chih-Chang SHEN  Ann-Chen CHANG  
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pp.2226-2227  LETTER-Sensing
Wideband Radio Wave Observations of Lightning Discharge by Maido-1 Satellite
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