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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E93-B No.7  (Publication Date:2010/07/01)
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Special Section on Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility Technology in Conjunction with Main Topics of EMC'09/Kyoto

pp.1663-1663  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
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pp.1664-1669  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Development of Japanese EMC Engineering in 1996-2009 and Prospects
Ryuji KOGA  
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pp.1670-1677  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Full-Wave Analysis of Power Distribution Networks in Printed Circuit Boards
Francescaromana MARADEI  Spartaco CANIGGIA  Nicola INVERARDI  Mario ROTIGNI  
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pp.1678-1689  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Mitigation of Noise Coupling in Multilayer High-Speed PCB: State of the Art Modeling Methodology and EBG Technology
Tzong-Lin WU  Jun FAN  Francesco de PAULIS  Chuen-De WANG  Antonio Ciccomancini SCOGNA  Antonio ORLANDI  
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pp.1690-1696  PAPER-EMC Measurement Technique, EMC Test Facilities
Evaluation of Uncertainties in Electromagnetic Disturbance Measurement above 1 GHz due to Site Imperfections
Toshihide TOSAKA  Yukio YAMANAKA  
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pp.1697-1706  PAPER-EMC Measurement Technique, EMC Test Facilities
Analysis of Errors in Permittivity Measurements Using the Waveguide-Penetration Method
Alfred KIK  Atsuhiro NISHIKATA  
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pp.1707-1714  PAPER-EMC Measurement Technique, EMC Test Facilities
Method of Evaluating Shielding Effect of Enclosure Using Disc-Cone Antenna Operated by O/E Converter from 1 GHz to 8 GHz
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pp.1715-1722  PAPER-Chip and Package Level EMC
A Simulation-Based Black-Box Microcontroller Model for EME Prediction
Yamarita VILLAVICENCIO  Francesco MUSOLINO  Franco FIORI  
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pp.1723-1730  PAPER-Chip and Package Level EMC
Immunity Modeling of Integrated Circuits: An Industrial Case
Frederic LAFON  Francois DE DARAN  Mohamed RAMDANI  Richard PERDRIAU  M'hamed DRISSI  
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pp.1731-1738  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Analysis of Microstrip Line with Bends Using Fourier Transform and Mode-Matching Technique
Hyun Ho PARK  
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pp.1739-1745  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Calculation of Common-Mode Radiation from Single-Channel Differential Signaling System Using Imbalance Difference Model
Tohlu MATSUSHIMA  Tetsushi WATANABE  Yoshitaka TOYOTA  Ryuji KOGA  Osami WADA  
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pp.1746-1753  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Suppression of Guard-Trace Resonance by Matched Termination for Reducing Common-Mode Radiation
Tetsushi WATANABE  Tohlu MATSUSHIMA  Yoshitaka TOYOTA  Osami WADA  Ryuji KOGA  
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pp.1754-1759  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures Using Open Stubs to Suppress Power Plane Noise
Hiroshi TOYAO  Noriaki ANDO  Takashi HARADA  
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pp.1760-1767  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Efficient Modelling Method for Artificial Materials Using Digital Filtering Techniques and EMC Applications
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pp.1768-1775  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Influence of Adjacent Metal Cover Planes on EMC Filter Structures
Thomas FISCHER  Goeran SCHUBERT  Manfred ALBACH  
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pp.1776-1780  PAPER-PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control
Study of Electromagnetic Noise Coupling in Wireless-LAN Communication System
Mizuki IWANAMI  Hiroshi FUKUDA  Manabu KUSUMOTO  Takashi HARADA  
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pp.1781-1787  PAPER-Transmission Lines and Cables
Radiated Susceptibility of a Twisted-Wire Pair Illuminated by a Random Plane-Wave Spectrum
Giordano SPADACINI  Sergio A. PIGNARI  
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pp.1788-1796  PAPER-Transmission Lines and Cables
An Approach for Practical Use of Common-Mode Noise Reduction Technique for In-Vehicle Electronic Equipment
Takanori UNO  Kouji ICHIKAWA  Yuichi MABUCHI  Atsushi NAKAMURA  Yuji OKAZAKI  Hideki ASAI  
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pp.1797-1800  PAPER-ESD and Transients
Estimation of Potential Gradient from Discharge Current through Hand-Held Metal Piece from Charged Human Body
Yoshinori TAKA  Osamu FUJIWARA  
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pp.1801-1806  PAPER-ESD and Transients
Verification of Spark-Resistance Formulae for Micro-Gap ESD
Yoshinori TAKA  Osamu FUJIWARA  
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pp.1807-1813  PAPER-Communication System EMC, Power System EMC
Effect of PLC Signal Induced into VDSL System by Conductive Coupling
Yoshiharu AKIYAMA  Hiroshi YAMANE  Nobuo KUWABARA  
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pp.1814-1820  PAPER-Communication System EMC, Power System EMC
Upper Bound and Dispersion of the Outdoor Powerline Channel Frequency-Response
Flavia GRASSI  Sergio A. PIGNARI  
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pp.1821-1825  PAPER-Biological Effects and Safety
Maximum Average SAR Measurement Procedure for Multi-Antenna Transmitters
Takahiro IYAMA  Teruo ONISHI  
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pp.1826-1833  PAPER-Biological Effects and Safety
Experimental Quasi-Microwave Whole-Body Averaged SAR Estimation Method Using Cylindrical-External Field Scanning
Yoshifumi KAWAMURA  Takashi HIKAGE  Toshio NOJIMA  
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pp.1834-1838  PAPER-Biological Effects and Safety
Electric Field Distribution Excited by Indoor Radio Source for Exposure Compliance Assessment
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pp.1839-1846  PAPER-Biological Effects and Safety
Estimation of EMI Impact by Cellular Radio on Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers in Elevator Using EMF Distributions Inside Human Body
Atsushi KITAGAWA  Takashi HIKAGE  Toshio NOJIMA  Ally Y. SIMBA  Soichi WATANABE  
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pp.1847-1850  LETTER
Effect of Measurement Distance on Gain Calibration of Pyramidal Horn Antenna
Katsushige HARIMA  
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pp.1851-1854  LETTER
An Evaluation Method for Anisotropic Absorber Panels Using a Diagonalization Method
Shinichiro YAMAMOTO  Tohru IWAI  Kenichi HATAKEYAMA  
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pp.1855-1857  LETTER
Left Hand Mode Transmission Line Characteristics Made by F-SIR Structure on PCB
Ryosuke YANAGISAWA  Yoshiki KAYANO  Hiroshi INOUE  
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pp.1858-1861  LETTER
An EM Absorber and Frequency Selective Shielding by Use of Metal Fiber Array Composites
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pp.1862-1864  LETTER
Reduction of Averaging Time for Evaluation of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields from Cellular Base Stations
Byung Chan KIM  Seong-Ook PARK  
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pp.1865-1868  LETTER
A Freehand Scanning Method for Measuring EMF Distributions Using Magnetic Tracker
Ken SATO  Naoki MIYATA  Yoshitsugu KAMIMURA  Yoshifumi YAMADA  
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Regular Section

pp.1869-1880  PAPER-Network
Differentiated CW Policy and Strict Priority Policy for Location-Independent End-to-End Delay in Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks
Yun Han BAE  Kyung Jae KIM  Jin Soo PARK  Bong Dae CHOI  
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pp.1881-1889  PAPER-Network
A Scheme for Adaptively Countering Application Layer Security Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
Hae Young LEE  Tae Ho CHO  
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pp.1890-1896  PAPER-Internet
Packet Scheduling Mechanism to Improve Quality of Short Flows and Low-Rate Flows
Kenji YOKOTA  Takuya ASAKA  Tatsuro TAKAHASHI  
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pp.1897-1905  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Single-Carrier Layered Space-Frequency Equalization with Time Domain Noise-Prediction for MIMO Systems
Ang FENG  Qinye YIN  Le DING  
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pp.1906-1911  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Serial Iterative Joint Carrier Frequency Synchronization and Channel Estimation for OFDM
Shaopeng WANG  Shihua ZHU  Yi LI  
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pp.1912-1918  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Cell Edge Capacity Improvement by Using Adaptive Base Station Cooperation in Cellular Networks with Fractional Frequency Reuse
Liang XU  Koji YAMAMOTO  Hidekazu MURATA  Susumu YOSHIDA  
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pp.1919-1922  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
New Performance Results for Optimum Combining in Presence of Arbitrary-Power Interferers and Thermal Noise
Yongpeng WU  Lv DING  Jiee CHEN  Xiqi GAO  
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pp.1923-1926  LETTER-Network
Achieving Global Optimal Replication in Distributed Networks
Yao YU  Yu ZHOU  Kanglian ZHAO  Sidan DU  
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pp.1927-1930  LETTER-Network
Cooperative Resource Pricing in Service Overlay Networks for Mobile Agents
Tadashi NAKANO  Yutaka OKAIE  
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pp.1931-1934  LETTER-Network
Scalable Network Emulator Architecture for IP Optical Network Management
Eiji OKI  Nattapong KITSUWAN  Shunichi TSUNODA  Takashi MIYAMURA  Akeo MASUDA  Kohei SHIOMOTO  
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pp.1935-1938  LETTER-Network Management/Operation
Dynamic Online Bandwidth Adjustment Scheme Based on Kalai-Smorodinsky Bargaining Solution
Sungwook KIM  
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pp.1939-1942  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Differential MIMO SC-FDE Transceiver Design over Multipath Fast Fading Channels
Juinn-Horng DENG  Jeng-Kuang HWANG  
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pp.1943-1947  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
BER Analysis of Multi-Hop Decode-and-Forward Relaying with Generalized Selection Combining
Vo-Nguyen Quoc BAO  Hyung-Yun KONG  
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pp.1948-1952  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
A Robust Derivative Constrained Receiver for MC-CDMA Systems
Tsui-Tsai LIN  Tung-Chou CHEN  
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pp.1953-1956  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Analysis of QoS-Based Band Power Allocation for Broadband Multi-Cell Forward Link Environments
Hyukmin SON  Sanghoon LEE  
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pp.1957-1960  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
An Improved Recursive Transmitted Reference UWB System
Jaewoon KIM  Youngjin PARK  Soonwoo LEE  Yoan SHIN  
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pp.1961-1964  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Multipath Interference Cancellation Technique for High Precision Tracking in GNSS Receiver
Byeong-Chan JO  Sunwoo KIM  
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pp.1965-1968  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Unitary Beamforming Multi-User MIMO System with Efficient User Scheduling Algorithm
Illsoo SOHN  Joonil CHOI  Byong OK LEE  Kwang-Bok LEE  
Summary | Full Text:PDF (300.6KB) >>Buy this Article

pp.1969-1973  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Distributed Multi-Cell Resource Allocation with Price Based ICI Coordination in Downlink OFDMA Networks
Gangming LV  Shihua ZHU  Hui HUI  
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pp.1974-1979  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Constant Modulus Algorithm with Reduced Complexity Employing DFT Domain Fast Filtering
Yoon Gi YANG  Chang Su LEE  Soo Mi YANG  
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pp.1980-1983  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Feedback Bandwidth Allocation for Users under Different Types of Channels in Multi-Antenna Systems
Lv DING  Wei XU  Bin JIANG  Xiqi GAO  
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