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Online ISSN : 1745-1345
Volume E93-B No.2  (Publication Date:2010/02/01)
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Special Section on Optical Access Technologies

pp.235-235  FOREWORD  Open Access Paper
Tomohiro ISHIHARA  
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pp.236-245  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Optical Access Architecture Designs Based on WDM-Direct toward New Generation Networks
Takaya MIYAZAWA  Hiroaki HARAI  
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pp.246-254  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
A WDM-Based Future Optical Access Network and Support Technologies for Adapting the User Demands' Diversity
Hideaki KIMURA  Noriko IIYAMA  Yoshihito SAKAI  Kiyomi KUMOZAKI  
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pp.255-262  INVITED PAPER  Open Access Paper
Trends in Standardization of Optical Access Networks in ITU-T
Frank EFFENBERGER  Jun-ichi KANI  
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pp.263-271  PAPER
Discovery Method for Ethernet Optical Switched Access Network
Hiromi UEDA  Toshinori TSUBOI  Hiroyuki KASAI  
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pp.272-279  PAPER
Design and Evaluation of 10 Gbps Optical Access System Using Optical Switches
Koji WAKAYAMA  Michitaka OKUNO  Jun SUGAWA  Daisuke MASHIMO  Hiroki IKEDA  Kenichi SAKAMOTO  
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pp.280-288  PAPER  Open Access Paper
Adaptive Power Saving Mechanism for 10 Gigabit Class PON Systems
Ryogo KUBO  Jun-ichi KANI  Yukihiro FUJIMOTO  Naoto YOSHIMOTO  Kiyomi KUMOZAKI  
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pp.289-292  LETTER
Beat Noise Cancellation in 2-D Optical Code-Division Multiple-Access Systems Using Optical Hard-Limiter Array
Ngoc T. DANG  Anh T. PHAM  Zixue CHENG  
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pp.293-296  LETTER
Internet Group Management Protocol for IPTV Services in Passive Optical Network
Eunjo LEE  Sungkwon PARK  
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Regular Section

pp.297-304  PAPER-Switching for Communications
Maximum and Maximal Weight Matching Dispatching Schemes for MSM Clos-Network Packet Switches
Roberto ROJAS-CESSA  Eiji OKI  H. Jonathan CHAO  
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pp.305-316  PAPER-Network
Hop-Based Energy Aware Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jin WANG  Jinsung CHO  Sungyoung LEE  Kwang-Cheng CHEN  Young-Koo LEE  
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pp.317-327  PAPER-Network
Evolutionary P2P Networking That Fuses Evolutionary Computation and P2P Networking Together
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pp.328-335  PAPER-Internet
Evaluation of Anomaly Detection Method Based on Pattern Recognition
Romain FONTUGNE  Yosuke HIMURA  Kensuke FUKUDA  
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pp.336-344  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies  Open Access Paper
Marginalized Particle Filter for Blind Signal Detection with Analog Imperfections
Yuki YOSHIDA  Kazunori HAYASHI  Hideaki SAKAI  Wladimir BOCQUET  
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pp.345-352  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
1616 MIMO Testbed for MU-MIMO Downlink Transmission
Kentaro NISHIMORI  Riichi KUDO  Naoki HONMA  Yasushi TAKATORI  Masato MIZOGUCHI  
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pp.353-360  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Ergodic Capacity Analysis of MIMO Multi-Keyhole Channel in Rayleigh Fading
Xiaoyi LIU  Xin ZHANG  Haochuan ZHANG  Dacheng YANG  
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pp.361-368  PAPER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Noncoherent Maximum Likelihood Detection for Differential Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems
Ziyan JIA  Katsunobu YOSHII  Shiro HANDA  Fumihito SASAMORI  Shinjiro OSHITA  
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pp.369-376  PAPER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
Analysis of an Adaptive P-Persistent MAC Scheme for WLAN Providing Delay Fairness
Chih-Ming YEN  Chung-Ju CHANG  Yih-Shen CHEN  Ching Yao HUANG  
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pp.377-380  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
On the Distribution of MISO Channel Capacity in the Interference-Limited System
Sungho JEON  Soon Up HWANG  Ilsoo KYUNG  Jong-Soo SEO  
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pp.381-384  LETTER-Fundamental Theories for Communications
Optimized 16-QAM Constellation for Binary Turbo Codes
Keunhyung LEE  Donghoon KANG  Hyobae PARK  Wangrok OH  
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pp.385-388  LETTER-Network
A New Hybrid Scheme for Preventing Channel Interference and Collision in Mobile Networks
Kyungjun KIM  Kijun HAN  
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pp.389-391  LETTER-Network
Implementing Signature Based IDS in IP-Based Sensor Networks with the Help of Signature-Codes
Syed Obaid AMIN  Muhammad Shoaib SIDDIQUI  Choong Seon HONG  Sungwon LEE  
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pp.392-395  LETTER-Network
Adaptive Multi-Path Routing with Guaranteed Target-Delivery Ratio of Critical Events in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jang Woon BAEK  Young Jin NAM  Dae-Wha SEO  
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pp.396-398  LETTER-Network Management/Operation
A Memory-Efficient Pattern Matching with Hardware-Based Bit-Split String Matchers for Deep Packet Inspection
HyunJin KIM  Hong-Sik KIM  Jung-Hee LEE  Jin-Ho AHN  Sungho KANG  
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pp.399-402  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Space-Time Block Codes from Quasi-Orthogonal Designs with Maximal Rate or Minimal Decoding Complexity
Huanfei MA  Zhihao WU  Haibin KAN  
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pp.403-406  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Side Lobe Suppression Based on Optimized Phase Rotation Sequence
Junrong GU  Jae Ho HWANG  Ning HAN  Jae Moung KIM  
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pp.407-410  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Distributed Spatial-Temporal Precoding with Limited Feedback
Hang LONG  Wenbo WANG  Fangxiang WANG  Kan ZHENG  
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pp.411-414  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Performance Analysis of Code Combining Based Cooperative Protocol with Amplified-and-Forward (AF) Relaying
Asaduzzaman   Hyung-Yun KONG  
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pp.415-418  LETTER-Wireless Communication Technologies
Adaptive Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks with Limited Feedback
Ha Nguyen VU  Hyung Yun KONG  
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pp.419-422  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
ARQ-Aided Downlink Time Switched Transmit Diversity with Power Ramping in the WCDMA LCR-TDD System
Seung-Hoon HWANG  Cha-Eul JEON  Ri-A MA  
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pp.423-427  LETTER-Terrestrial Radio Communications
A Novel Bi-directional Relaying Scheme with Low Complexity
Feng HU  Hua ZHANG  Xiaohu YOU  
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